Factory Fresh 1980 VW Rabbit With 26k For Sale

Over on the Vortex a mint 1980 four door VW Rabbit has surfaced.  These cars are not fast, do not handle particularly well, and really are not all that pleasing to the eye.  All that being said this car is bone stock as the day it rolled off the lot.  Notice the factory radio, vacuum canister, and factory stickers on the underside of the hood.  The owner purchased this car last year from the original owners who drove it sporadically.  The car looks to be in good shape too, only needing some PDR and a windshield wiper cap to be show ready.

Mint 1980 VW Rabbit For Sale:

From the seller’s ad –

“I have owned this car for one year and I am the second owner. When I bought it, it only had 18,900 miles. It was owned by an old couple who drove it just about once a week for almost 30 years. The car is in great condition and does not really need anything. New parts include; New tires, new spark plugs, fuel filter, replaced driver side headlight, and cleaned injectors. The pictures show the car on BMW wheels, but I also have the original wheels and caps that are in great condition. Everything on this car is original, but there are a few dime size dings here and there. This might be one of the cleanest Rabbits you would find.”

The owner is right, this is the most original Rabbit I have seen in some time.  At an asking price of $5.9k he is going to have to find just the right buyer though.  A two door with a sunroof would have a better chance of fetching that sort of price.  Regardless, you have to appreciate the original condition of this car.  This would make a great weekend driver/show car that will not need much in the way of maintenance over time.


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2 Comments on "Factory Fresh 1980 VW Rabbit With 26k For Sale"

  1. josh says:

    is this still for sale?

  2. Aaron says:

    It is sold.