Massive BMW Collection in Connecticut


In Connecticut, a collection of significant BMWs is available for the first time in its history. Though the vehicles are all projects at some level – from bare shells to drivers in need of basic refurbishment – they represent significant cars in the BMW family and the owner is anxious for them to find new homes with caretakers that can bring them back to life. The collection features some of the most significant examples of BMW’s Motorsports family, as well as iconic models like the 2002 (including a shell of a Tii Touring) and a classic 502 sedan.

The collection snakes its way through connected mill buildings where many of the cars have been parked for years, as evidenced by a coating of dust and boxes on 6-Series and Bauer cabriolets alike. The highlights of the collection include two E28 M5s, one of which has a solid body while the other has sustained damage from a front-end impact. Both cars haven’t run in some time and will need refreshing, along with a European–market M635 that is complete with factory Recaros, euro bumpers and BBS basketweaves. Again, this car has not run in years so a thorough mechanical inspection will be required.


Year: 1950s – 1990s
Model: 2002s, E28s, E30s, E34s, E36s, Motorsports, etc.
Engine: Various
Transmission: Various
Mileage: From low mileage to TMU
Price: Contact seller here

CLICK FOR DETAILS: Massive BMW Collection on Craigslist in Connecticut


Many of the cars have been stored inside for years, such as the CS coupe and a silver BMW 502 sedan, parked nearby.


The collection of 2002s alone consists of both round-tail lights and square-tail light models in varying levels of condition.


This rare 2002 Tii Touring is a rolling shell but nearly 100% rust-free.

Upon touring the facility this weekend – which included far more vehicles than listed here – I learned that the owner was a long-time member of the BMW CCA and toured the popular tuning facilities in Germany on a special group trip in the 80s, including Alpina and Hartge, not to mention the Motorsports division. He has several rooms full of parts representing some rare stock he shipped home, so don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask if he has that elusive air dam or wheel set you’ve been hunting for.


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25 Comments on "Massive BMW Collection in Connecticut"

  1. cdnpaul says:

    Now that’s an interesting fellow. Any more details you can share on the good E28 M5?

  2. Jeff says:

    Hey there. So while I didn’t do much of a mechanical assessment, the body looked very nice for its age. Tan interior appeared to be all there – what stood out what that despite the lack of light and the layer of dust on the car, the M colors on the seat backs stood out as being vibrant, for whatever that is worth. It was running when it went into the garage but hasn’t been driven in a few years. Definitely a project but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t my favorite car there….

  3. KevinR says:

    The seller posts “no emails, no texts, serious people only.” Without a more detailed list of what he is selling (preferably with pictures), I have no way of knowing whether I am a serious person or not. Oh well…

  4. Jeff says:

    Kevin – for what it’s worth, I called to ask him if he had a decent condition door gasket for my E30, along with a set of floor mats and fender liners. He was more than happy to entertain these mundane requests via phone.

    Not that I’m his agent, but I’d just like to emphasize he is one of the few individuals who recommends phone calls and seems to mean it. Truly pleasant to converse with and answer your questions.

  5. cdnpaul says:

    Thanks Jeff. I’ll give him a call tomorrow and see what I can learn. Could be a worthwhile project if the price is right and it doesn’t need too much work.

  6. Raymond says:

    The pricing on the M5s was optimistic, in my opinion, for cars that haven’t been driven in many years. Others who are more hands-on might find more value there.

  7. Jeff says:

    I think that’s the key, Raymond. These are definitely projects, so any potential buyers will need to be prepared to spend money beyond the initial purchase price. He does know what he has, so that does limit the potential for bargain shopping.

  8. Demian says:

    So Raymond,
    Don’t be shy. Do tell what you know of $s.

  9. Raymond says:

    I don’t want to bias anyone with my views since pricing is subjective.

    That being said, if a car isn’t driveable then in my mind there needs to be a significant discount in order to entice me to take the risk of what I’ll learn the first time it visits my BMW shop.

    I’ll put it this way: the running example (note, not driving, running) is priced more than many higher mileage E28 M5s in average condition. The other one is, in my opinion, nothing more than a parts car at this point.

