Extremely Clean 1983 MK1 Volkswagen GTI For Sale

Wow, take a look at this.  Not the lowest mileage I have seen but still under 100k turns on this 1983 VW GTI.  Totally original and unmolested.  Door cards and rear deck are not cut with ugly 6×9 speakers, the snowflake wheels look great, and the interior looks fantastic.  The only flaws I can find are the after market window cranks and the absence of a head unit, these are nits and should not keep someone from grabbing this car if they are in the market.

1983 Volkswagen VW MK1 Rabbit GTI Mint Cond CA Car:

From the seller –

“1983 Volkswagen Rabbit GTI, 96,800 original miles. Black exterior with red interior, clean title, never been in accident, VIN: 1VWDC0173DV061918. Very well maintained since day one, always garaged. California car since new, originally purchased in Woodland, California.  I am very picky on my cars and I would rate the exterior in 8.5 out of 10 excellent conditions due to 2 imperfections: ¼ of the top has been repainted due to dent (see pictures), hood has been repainted due to oxidation. Other than the mentioned, all body panels and glass are original with original paint, all moldings and trims are intact, and no rust anywhere. Original interior in PERFERT condition, no cracks and tears whatsoever, front and rear seats in like new condition, all interior lights are working properly, sunroof open smoothly and no leak. Car is very solid with no mechanical problem of any kind, transmission shift smoothly through all gears, engine runs strong, smooth idle and no overheats, it is an original non A/C equipped model. Michelin Pilot XGT 185/60/14 tires on four corners, front tires have 60% trend remaining, rear 40%. Regularly oil change with Castrol synthetic and OEM Mahle filter. The car was rarely driven the past 8 years and stored in garage at all time, it only get driven during weekends, registration is renewed every year and it always pass emission test.

Few upgrades have been done to make this little GTI more joyful to drive.

  • Upgrade suspensions with KONI adjustable shocks and Neuspeed Sport springs
  • Neuspeed larger diameter front and rear sway bars with poly bushings
  • Neuspeed front upper tower brace and lower stress bar
  • Neuspeed short shift kit
  • Techtonics Tuning Exhaust System
  • Bosch H4 headlight conversion
  • Radio deck relocate to glove box for a cleaner look on the dash

Only issue I am aware of is the strut mount front driver side is starting to wear and make little bit of noise when going through speed bump, it could use a new strut mount in the next 5000 miles. I will include a pair of new OEM strut mounts.”

Beautiful car, bidding currently sits at $3,500 with no reserve.  Looks like the seller is going to let this GTI speak for itself.  I think $5,500 is a reasonable price for such a original and well kept bunny.


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5 Comments on "Extremely Clean 1983 MK1 Volkswagen GTI For Sale"

  1. Larry says:

    Great find, Aaron! Almost entirely stock-looking, in the right color, in great condition, with very intelligent upgrades. The window cranks can be easily replaced, and the radio in the glove box can be relocated back to the dashboard. No big deal.

    Bidding stands at $4150 with almost 2 days left. I can’t imagine it will remain this low, but if it does, I’ll be ready and waiting!

  2. Kevin says:

    A couple of caveats:

    The window cranks are wrong and finding the correct red ones could be difficult. (Tip: switch to the cranks from an ’85-’92 Golf. They’re less likely to break.)

    I’m pretty sure the top door panel pieces are supposed to be red as well. They all go bad, so finding red ones will be nearly impossible.

    I’m always concerned when a seller doesn’t show the bolster and seat bottom of the driver’s seat. This material didn’t hold up well to use and is no longer available new.

    Michelin XGTs get unbearably loud as they get to the end of their useful life. I’d plan on replacing them ASAP. Unfortunately, the 185/60HR 14 size is getting harder and harder to find. Michelin still offers the Pilot Exalto A/S in this size, and a set of four will run you about $550 mounted and balanced.

    It’s up to $6600 with 2 hours to go. It should make someone a really nice car.

  3. Aaron says:

    Are you in on this Larry?

    I agree on all points Kevin. The door panels have been tweaked, you are right, finding the upper pieces that are not brittle from years of sun exposure is impossible. I have found mint pieces only to see them crack upon installation.

    I am sure the bolster is worn, it is possible to buy a back seat and harvest the fabric. I have done it and it turns out very well if you have a skilled person doing the work.

    This has already passed my best guess. Is $7,500 a possibility?

  4. Larry says:

    Aaron, I’m not in on the bidding. I’d wait to see where it was a few minutes before the end. Why help drive the price up, right?

    But at almost $7K, I’m not jumping in. Not because it’s not worth it for the right buyer. If the car is truly “as represented,” I think it’s probably worth the money. I’m just not the right buyer at this mileage and price.

    I’m not so much of a purist that I wouldn’t fix the window cranks and door panels with alternative GTI parts, so that doesn’t bother me. Same for the seats – plenty of nice period-correct upgrades out there.

    From an investment perspective, at this mileage and age, quality upgrades (like the aforementioned Neuspeed stuff) are considered perfectly acceptable.

  5. Larry says:

    It went for good money, but not outrageous money. $6600, with 4 bidders placing 20 total bids.