Moby Dick 1991 Porsche C2 Turbo Strosek

Staying in line with my favorite Porsche traits that I outlined in my last post, we have a 640RWHP 1991 Porsche 911 C2 Turbo.

I’ve always HATED the Strosek “squinty-eye” look but for some reason it doesn’t look too awful on this white C2.  Besides the body kit we have:

full suspension update with fully adjustable H&R red springs, giant factory” big blacks” brakes, new fully built 930 turbo powerhouse, complete MOTEC injection system, fully programmable via laptop, giant hybrid K29 Turbo, adjustable boost controller, C2 n/a intake plenum, giant blow-of valve, custom massive intercooler, full custom exhaust with headers, k&n, recent $6,000 service which included an upgraded race clutch, all four new tires, high speed performance alignment, oil change, all work done by Don Jackson Porsche…3,000 miles on this motor since rebuild, 3.4 Mahle pistons, heads were done by Ollies, cc chambered, ported, polished, entire engine was balanced and blueprinted, has standard crank for longevity, 964 cams, a very hybrid K29 turbo with clipped veins on intake side.

According to previous owner, Moby Dick is making 500 horsepower on low boost and is capable of 800 crank horsepower on high boost settings with race fuel.  The seller mentions that the car has been dyno’ed and dragged where it put down 640 RWHP at 21 psi and ran an 11.4 quarter mile at 3,800 feet elevation.  He also believes this Turbo C2 should be dipping into the 10’s.

Some say less is more. Some say bigger is better.  Regardless, it’s tough to dislike a 600hp, RWD, 964 Porsche.  Oh, and the Buy It Now price is less than a 2010 base model BMW 328i.


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2 Comments on "Moby Dick 1991 Porsche C2 Turbo Strosek"

  1. Ben says:

    The reserve wasn’t met on this Porsche. The highest bid was $26,100.00.

  2. Jim says:

    Show me the dyno sheets or else I am going to laugh at you. air cooled turbos can be fantastic cars but unless you’re really careful there is a good shot you’re buying a whole lot of issues that are expensive.