2005 Audi Allroad 6-speed Manual

Let’s face it. Not everyone needs a full-blown SUV. I’m not a big fan of them; that being said, I appreciate cars that are practical. With practicality, I’m always seeking a little bit of an edge to the package. Audi’s Allroad was such a popular package that it was revived for 2012 in the US, but instead of being based on the larger A6, it was this time based on the A4 mated exclusively to an 8-speed automatic transmission. With the introduction of this car came the close of Audi offering non-Allroad estate vehicles in the US, along with the availability of manual transmissions in such cars.

If we look back a few years, you can now get the larger, A6 based Allroad for reasonable money. For those who like to row their own, a 6-speed manual was available to US customers, even if they are a bit hard to find on the used market. This black 6-speed manual A6 Allroad for sale in North Carolina is perfect for the family who wants practicality and all-weather capability but wants a dash of sportiness to go along with the package. Not just the fake tinsel of sport by way of aggressive wheel and tire packages and wild paint schemes.

Year: 2005
Model: Allroad
Engine: 2.7 liter V6 biturbo
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 87,400 mi
Price: $14,854 Buy It Now

2005 Audi Allroad 6-speed Manual on eBay

Here are some of the options this car has:
-BOSE System with CD changer
-17in sport rims with Michelin tires in new condition
-Premium surround sound system
-Sport Package with sport suspension and aluminum trim
-Xenon lights
-Cold weather package: ski sack and heated front and rear seats
-Premium Package with glass sunroof, homelink transmitter, leather seats, 12 way power driver seat and driver information display
-2 owner clean history with all service records provided by Audi dealership
-RARE Special Order Brilliant Black Metallic exterior paint
-Satellite Radio
-Rare 6 speed manual transmission

Incredibly clean body, immaculate interior! Local trade, drives like new! Perfect color combination. Finished in Audi’s nicest color combination, Brilliant Black on light and dark beige two tone leather, this 2005 Audi Allroad drives and handles like it was new. The body is very straight and the interior is stunningly clean. Mechanically speaking, it should provide many enjoyment. I have personally driven this car and find it to be exceptional. For the Audi enthusiast who is looking for one of the nicest entry level cars to ever come out of Ingolstadt, Germany, we are proud to offer this A4 for your consideration.

Unfortunately, the seller isn’t too familiar with Audis, as this car was neither entry level nor was it based on the A4. Rather, this was based on the A6 chassis. As such, I’d approach this car with caution, especially when it comes to the adapative air suspension. These systems can be a problematic, expensive headache if not cared for. The air compressor alone costs over $1,000, not counting labor costs, of course. Along with all other vehicle systems, the suspension should especially be gone over thoroughly to make sure everything is copacetic. The Buy It Now price is verging a little on the high side. If the car could be had for around the $12,000 mark, it would be worth entertaining.


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  1. Howard S says:

    itsonlya question of when the suspension willfail not if. Also the 2.7 motor although a good motor is prone to lots of leaks around the turbo housing so plan on an expensive bill there. Same can be said for the steering rack which will leak and fail its only a matter of when. You’re also looking at a water pump and timing belt in short order.

  2. Dick Trickle says:

    This bastard will bleed you dry in short order!

  3. Philip says:

    Fortunately you can get the air shocks from Arnott cheaply..compared to OEM..however after owning two of them…I went through many shock replacements….tiptronic tranny replacement…water pumps …steering rack etc………I can say $12k is extremely rich he would be lucky to get $6k in this market…and that color is readily available…..so seller beware

  4. AudiAdam says:

    Having owned 4 of these in 6spd and I have a 500hp one now, everything that everyone above has said is pretty much false. Also a replacement pump is more like $380 not $1k. First of all, there are maybe less than 15 2005’s with a 6spd so this car is ridiculously rare. To top it’s a great color and low miles. These cars do have issues and this is what they are:

    – Front Air shocks – $550. Rears never go out
    – Front Struts sometimes, $400
    – Stock k03 turbos can last 150k+ miles if you treat them right. If not, the upgraded k04’s from the RS4 are $2300 plus $1200 install. But you can do a timing belt while you are in there to save on the labor
    – Pumps only go out on the older pre-2003 cars so I would not worry about it
    – Front Brakes are too small for the weight so you will have to change pads frequently
    – EGT and primary O2 sensors also can go bad at a total cost of around $500

    Keep in mind his car has the better 2.7 T BEL motor that had less issues than the older cars and the S4. This car is a great but at anything under $12k IMO

  5. Howard S says:

    I have also owned a number of these Allroads and their sister A6 2.7 with manual. The steering racks absolutely will go it’s not a question of if only a question of when. This particular car is going to need the recommended water pump and timing belt service in 10k more miles give or take. The typical Audi dealer will charge you between a grand and $1500 for that. Non dealership service places will be less.

