2004 VW Phaeton V12 For Sale

I know, I know.  The VW Phaeton was a really bad idea.  An ego project by the upper levels of Volkswagen management that was a failure on all levels.  These cars trade for a mere fraction of what they sold for new.

But, most of those cars do not have the V12 engines, yes, the same engine that is basically two VR6 motors pressed into one.  I bought a new VR6 VW GTI in 2000, this is like having two of those motors under the hood with a bunch of life of the rich and famous bits thrown in for good measure.

This car had an MSRP of over $120k, I cannot imagine spending that much for a VW, for a fleet of them for that matter which is saying something since I am sort of a VW guy.  Either way depreciation being what it is here is an opportunity to own something akin to a Maybach for a fraction of the price.  Well… as close as I will ever get to a Maybach anyway.

From the seller –

“You have arrived!  The Phaeton has been the flagship of the Volkswagen brand for nearly a decade.  Nearly 300 of the saught after W12 Phaeton’s were shipped to the United States.  Of those, less than 40 were outfitted with the four seat package.

This is an extremely rare car with unheard of low miles.  The vehicles original MSRP was almost $120,000!  I have personally hand inspected this car and love every single inch of it.

If you are looking for a car that no one else will have, then this is the car for you.  Call me today about any additional information or trades you may have.”

I am not sure what the four seat package is all about but it seems like it would be fitting to lend your Grey Poupon to a friend in need at a stop light.  I am not alone in thinking this car is a good value.  Currently there 28 bids up to $25k with two days left.  I can see this car going for $35k if someone really wants it.


Note:  This auction ended two days early and all bids were backed out.  Me thinks the dealer found a local buyer that met their asking price.

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