1987 Mercedes-Benz 300E AMG Hammer

Ah, the legendary AMG Hammer. The real McCoy, the genuine article, the true-to-life superhero. When other kids had the Countach or a 308 on their walls, I had the super sedan of the 1980s, the AMG-tuned 300E. My dad owned a smoke silver W124, and I would imagine his was shod in jet-black paint with matching AMG monoblock wheels. Though this was threw me for a loop at first with its modern-day AMG rollers, I was happy to see the genuine articles were in perfect health stored in the trunk. This 6.0-liter beast has only covered 20,000 miles, and remains as the technician in charge of its creation intended. There are so many clones of these vehicles, those mere plastic surgery jobs that lead to exuberant eBay listings of “AMG Mercedes” because of a body kit and a set of wheels. I love that this car exists today and is the obvious alternative to, by comparison, the almost-plebian E28 M5.

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Year: 1987
Model: 300E AMG Hammer
Engine: 6.0 liter V8
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Mileage: 20,392 mi
Price: $51,850 Buy It Now

1987 Mercedes-Benz 300 Series 300E. This unique, hand-crafted, one of a kind 1987 AMG Hammer is offered to you by Music City Motorsports. In the midst of the growing European muscle car craze of the 1980′s, AMG took a Mercedes-Benz 300E and tweaked it to the tune of roughly 350-385 HP, a $160,000-$190,000 price tag, and a top speed north of 180 mph. Each car was hand built and custom ordered – no two were alike. This 1987 Hammer has no twin. According to a previous owner, this Hammer is a US Spec car with an original price tag of $187,000 and 385 HP, 6.0 Litre, four cam V8 engine. 0-60 MPH in roughly 5 seconds and a top speed of 187 mph, though these are just spec estimates, as this car has never been tracked.

Described as “legendary” and “mythical,” the AMG Hammer is undoubtedly one of the rarest, most iconic, and influential cars ever made. The Mercedes hot rod did not exist until the AMG Hammer, when a 6.0 litre racing tuned V8 saloon car had no business tracking down Ferrari Testarossa’s and Lamborghini Countach’s. The Hammer did the unthinkable and sparked a new tradition of European muscle cars.

This vehicle has been cared for appropriate to its legacy and heritage. With original AMG powder-coated black wheels, floor mats, and dark as night paint, this AMG harkens to something different and unique from the mundane. Our Hammer has only 20,000 miles and is clean on both the exterior and interior. Do not miss out on this opportunity to own a piece of automative history. The Hammer is a special, special vehicle commonly held to be one of the top 10 cars of all time by automative enthusiasts. Who knows when we will see another car like this! Act quickly, as the rarity of this beast speaks for itself!

All Sales will have a dealer $298.50 documentary fee added to the final price.


If you cherish the 80s and want to relive your youth, I can’t think of many better ways to do it. However, despite its low mileage, a thorough review of the car’s mechanical health is needed, and the seller’s failure to provide what should be a robust and exhaustive set of maintenance records is a glaring oversight. As much as I love this car, you need to consider how complex it was even by modern standards and describe the vehicle accordingly. Despite this, I suspect the car will sell solely on the basis of how unrepeatable it is, but I hope the new owner performs his or her due diligence.


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15 Comments on "1987 Mercedes-Benz 300E AMG Hammer"

  1. Dan says:

    Jeff – I think some of the omissions in the ad stem from the fact that it seems that the dealer really doesn’t know anything about the car – exhibit A is the fact that they describe it as a “3.0L Straight 6-Cyl Engine” which isn’t even close to being correct.

    I would agree that these are not normal run-of-the-mill MBs, and they do require a specialist to maintain and that a PPI is a must from a marque specialist.

    That being said, it seems to be a real AMG car, as over on http://www.500eboard.com/forums/showthread.php?5194-FS-1987-AMG-Hammer-Black-Gray-20kmi-51-850-(Nashville-TN)&highlight=WDBEA30D3HA547274 the car’s previous history is discussed and there are copies of a 2008 eBay ad and a 2010 CL ad where it was offered for sale at $45k.

  2. Those look like SLK wheels.

    Seats and steering wheel look wrong, too.

  3. Jakub says:

    That car looks like a FAKE- as it should have short AMG VIN, not a Mercedes Benz VIN starting from letters WDB. Also front seats are incorrect.

    I am pretty sure that this is just a dealers conversion, not a real AMG Hammer as it should be for that price.

  4. audemars says:

    Everyone: Those are the original seats and steering wheel.
    The 300E Hammer sedan and wagon came with standard 300E seats and plastic steering wheel, which in my opinion, made it even more awesome.
    Below is the July 1987 Automobile Magazine article:


  5. audemars says:

    Also everyone: It’s NOT a fake. The 300E AMG Hammer that got the full conversion, when new, by AMG of North America in Westmont, Illinois, kept the MB VIN number and did not get a VIN number conversion from AMG Germany.
    Both, US and German 300E AMG Hammers, were original Hammers.

  6. Converted in Illinois?

  7. Bullitt says:

    Well, i would prefere to get An ORYGINAL German Hammer than that convertef somewhere in Illinois.

    Oryginał Hammer have much better starting wheel and also better cooler seats.

    Ill be selling my oryginal Hammer in 2-3 months. Thats extraordinary 91 version with 6 liters M119 (!!) engine (the one later installed in E60). Oryginal 86000 km.

    Do You think I could export it and sell in US?

  8. Jose Antonio says:

    something wrong with the suspensión
    the car looks lifted in the front ???

  9. MDriver says:

    @audmars +1…
    these cars were ordered by each client and as such could have different trim levels….LIKE the seats, steering wheel, suspension, & yes the MOTOR….the 300 Hammer came with the 5.6 V8 SEC mill messaged by AMG OR you could pony up an extra 40k for the V8 6.0 block….not all HAMMERS had the 6.0 motor

  10. audemars says:

    In the 80′s, AMG North America had two offices. Finding any low mile 300E AMG Hammer (US or German), is near impossible.
    Personally, I much rather have the 500E, but the Hammer (US or German) would be my second choice.

    Another interesting article: August 1987 issue of Road & Track:


  11. Ry says:

    @Bullitt – you’d have to find a potential buyer, and a registered importer (google “US DOT registered importer”). The registered importer would have to petition (assuming that you find one willing to take this on, and a buyer willing to potentially pay for a bond and the RI work) the federal government that the vehicle is similar enough to a vehicle already authorized and that the RI can make every single safety & emissions change on the vehicle. That process usually goes for $10-25k for relatively straightforward vehicles (I’ve looked into it) and can take a year or more, only if you even find someone that will try to do it for you.

    Easier ways would be to wait a couple more years till it’s 25 years old because the restrictions lighten up then, find someone who might want to petition under “show & display” provision (which is actually somewhat difficult, a lot of rare cars are still declined), or try Canada which has a 15+ year (vs US 25 year) age for their relaxes import laws.

  12. Greg says:

    I love original Hammers but I would buy a 500e instead for the following reasons;
    -almost as quick
    -any Mercedes dealer can work on it
    -parts are available
    -Fender flares
    -Recaro seats

    Better yet find a Renntech 500e 6.0. They come up for sale every once in awhile.

  13. audemars says:

    This 300E AMG Hammer 6.0 is sold !

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