Beautiful 1991 BMW e34 M5 for Sale

Here is a great looking e34 from north of the border that hit the market last week.  With two owners and lower miles this is a great car for someone looking for a clean e34 M5.  With no stories, wrecks, or pending maintenance this should provide smiles for miles to come.

e34 M5 for Sale:

From the seller -

“This a rare and beautiful example of an E34 M5.

Black paint over black extended leather, this car is an extremely low mileage fully loaded two owner beauty with full service history.

It is completely rust free – undercarriage included – and has been obsessively well maintained.

Here are the important details:

  • Extremely low mileage (109,000 kilometres)
  • 2 owners from new
  • Gloss black paint (original paint in very good condition) with shadowline trim
  • Staggered 17″ M System II wheels
  • Speed sensitive adaptive steering
  • Black extended leather interior
  • Completely refreshed Bilstein suspension (new front suspension and new bushings everywhere)
  • Completely refreshed cooling system including a new water pump, radiator and expansion tank
  • Complete tune up including new ignition wires, cap, rotor, plugs, fuel filter and air filter
  • Automatic dual zone climate control (fully converted to R134)
  • Power heated front and rear seats with driver and front passenger memory
  • Power sunroof & sunshade
  • New windshield and wiper blades
  • New hood and trunk struts, battery and cabin air filter
  • Minimal modifications
  • Perfect history (no accidents, no stories)
  • All manuals and service records
  • No rust, rattles or leaks”

My compliments to the seller on such a fine example, anyone who has owned a black car can attest keeping black paint looking that good for that long is no easy task.  The e34 cars have a very usable 311 horsepower, which seemed like a ton at the time but is dwarfed by today’s production cars.  Still, that is a more than enough power to get you from here to there in style.


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6 Comments on "Beautiful 1991 BMW e34 M5 for Sale"

  1. paanta says:

    Not a huge amount of power compared to a modern M5, but the sound the S38 motors make? OH MY GAWD.

    This is the last of the hand-built M’s and really the break between the traditional and modern BMWs. Special cars.

  2. bob says:

    I know the seller. He is obsessive in the pursuit of automotive perfection and takes amazing care of his Babies. I bet he has an M1 one day when the dollars line up.

  3. Aaron says:

    Those are the kind of people I like to buy cars from.

  4. ASHOT says:

    just wondering do you still have the car available for sale thank you nice car

  5. Aaron says:

    I am not sure, if you click through the post you can contact the seller through the M5 board.

  6. M.Hicks says:

    Car still for sale?