1987 Mercedes-Benz 300TD

I love a good build. Probably because it is someone else’s money, but mostly because it is a vision that someone has that is played out in car form. Sometimes they go really wild with stuff from everywhere, but a lot of things these builds are playing with the cards that the factory dealt. Restorations are nice and all, but my favorite is taking all the good stuff the factory has to offer and loading the car up that way. What we have today with this 1987 Mercedes-Benz 300TD is one of those cases. An extremely rare diesel wagon that was available in the US one year only in 1987, transformed into what the best the W124 has to offer.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1987 Mercedes-Benz 300TD on Raleigh, NC Craigslist

Year: 1987
Model: 300TD
Engine: 3.0 liter turbocharged inline-6 diesel
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Mileage: 147,920 mi
Price: $14,500


1987 Mercedes 300TD Turbo diesel Wagon – Sometime known as the 300TDT

If you are reading this you probably already know what a rare car it is. Only about 1,500 1987 300TD wagons were imported to the States in the w124 style with the 6cly 3.0L turbo diesel engine. This diesel wagon was a one year car in the U.S. and the last ones imported to the US. In my opinion, this is one of the nicest 1987 w124 diesel wagons in the country! There are likely only half of the 1500 still on the roads.

This car sold for right at $45,000 in 1987. It was a top of the line car and best diesel engine Mercedes had come out with. It runs well, shifts smooth and is fast with only 147,9xx miles

I brought this car about 7 years ago from the original owner who was in his 70’s with the intention to just clean it up and maybe convert it to a vegi wagon. I soon realized what an amazing and well-engineered vehicle this was and began to restore and tastefully modernize it to have more of the AMG Hammer Wagon look and feel.

I am a true car enthusiast with a passion for detail, clean style and transforming cars to show pieces. If you are a MB purest , sorry ;). With this project the intent was to have my wife drive it and use as the family wagon, but the car got a little too nice for her to drive too. LOL. Unfortunately, life is hectic with three kids and work so this car has only seen about 1000 miles since we’ve finished it. 1000 miles in the last 5 years!! Even the registration is back to 2014 I think. I just started her up and exercise her around the block every couple of months and stays covered in the garage otherwise.

This car belongs with someone who can show it off and enjoy it in their collection….or have the sweetest 1987 300TD daily driver in the country.

If you’re familiar with these cars you may be saying “that’s a 94′-95′ 300TE, not a 1987TD”

A lot of money and time (hundreds of hours) was spent to complete this killer wagon and do a complete 1995 facelift (last year of the w124 wagon). It has the newer MB hood, MB body cladding all around, colored bumpers and mirrors, headlight assemblies with fogs, Avanti front grill, and even the 95′ stainless door handles!

If you count labor I am absolutely losing money on this vehicle. My loss is your gain.



– Original engine with 147,9xx miles. Runs fantastic

– Rebuilt Turbo Charger

– Brand New (not rebuilt) Monarck Injection pump straight from Germany ($1000 just for the part)

– Brand new Monarck Injectors and fuel lines

– New motor mounts, water pump, fan and fan clutch, tentioner, belt, vacuum pump, glow plugs, and all filters. New valve cover gasket.

– EGR delete for proper clean running motor

– Engine has the #14 cylinder head and is perfect. I also have a complete used #22 head from a donor car available (with cam, lifters, injectors and all). If you know what I’m talking about you may be drooling now…



-Sports suspension and Springs from H&R performance (have originals if you want them too). New spring pads. Lower stance that looks and rides amazing. Lots of looks and compliments.

– ALL NEW – Control arm bushings

– Ball joints

– Bilstein Shocks up front (German)

– New Hydromatic shocks in rear (Mercedes and expensive) – Self-leveling rear end

– Brake pads and rotors front and back (see pictures)

– All Rubber brake lines.

– New sway bar bushings and end links


Drivetrain and Exhaust:

– New Drive line (driveshaft) flex joints (2)

– Driveshaft center support and bearing

– Pre-muffler delete and rear muffler replaced with another stock Mercedes. (quiet and breathes well!)