    As someone mentioned already, thank goodness for Arnott Industries because it’s as sure as death and taxes that the front airbag suspension will need to be replaced. You can now buy the parts for much less than factory but they’re still several hundred dollars just for the bags labor not included.

    They’re great cars, they’re the perfect anti-suv but they’re getting old and they cost money to maintain. The problem these days is you can get a car or wagon with a heck of a lot more power which also gets vastly better MPG and has a lot lower maintenance costs. The barrier of entry is not the selling price it’s the cost to run the car over the next 2 to 10 years.

    IMHO it’s an $12k car retail. In January about a dozen of various miles sold at wholesale auctions across the country and I would expect this car to fetch mid $8’s maybe $9k on a good day at auction before fees. This particular car was just bought at auction within the last month according to the Carfax. Started life in Florida where there are good service records on file for it then it went to OH where the service trail ends. Sold in NC in late 2011 and then at auction recently.

    10/03/2011 81,585 North Carolina
    Motor Vehicle Dept.
    Oxford, NC Odometer reading reported
    10/05/2011 North Carolina
    Motor Vehicle Dept.
    Oxford, NC
    Title #777477112788170 Registration issued or renewed
    New owner reported
    12/13/2012 82,906 Dealer Inventory
    Raleigh, NC Vehicle offered for sale
    12/16/2012 Dealer Inventory
    Raleigh, NC Vehicle offered for sale
    01/01/2013 87,327 Auto Auction
    North Carolina Vehicle offered for sale
    Sold at auction

  6. AudiAdam says:

    Considering I own a shop that works on just Audi/VW, I rarely see a steering rack issue on these. Yes they can go bad especially if the car is from back east, but it is by no means an issue that should persuade someone from buying the car. Just have it checked out prior to purchase.

    And I still say this car is priced very well for a car that is 1 of 15

  7. Paul says:

    Thanks to everyone here for your comments! We at GCFSB appreciate the insight!


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  9. Raymond says:

    Not sure what the debate is about. These are beautiful, capable, and practical AWD wagons. With an air suspension. Oh, and they’re German too. Why is anyone surprised the upkeep and maintenance on this car will be anything other than very expensive? Someone buying this car, to be safe, should be able to spend $2k-$3k a year on repairs and maintenance without hocking a kidney. Otherwise it’s a nice conversation piece but you’d be better off buying something far newer — even with the depreciation involved with a new car, purely from a cash-flow basis perspective it will be more manageable.

  10. Poorhouse says:

    AudiAdam – any documentation to support that Audi only made 15 of these with a manual trans?

    I’m sure they are rare. There are a few in my town of 50,000. Hard to believe we have close to a quarter of the production run here.

  11. AudiAdam says:

    If you read my post carefully, I am referring to the amount of 6spds in the 2005 production year. I highly doubt you have 3-4 2005 6spd’s in your town.

    2001 is the most common year with about 500 units in 6spd and year 2002 almost the same amount. 2002 was also the last year they offered the 3rd row seat as an option and the last year they offered the APB motor. The 6spds are worth about 75% more than the Automatic version especially on the post 2003 years. Finding another 2005 6spd with under 100k miles is going to be very difficult.

  12. Howard S says:

    I run the wholesale division for a group who owns 3 Audi franchises. I can’t quote the specific numbers of manual trans cars off the top of my head and I will agree they’re fairly rare. On the other hand I see several dozen Allroad’s of this gen a year and I know their strengths and weaknesses very well.

    The same problems crop up with them and have been cropping up for years. None of them are catastrophic but they’re all fairly pricey to fix. One thing is for sure, by this time in the product lifecycle all the faults are well known.

    If this car had a market value of 75% more than an automatic then this one would have been scooped up by another dealer very quickly since the offer price is nowhere near 75% over the same year Allroad automatic. The car markets are not as efficient as the capital markets but if there was an easy 75% to be made you can bet a dealer or wholesaler would have jumped on it already especially since its nationally listed. I would agree that finding a nice clean straight one as this one appears to be with fewer than 100k miles is getting tougher and tougher.

  13. Harrison says:

    I drove, a long time ago, what i believe was a V8 Audi All Road with a M/T pretty awesome.