1992 Porsche America Roadster

Porsche is well-known for creating multiple variations on a theme, making it possible for the option-obsessed among us to purchase anything from color-coded door-pulls to brake rotors that could slow a Caterpillar. The 911 is its poster child for window stickers that show base prices amplified numerous times over once the accessories catalog is raided, but to its credit, Porsche still provided limited-production models with the things everyone wanted. The America Roadster had it, from turbo-body fenders to the sexy cup-style alloys. Brakes and suspension were lifted from the Turbo models as well, but the America cars retained their modest electric spoiler.

If you want to waste about three hours, take a gander at what GR Auto Gallery in Michigan – which has this low-mileage, high-buck Roadster on offer – keeps in its inventory. It’s a damn playground for grown men in there. In any event, this 1-of-250 America Roadsters looks fantastic in Grand Prix White, and the Turbo’s lower stance is just plain bitching when combined with an open roof and flared fenders. I don’t normally get hot and bothered over convertibles, but I like the combination of relative mechanical simplicity (at least compared to a Turbo model) with the eye candy its more powerful siblings got standard.

Year: 1992
Model: America Roadster
Engine: 3.6 liter flat-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 38,669 mi
Price: $59,900

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1992 Porsche America Roadster at GR Auto Gallery

The 1992 Porsche American Roadster offered here is a high quality, maintained, 3 owner example. The car was sold new in Santa Monica California on May 15, 1992. It came dressed in very attractive Grand Prix White exterior paint over black interior. Factory options include: Raff Leather seats, Passenger and Driver Comfort seats, Passenger and Driver Heated Seats. The car features its original 3.6 liter air cooled flat six engine mated to the proven G50 5 speed gear box. It features 38, 669 documented miles and remains in excellent condition to this day. The car features a perfect Carfax and the exterior paint is near perfect showing no signs of any accidents or incidents ever. The Raff leather interior remains in excellent original condition showing very minor and normal wear for age and usage. Our test drive revealed a well sorted and obviously maintained vehicle as the car performed flawlessly in all aspects of acceleration, shifting, handling and braking. The note of the upgraded exhaust adds to the motoring experience. The car is documented with original owners manual, stamped maintenance book, both option stickers, factory color sticker and service records.

Production numbers matter when collecting cars and it is no secret that air cooled 911’s have taken center stage in the investment car arena and are globally sought after. With only 250 American Roadsters ever produced, this car commands the attention of enthusiasts and collectors worldwide.

On a side note, I hate the headunit. Why owners keep insisting on installing the latest and greatest headunit when a period-correct (and cheaper) Blaupunkt can be scored on eBay all day long is beyond me. And don’t start with the audiophile argument – it’s a damn 964 with no roof and all the soundtrack you’ll ever need out back. With under 300 roadsters made, we can do better than a Pioneer deck that’ll put a rave in your dashboard.


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2 Comments on "1992 Porsche America Roadster"

  1. audemars says:

    Yup, put back the original tape deck AND the original rims.
    Until recently, these used to sell for a lot less and even then, they would take a while to sell.
    This is the first white one I have ever seen.

  2. Jeff says:

    Yup, you’re right – this is missing the original alloys. These later 993 wheels look similar but are definitely not original equipment. I could live with them, personally. The tape deck remains an egregious offense, however.