1995 Euro-spec BMW M5 Touring – Supercharged

What do you get when you combine the practicality of a BMW wagon and the tenacious power of a supercharged 3.8L M-Power inline-six?  You get a 440hp 1995 Euro-spec BMW M5 Touring AKA the most badass sleeper I’ve ever seen!

I completely agree with what the owner says at the beginning of this listing – “This is a very special vehicle.” Only 891 E34 Tourings were ever made, none of which made it state-side.  Of the 891 only 119 were made in 1995, and only 4 with this color combo.

Here’s a quick summary of this beautiful and beastly wagon:

-Federalized by JK Technologies, LLC in Baltimore, MD
-Only Supercharded E34 M5 Touring in the US
-Albrex superchager running about 5psi, with a large intercooler by Herr Conrad Gruber
-Install was conducted by Road Race Technologiesin Dulles, Virginia (roadracetech.com)
-Autronic SM4 engine management with Siemens 60# Mototron injectors and a Walbro 255 lph pump.
-Tuning was performed by Franz Diebold of Diebold Autosport (dieboldautosport.com)
-440hp at the fly with a very conservative tune.
-Impeccably maintained and Motul and Redline fluids used throughout
-Second owner, purchased from a female doctor in Stuttgart.
-Individual Orinoco metallic paint and full, nappa leather interior
-Double sunroof (front and rear)
-BMW Traffic Pro (Becker) GPS, upgraded with full Infinity speakers
-Nuerburgring package, with dual mode adaptive suspension, massive 345mm two piece aluminum hat rotors
-Euro “smiley” headlights retained with “city lights” and upgraded with 50w HID.
-Aero roof rack
-Kmac camber plates
-UUC short shifter

New parts:
-New Michelin PS2s (less than 1000 miles)
-New Sachs sintered clutch
-New Boge OE Nuerburgring adaptive struts
-Brand new aluminum radiator with electric fans
-Brand new water pump
-New HR springs
-Brand new Nuerburgring front brake rotors (about 500 miles)

1995 Euro-spec BMW M5 Touring – Supercharged 440hp wagon!

This car would get me in so much trouble.  I would be blowing the doors off of unsuspecting Mustang and Corvette owners at every stoplight I came to.  I love that the owner has debadged this M5 and has even thrown a roof-rack on it, really adds to sleeper-effect.

You can find many more detailed pictures here: http://www.malgerilaw.com/bmwM5T/


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4 Comments on "1995 Euro-spec BMW M5 Touring – Supercharged"

  1. bob Salter says:

    Yup, that is Special. I don’t think the sub should be held in place with a Bungey cord though.

  2. Nate says:

    mahmahmahmahhhhOH MY GOD.

    Amazing find, Ben. Thanks for blowing my mind.

  3. Timo says:

    This car is amazing. Should easily sell at that price.

  4. Nate says:

    It’s been reposted on eBay, apparently Craigslist didn’t work, which is surprising considering how awesome this car is. Full ridiculousness now available at $25,900 at