Cult Classic – 2001 Audi B5 RS4 Avant

One of the lesser known but more amazing cars to ever come out of Audi AG is the B5 RS4. But why am I calling it a cult classic? Well let’s see…It never came stateside, it only came in wagon form, AWD, 6-speed, turbocharged V6 that produced 380hp. Oh yeah, only about 6,000 were made. This car is the epitome of “cool”.

The RS4 is based off the S4 Avant, but Audi reached out to Cosworth to modify the 2.7T engine from the original 265hp to the RS4’s 380. Like all RS models the suspension and brakes are upgraded, to cope with the extra power and weight. To accommodate the larger wheels and tires every panel minus the roof and hood is different; just take a look at the broader fenders and bulging wheel arches. Sweet!

The 2.7T, while not known for its reliability, does respond well to power upgrades. Larger turbos, injectors and intercoolers can get outputs upwards of 600hp. This UK example has had it’s ECU re-mapped to the tune of 463bhp. That sounds a little optimistic especially if there were no other mechanical upgrades. I’d like to hear more about that.

If you ask me, the B5 RS4 is infinitely cooler than the B6 RS4 sedan. Unfortunately, this sleeper wagon never came stateside, which is a true shame because there are simply not enough high performance wagons over here. I want a car that can rack two snowboards, carry a weekends worth of gear and bags, sit 4 comfortably and still smoke 90% of the cars on the road regardless of the conditions.


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One Comment on "Cult Classic – 2001 Audi B5 RS4 Avant"

  1. Saracen says:

    ~460 hp is easily attainable on the RS4’s K04 turbos with aftermarket software.

    There are alot of S4’s running around the states upgraded with RS4 turbos and plumbing (Stage III). They are regularly running in the 450-500hp range, depending on the tune and Octane used.