– Automatic 4-speed Transmission is original and shifts well.

– Stock console shifter (that changes gears without depressing the brake) was replaced with a complete shifter and brake pedal assembly from a 1995 where you must depress the brake to shift to drive. No accidentally bumping it out of park! Great Mod.


Body and Paint:

Many thousands spent on the 1995 w124 wagon facelift, body cladding, door handles mod, and paint.

The paint is a 2-stage clear coat with a remarkable blue color and shine. All side & rear glass, bumpers and molding were removed for paint. Very professionally done and could take to car shows tomorrow.

Front grill has the Avanti style grill with very clean lines and look.



Original interior with 3rd row seating ($950 option) in excellent shape

it is REAL leather seats, not the MB Tex found in most cars. Rare option with the postopedic option (not working). The seats were fading some so they were professionally died the original Palomino color. The third row material was replaced and is vinyl, like factory.

– Carpeting is near perfect

– All the windows work

– All the vacuum auto door locks work

– The rear hatch pumps work – Stays up!

– Al the automatic seats work as well all as the telescopic steering wheel and the auto up-down head rests!

– A/C was converted from R-22 to common R-134A

– All of the vacuum pods were replaced in the dash. This was a huge and expensive job as the entire dash had to be completely removed. All trap doors for air flow work (rare)

– Old style “school bus” steering wheel was replaced with newer style MB sport wheel.

– No cracks visible on dash

– Have the optional rubber floor mats in perfect condition

– Original manual and first aid kit. At least three keys for the wagon

– Crappy stock radio was replaced with a nice Kenwood unit with detachable face, USB, Bluetooth, and wired microphone to visor. Sync your smart phone and talk while driving and listen through speakers


Other features:

– Wheels replaced with late-model MB E350 wheels and tires (expensive)

– Windows professionally tinted with 3M lifetime time. Tint is Legal and passes inspection

– Have the roof rack cross bars (missing most times) in perfect condition with hardware.

– As a Bonus – Have hundreds of dollars in extra parts, switches, relays, fuel lines, trim pieces, steering column and more that will go with the new owner. Great to have on hand or sell what you don’t need.

– If someone wants the #22 complete head cylinder, I will throw it in for an extra $500. It is worth Waaay more than that, but will make a complete package if ever needed.. and almost impossible to find.

Negatives or things to finish:

– Tach is not working. May be a relay or something.

– Glow light is not coming on when key is turned but starts right up, even when cold. May be bulb only

– Sunroof motor works but sometimes will open but stops when closing (can manually close it from rear)

– I removed the washer fluid container from engine compartment, just need a new one ($40)

– There is one small crack in the rear bumper.

– Cruise control not working. Have not looked into it.

– I have the under hood pad (with aluminum square for turbo heat) but never glued it back. Was looking for a nicer new one.


I tried to be a thorough as possible in the long descriptions to answer most questions.

It’s extremely nice considering it’s a 30 year old wagon, and it’s one of the finest examples of an 87′ wagon that I’ve seen. I wish I could keep it, but I can’t!

I believe the only two options this car does NOT have was the heated front seats and the rear cargo cover. Thanks for looking!

PLEASE- No tire-kickers, low-ballers, or scammers. I don’t want to Trade for anything either. If you don’t have money please don’t waste my time asking questions or coming to see it.

These are really cool wagons!!

Feel free to call me with more questions or to view this sweet Wagon

Take the five minutes and read through the entire ad. This car was basically made into the ultimate W124 diesel wagon and then some. Swapping out all the body work to the facelifted parts is a ton of time and a ton of money if you are doing it voluntarily. Then after doing all the body work, the engine was sorted, most of the suspension was replaced and the interior was swapped out with all upgraded parts. I honestly can’t even begin to add up how much money was spent to get this car to the level it is at. It’s an interesting mix of OEM+ parts with a little bit of aftermarket stuff and that combination works really well here.

