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I do so love a black 993. I know I take particular interest in Porsche’s wide variety of available colors, especially the many pastels they have made available over the years, but my heart will always belong with black. Were I a collector wanting to showcase my cars and Porsche’s iconic selections, then pastels are great, but for an everyday driver I prefer the seeming anonymity of a black car. I also happen to think they can be extremely beautiful when looking their best. There is always that caveat – a black car must be looking its best – but they can be stunning.

The 993, and especially the 993 Turbo with its wider rear, showcases the color very well as it reflects off the car’s well drawn curves. These are the prettiest 911s – a point that doesn’t always sit right with me when thinking about the Turbo. The 930, such an icon of 911 excellence, hardly is a pretty car. It’s almost aggressive appearing to a fault and the 993 softens much of that. In the flesh they are stunning though and it’s easy to appreciate those curves.

As you can probably guess, I like the look of this 911 quite a bit: a Black on Black 1996 Porsche 911 Turbo with 65,508 miles on it on offer from Lusso Fine Motorcars in Scottsdale.

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Year: 1996
Model: 911 Turbo
Engine: 3.6 liter twin-turbocharged flat-6
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 65,508 mi
Price: $140,900

1996 Porsche “993” Carrera Turbo:

Air-cooled Porsches are among the most desirable and sought after cars today. This Turbo 993 with only 65,508 miles. Nicely optioned, driven low-mileage examples are getting more difficult to find. This car has been maintained through out its life and has service records to go along with it.

2 Owner Car – meticulously maintained.

The paint looks great. First owner installed a 993 RS lightweight flywheel and clutch.

This car was sold to its first owner on July 15, 1995. The first owner ordered the car with the following factory options:

454: Automatic speed control
513: Lumbar support, right seat
586: Lumbar support, left seat
650: Sun/Moon Roof
680: Nokia DSP Audio System
694: CD-Radio Alpine 7807
939: Pleated leather rear seats
982: Pleated Leather Seats
454: Cruise Control
X53: CD storage behind hand brake lever
XC9: Dark Rootwood shifter
X32: Dark Rootwood parking brake lever
XF6: Leather covered panel of the centre console (under handbrake lever)
XN8: Leather sun visors
XW9: Leather covered entrance panel covers

This 993 is in excellent condition. Comes with all the original books, service records, spare tire tool kit, and jack.

It has no stories; this is an ideal example of what many consider the greatest generation 911. Perfect for someone looking to add to their collection or to use as a weekend driver. Numbers matching and original paint.

*New tires have been placed on car since photos have been taken*

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As far as spec goes, the original owner of this Turbo chose a more elegant approach versus something sporty. The Rootwood accents, pleated leather seats, and various leather pieces all skew toward the luxury side. That’s an interesting choice on a Black 993 as that’s not one of the exterior colors, i.e. Arena Red, that I typically think of when going that route. Black can go both ways though. It can be ultra aggressive showcasing little subtlety about its sporting pretensions, or it can go the more refined route. It’s a tuxedo versus an anarchist. Me personally, I wouldn’t go with the wood trim, but others might really enjoy it and it certainly makes for a unique combination. It should be noted, under the skin the original owner did go for a more sporty approach by installing a lightweight clutch and flywheel from the RS. It’s Daniel Craig as 007 rather than Pierce Brosnan.

I will say, regardless of approach the condition of everything looks good and those Rootwood trim pieces still look in very nice shape. The driver’s seat bolsters show a bit of wear, but probably nothing beyond what’s reasonable for the age and mileage of this 993. Given that mileage the asking price is a little higher than what I’d usually expect, but it looks like it comes with all of its book and is said to possess an extensive service history. On a high-strung car like the 911 Turbo diligent maintenance can itself be worth a good premium. I don’t recall James Bond ever driving a 911 Turbo, but if he did perhaps this is the one he’d have.


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