1994 Porsche 968 Turbo w/ M030 for Sale

Here is a great looking and low mileage 1994 968 turbo with the M030 suspension for sale.  6 speed 1994 coupes are very desirable to 968 aficionados as they represent the later part of the model run and are more rare than the tiptronic or cabriolet options available at the time.

Adding to the desirability of this car is the Mo30 suspension and the Guards Red color.  This suspension includes upgrades to the front and rear struts and springs, adds front and rear sway bars, and comes with the lightweight 17 inch Cup II wheels.  This option did not include a limited slip differential, but many M030 equipped cars came with both.  From the looks of this ad this one does not but comes with an aftermarket Quaife unit.

Speaking of the ad.

From the seller –

“For Sale: late 1994 M030 968 Turbo Coupe!!!
Guards Red/Black
30,387 miles (not a misprint)!!!

Please note, the 968 comes with the stock black partial leather Seats and 17″ Cup II Wheels, not the 993RS Seats & Speedline Wheels pictured (however, these items are available at additional cost)

Factory Options:
030: Sport Group
231: Choice of Tires
288: Headlight Washer
331: CR-1 Cassette Radio
398: 17″ Cup II Wheels
423: Cassette Container & Coin Box
425: Rear Wiper
437: Comfort Seat Left
438: Comfort Seat Right
454: Automatic Speed Control
650: Sunroof
C02: Equipped with Catalytic Converter

Window Sticker reads:
MY 1994 Porsche 968 Coupe  $39,950
Guards Red  N/C
Black Interior – Partial Leather Seat  $682
AM/FM Radio Cassette Player  N/C
Sport Chassis with 17″ Wheels  $2,017
Headlight Washers  $262
Full Power Seat Left  $538
Full Power Seat Right  $538
Destination Charge  $765
Total  $44,752

In January, 2008, with just a scant original 24,500 miles on this 968, the following work was performed:
*968 Turbo Conversion
*Quaife Limited Slip Differential
*Optima Battery

Turbo Conversion retained the 16 Valve Head, air conditioning, air box and muffler.

Turbo Conversion includes the following upgrades:
*Custom “piggy-back, plug-and-play” engine management system using a Vi-PEC V88 ECU
*Custom Intercooler & “plumbing”
*Custom Extra Large Capacity / High Flow Radiator
*Quaife Limited Slip Differential (as this was one of the very few M030 968s delivered sans LSD)

Dyno work was performed at 911 Design in Montclaire, CA, resulting in 320hp/340tq at the rear wheels on a Dynapak

This is absolutely the most finely sorted “street” 968 Turbo available.”

Designed and executed as a “stock sleeper,” with rock-steady/even idle (even at cold start-up), ice cold air conditioning and lack of any visual cues (to give away the hp/torque potency).

The combination of the M030 package (stiffer reinforced tub, sport suspension, massive brakes and lightweight 17″ staggered Cup II wheels), with the  massive hp/torque jump make  this the ultimate 968!!!”

This is a neat car, no doubt about it.  But at nearly $40k you are entering the price range of imported factory Clubsport, Turbo, or Turbo RS cars.  This is a conversion, albeit a very well done one, and will likely fetch a bounty more in line with that fact.  Either way congrats to the seller on a beautiful car, best of luck with the sale.


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2 Comments on "1994 Porsche 968 Turbo w/ M030 for Sale"

  1. Jim Post says:

    Better chance of seeing god then getting that price. The Cup wheels which are not on the car are nothing special, those wheels on the car if they are real speed line for Porsche are worth a bundle. The 993 hard back sports seats pictured are also expensive items. After that you have a plane jane 968 with a turbo added which you dont know how well an engineering job was done.

  2. Aaron says:

    I agree Jim, hence the 968 did not sell and has been relisted. I would love to have those hard back seats in a Boxster S.