Janky 1990 B12 Alpina on eBay

Over on eBay there is a 1990 750i/Alpina up for sale.  At first look the car looks like the real deal right down to the rear badge and  wheels.  Upon further inspection there are some curious inconsistencies.

The owner lists the car as a German import 750i/Alpina, while the car may have come from Germany I highly doubt it was produced by Alpina.  The reasons why are as follows:

  •  The motor is listed as a “V-12 380/420hp”, whatever that means.  The Alpina B12 sported a v12 that produced 350 hp/347 lbs or torque.    
  • The VIN number on this particular car is WBAGB81050DC04694, Alpina cars typically have two VIN number’s, in many cases the BMW VIN is stamped over and the Alpina VIN is placed in the same general area.  Becuase of this sellers typically use the Alpina VIN when listing their cars.  This is a BMW VIN, an Alpina number begins with WAP, followed by the model number, engine size, and car number.  Which brings me to…
  • There is no plaque, the three digits on the plaque would correspond to the last three of the VIN.

It’s a shame really, the lack of Alpina cars stateside is a tragic thing as the ones we do have often make their way to Europe, Japan, or our neighbors to the north.  From the looks of it this car is not fooling anyone with no bids, interestingly the seller has feedback score of 1.  A buy-it-now north of $13k is insane for what is essentially a well worn grey market 750i with a rare set of wheels that need refinishing.  If you ever find yourself in a spot to verify the validity of an Alpina you can e-mail them at export@alpina.de and they will give you the final word. 

As a disclaimer I typically avoid trashing for sale posts, readership of the blog has gotten to the point where there is a fair chance that the owner may be  a reader.  If so I apologize, please feel free to defend your car and correct any mistakes I have made in my analysis.  Also, want to sell me those wheels :).


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