I can’t believe the seller is only asking $14,500 for all of this. A nice 1987 300TD usually goes between $5,000-10,000 depends on mileage — if you can find one for sale at all. Unlike the W123 300TD, these are very tough to come by. Most people just settle for the gas 300TE and I don’t blame them. But this 300TD, if you love the S124, this is the one to grab.

– Andrew

4 thoughts on “1987 Mercedes-Benz 300TD

  1. While the seller’s “build” is nice, the issues presented with the car are indicative of a real lack of attention to detail (not to mention lousy spelling!) There are so many small issues they list that are simple and inexpensive to address it appears to me that they focused purely on the cosmetic aspects of the car and not the functional ones. The “laundry list” of non-functional or poorly functioning parts of this car are all easily addressed and inexpensive to repair or replace.

    I would equate these issues to the proverbial Craigslist ads that suggest the “AC needs a charge”. If it’s that simple, why hasn’t the seller done the work and made the system/car whole? Things such as the glow plug light are an indicator of defects or problems, not a bad lamp. A simple Google search would disclose this.

    Add to the poor attention to details the constant reference to the cost of improvements (“expensive”). Anyone who knows these cars is acquainted with the prices of the parts. The ad smacks of a seller who is seriously upside down on a car and wants to try and justify their asking price, which, in the opinion of someone who is very well versed in Mercedes wagons and a 25+ year Mercedes enthusiast, is in crack pipe territory.

    I wish them well with the sale, however, I seriously doubt there will be any interest at the price level they’re presenting with a car of that condition.

  2. A lovely car and I like the approach the seller went for. In the execution though I have to agree with @LWB250 – it seems very strange that all these items – some easy, some probably not so much – were not taken care of. If it were me, I would probably also done a thing or two differently that slightly detract from the car, such as the cheap-ish looking stereo (even if you don’t like a properly serviced Becker, there are nicer options) and not switching for the much improved seats from the facelifted cars to match the interior.

    If the price were around 10k, I would not raise any of this, as I like the idea of the build and the great look of the car. But 15k would demand more attention to detail in my eyes.

  3. Thanks for your comments on my wagon. You’ve wrapped you heads around six items I mentioned that need attention “Laundry list?” vs. what is a very complete, low mileage, nicely built wagon with a lot of attention to detail (if you read the whole list). I could have listed NOTHING wrong at all and let a buyers come see it and roll the dice. I was merely being fully transparent and giving full disclosure about what I knew the wagon still needs (unlike many). If you knew my life and what’s going on you’d understand I don’t have time to work on this car anymore….at all. As simple and inexpensive as these last fixes are.

    The rear Hyrdo shocks and Monark injection pump WERE very expensive (just those two parts alone). The labor to do some of this work was a lot too; there is no denying that. If you can build a car like this for any less, good luck. If you do it all yourself you will spend a lot of your life completing it. Time is money. Someone will be getting a nice wagon.

    I’m still not sure why one would replace the original real leather seats that are in near perfect condition? The radio?? You can put the Becker back in if you’d like or whatever else you want for a few hundred bucks. My wife liked it, so I put it in for her.

    I’m shocked at some the comments people will throw out there (LWB250). Like a some kind of Superiority complex or something. Do you know my wagon better than me? It’s amazing what people will say to another person behind a steering wheel of a car or behind their computer instead of to your face…..real good stuff!

    As for Andrew putting my Wagon out there and the nice write-up, thank you! I had no idea this was put out there. I guess you just found the CL ad.

    I’m just a regular guy trying to sell my wagon that I really love and hate to sell. If you’d like to make me an offer you can contact me through the ad. If those six items bother you and only cost $$$ ? to fix, I’d be happy to give a concession for that. It’s 97% complete and right. I was just being as open as possible about the wagon.

    Thank you.

  4. LOL @ MIKEY
    First time on the internet, or what? You’re trying to sell a super-niche vehicle, which has undergone an incomplete resto-mod. You should be prepared to face questions about the vehicle, and about your decisions and process.
    To me, I think LW250’s comment were on the mark. You’re in this car deep financially, and obviously emotionally. Not a good combination.

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