    My sense / gut reaction is that this guy is a hoarder and really doesn’t want to sell anything at a price at which it is likely to move quickly. Folks like this generally believe this stuff is all worth more than it is, that is why they hold on to it when in reality all he is doing is presiding over the decline of a number of cars that should have been in the hands of someone who is not mentally disturbed so that they could be used and enjoyed as intended.

    My candid take, fwiw.

  10. E34nthusiast says:

    Jeff, can you tell me anything about the E34(s?) he has? I’m planning on giving him a call later today or tomorrow, but I’d love to hear the opinion of someone other than the seller… or just get an idea of what he has, period.

  11. Jeff says:

    E34s….I did see a few parts cars at the site I visited (he has multiple properties with cars – no joke). I saw a variety of non-M E34s (wagons and sedans) in various states of disassembly, so I’m sure if you’re looking for basic parts he could set you up. However, I have heard that he may have some E34 M5s at his house, which apparently holds more vehicles. Didn’t get a chance to verify with my own eyes, however.

    Not sure if that helps. IIRC, I saw at least 3-4 sedans (525, 535, I *think* a 540) and one wagon. All definitely parts cars.

  12. E34nthusiast says:

    Great, thanks so much for the info… that was kind of my expectation based on the pictures you posted. Definitely still worth a phone call. Even if he doesn’t have anything that’ll work for me, I’m interested in talking to a man with multiple properties (?!) worth of classic BMWs.

    Out of random curiousity: with such a ridiculous stable of Bavarian metal, what was he driving when you met with him?

  13. Jeff says:

    MKIV Jetta Diesel wagon. I kid you not, he credited the fuel efficiency as part of the reason why he was able to drive all over New England and get these cars before anyone else did.

  14. KevinR says:

    Jeff, I don’t have a BMW at the moment so there aren’t any specific parts I could ask about. I am casually looking for a new project but since I haven’t even settled on what I’d like, I can’t really ask any pointed questions there either.

    Calling him up and asking “so whadda ya got?” doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense.. However, if there were a list of what he has available I could review that and decide if anything interests me and then I could call with serious questions about a specific vehicle.

  15. Jeff says:

    Fair point, Kevin. I have to email him in regards to a decent condition square tail light 2002 for my brother, so I will ask if he’d consider putting a full list together. Will report back!

  16. Jeff says:

    Alright gang, here is what I have been able to put together. Not sure how helpful this will be, but it’s likely the best we’re going to do. I may get back down there on Monday to do some inventorying; we’ll see!

    2002s/1600s: from 67,69,70,71,72,73,74,75,76;
    E34s: from 89,90,91,93,94,95;
    E30s: 84,85,86,87,88.

    I know that’s not much to go on, and there’s more there (obviously the two M5s, the M6, the 635, the CS coupe, 502), but I’ll see if I can get more when I go back.

  17. Lawrence says:

    Jeff what is the condition and type of M6 he has (Euro or US spec)? How much is he asking for it?

  18. Jeff says:

    Lawrence – it is a full euro spec M6. Slim euro bumpers, headlight washers, black leather Recaros, BBS weaves with a deep dish, etc. I do not know the asking price, but call him up and see – that’s the best way to find out.

    Condition-wise: it has not run in several years. Body looks very straight. Interior has some trace evidence of mildew. Definitely a project, but one that didn’t look to require much in the way of bodywork.

  19. Lawrence says:

    Yeah I asked the seller about price; 15K is ridiculously high for a non-running m635csi. A couple decent running examples with around 100K miles sold on ebay recently for about 10K. Unless he is willing to come down to a realistic price on the m635, its not going to sell.

  20. Jeff says:

    Wow, $15K. That is a tad Ambitious. Did it seem like there was room to make an offer?

  21. Lawrence says:

    He really didn’t seem keen on bargaining, and I didn’t want to insult him by telling him what it’s really worth.

  22. Jeff says:

    Got it. Too bad. I can’t tell if he really wants to move inventory or if he is just hoping someone will bite at that price point. Of course, he’s had them for this long – what’s another few months/years?

  23. eric lazure says:

    does anyone have his number the listing has been removed and i would love to give this guy a call

  24. Jeff says:

    Eric – you can reach him via

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