Extremely Clean and Well Maintained 1994 Porsche 968 For Sale

I had the opportunity to escape with the wife this weekend up north to catch Marcy Playground in concert, no, I am not kidding.  For the 90 or so mile trip we took the Boxster out for a much needed spin.  During the trip it dawned on me that this is the first road trip I have taken in the 986.  Which is a shame, the trip once again reminded me what a wonderful car the 986 is.  It is a great combination of performance, reliability, and fuel economy with enough storage for an overnight jaunt.

The one thing the Boxster does not do is transport more than two people, which is a problem for my family of three.  During the drive my mind wandered towards the never ending conundrum of what to get for a third car.  Something fun enough to drive every day with seating for four.  When this problem first presented itself my first inclination was a Porsche 968, for whatever reason I moved on to the Audi TT, Mini Cooper S, M3, M5, etc.

You know what they say about your first instinct being the right one?  This car is a great representation of everything I love about the 968. 

Clean 1994 Porsche 968 for Sale:

 From the Seller’s Post -

“1994 Porsche 968 Coupe 6MT in Amazon Green – 105,500 miles. Beautiful exterior color and cashmere interior. Excellent condition mechanically, performed ALL preventative maintenance, and performed minor enhancements: – New Brake Rotors and Pads (OEM) – Timing Belt and Balance Belt replaced @ 91K, just rechecked and tensioned in May 2010 – Cam chain tensioners replaced @ 100K as precaution, but valvetrain / Variocam looked perfect – New MAF and 02 sensors @ 101K – Recent fluid changes @ 103K – Engine Oil (Royal Purple), Transaxle (Mobil 1), and Coolant (Prestone) – New Struts and Shocks all around – Koni Yellow Adjustable – New Hypercoil Springs up front – professional ride height adjustment and 4-wheel alignment – New OEM bushings up front and new Castor Blocks @ 100K – RS Barn Heat Shield – Compression Test in May 2010 – 5%/5%/5%/9% loss in each cylinder respectively (well within specification).

Call for any more details, additional maintenance items… Original 17″ Cup wheels recently refinished, like new condition. No issue with Pinion Bearings, transaxle is in great condition. Control Arms and ball joints in great shape. All electrical works (Headlights, Fog lights, Reverse Lights, Rear Defroster, Rear Wiper, Door Locks, Windows, etc). I am the 2nd owner and the car is an early ’94 (original seats, engine shroud, etc). This 968 will be extremely reliable as a Daily Driver for many, many years to come, or is a great, well-maintained platform for a dedicated track car. All maintenance since I purchased was conducted by Wicky at Renntag Motorwerks.”

This is a very well sorted 968 in what looks to be exceptional condition.  The one downside to scouring the interwebs for interesting German autos is that occassionally I find one that inflames my buy-it-now gland.  If I were to buy a 968  it would have this hard to find color scheme, a manual transmission, and a caring owner.  At what looks to be a flexible $11k this car is an excellent value as well.  If I find myself pricing airfare to Tennesse I know I have gone too far. 


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6 Comments on "Extremely Clean and Well Maintained 1994 Porsche 968 For Sale"

  1. Physically,i like the convertible top and roadster design.The 2005 was the best for me as new changes and upgrades were added for its performance.

  2. Aaron says:

    Interstingly the cabs can be had for less. I assume you like the ’95’s the best?

  3. so nice! i want one badly.

  4. Brad Smith says:

    If this vehicle is still for sale what is the price and what is its location?

  5. Aaron says:

    Brad, you’ve got mail.

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