1974 Audi 100 S Coupe

The Audi 100, or C1 as it was known internally, is where it all began for the midsize sedan we know today as the A6. The four door saloon that debuted in 1968 was followed by a two door variant in 1969 and the 100 Coupe S in 1970, that we see here. The 1.9 liter four cylinder produced 115 hp, which didn’t exactly make this a screamer off the line. Wider tires, ventilated front disc brakes and a height adjustable steering wheel rounded off the package.

The seller states:

My imported Audi Coupe 100S, the only right hand drive in the USA is up for grabs. The car is ex Johannesburg, thus has no rust. The seats and everything is in better than expected condition for a 37 year old car would suggest. You would be able to enjoy it immediately, as it easily passes state inspections, has passed Texas when brought in and is nice enoug to run around. There is cosmetics, see picture’s and, all of these are easy small fixes that do not deter from the fun of this car. The stares you’ll get, sitting in the “passenger Seat” is funny enough to really make it fun to play with.

She runs well and, I just had a new Solex carburettor fitted and, also had all the lights sorted, replace the headlamps and had a relay fitted which leads to much better lighting. There were only 37000 of these Coupe’s made, over a period of 7 years, from 1969 thru 1976 and, we believe not many would still be running as most went to the UK and Europe, where these old cars were rust prone and vanished of the streets. Being a Johannesburg car (what does humidity mean) she has never been subjected to rust and is solid and ready to go. I have tons of spares availailable and the lucky buyer would be first to have an option to all of that, at a price that would be fair to both of us. I would not have any need for that and, the buy now price of $14000 would include it all.

Few 100 S coupes exist stateside and this is said to be the only right hand drive model. How that will affect it’s value, it remains to be seen. A similar example was on eBay last year and with a $15,000 opening bid, there were no takers. It seems as if the values of good, clean examples of the 100 S coupe should be in the $6,000 to $12,000 range, with only the exceptional ones demanding more. While it’s a rare car, it’s pretty obscure and outshined by it’s successors, the Audi Ur Quattro.


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  1. Larry says:

    Interesting…we don’t usually see the same cars on BaT and GCFSB, but this unusual Audi seems to qualify for both!

    Also interesting…the same seller recently listed a ‘92 Audi V8 and ‘79 Fox on eBay, both with over 100K miles, but in very good condition. Even more interesting…he said he was unloading the Fox so he could focus on the restoration of this 100 Coupe S.

    In the mid-eighties, I had ‘77 Fox sedan and ‘73 100LS – both 2-door sedans – and I was considering traveling down memory lane with another Fox, since it was a fun little runabout. But the 100LS, well, not so much.

    The Coupe body, “S” trim and RHD, will certainly make this car unique at pretty much any US car show. On the other hand, as much as I’m an Audi fan, in all honesty, the early 100’s weren’t exactly reliable or fun to drive…