Porsche 968 > Porsche Boxster?

Well… it depends on which one you are talking about.

I think the Boxster S is a magnificent car, more fun to drive than any 968, and darn sexy to look at.  That said, as I get older I get more rational.  This new affliction tells me that the 968 is more reliable, has back seats, and may be faster in a straight line.  They are also more rare, you are not in danger of seeing another anywhere in your neighborhood.

From the seller –

“This beautiful Guards Red Porsche 968 Cabriolet is a pretty rare find with only 18,670 original miles.   It has been garage kept and never driven during winter months.  The original CD/tape player has been replaced with a new Porsche CD AM/FM Stereo with auxiliary input for an iPod.  All speakers have been up graded and subwoofers added along with an amplifier.  The 968 is a gorgeous example of Porsche craftsmanship and performance.  The 968 was the last Porsche sold with a front four-cylinder water cooled engine.

Fully loaded with all power including: 236hp 3.0 liter 4 cylinder engine with Variocam, 6-speed manual transmission, cruise control,  driver & passenger power seats, power windows, semi-automatic power top, AM/FM stereo system with CD player, duel air bags and ice cold air conditioning.

All the pleasures of owning a Porsche with a known history complete with factory owners manual, specification book, service history, and other extras that will go with the car.”

The 968 is my next Porsche to be, whenever that is.  But truth be told I would prefer a coupe, although the coupe does not make as tidy comparison as the cabriolet.

Having driven both I can tell you I prefer the 968. I love my Boxster but it did not feel as well assembled as the 968.  No rattles, better interior fit and finish, and it sounds more like a Porsche than the Boxster.

This example is ridiculous with crazy low miles.  Although, I am not sure how a car with less than 20k on the ticker ends up with five owners.  Regardless, this is as nice an example as I have seen for some time.

Bidding is up to $16k with reserve not me, I am guessing the seller wants something north of $20k which this car may very well fetch.


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19 Comments on "Porsche 968 > Porsche Boxster?"

  1. Wes says:

    The 968 also holds the advantage of not being thought of as a “woman’s car.” Yes, I know that’s terribly sexist of me.

  2. Larry says:

    Wes, the 968 Cabrio is absolutely thought of as a “woman’s car” – perhaps even more than the Boxster. The 968 coupe, much like the Cayman, doesn’t seem to have that image. Unfair? Yes. As a heterosexual male Boxster owner, I guess I’ll have to suffer through that stereotype hanging over me…as I enjoy the impressive handling, driving home tonight with the top down.

  3. Larry says:

    By the way, I agree with Aaron – the Boxster has limited usability with a growing family. In fact, the kind of tiny back seat found in most of these cars (if they bother to have any back seat at all) isn’t of any real-world value anyway.

    That said, this particular 968 Cabrio looks absolutely fantastic. I still prefer the more modern mid-engine look of the Boxster, of course, but then again, I’m biased.

    Also, to my eyes at least, the 968 interior design is looking classic, but a bit dated. The 986 is not exactly a high-water-mark for upscale Porsche interiors either, but the design still feels more current.

  4. Paul H. says:

    I know you’re a Boxster owner, Aaron, but, well, the 968, for me, it’s just better. For a purist like me, it represents a time and place where there were no Panameras and Cayennes littering the earth.

  5. Paul says:

    I tend to think of both the 968 Cab and all Boxsters as chick cars although both color and wheels can make a big difference so I wouldn’t totally rule out either.

  6. Aaron says:

    Gentlemen, as always, great comments. Both cars are gender neutral. Meaning, neither tops the charts as being overly butch. That said I have seen a lot of ladies in Boxsters lately. “How you doin?”

    I was and am a recovering Boxster owner and I loved that car dearly. But, as Larry mentioned the back seat of the 968 is a real draw. Sure, it may be built for incredibly tiny creatures but it beats putting my 6 year old in the trunk.

  7. Larry says:

    Paul isn’t entirely off-base. The stereotype that cute little convertibles are “chick cars” is out there.

    So that poses a good question:

    I prefer German cars (obviously),
    I want a convertible,
    I want something that’s fast and handles well,
    I want it to be reasonably priced, and of course,
    I don’t want something that’s perceived as a “chick car.”

    What should I buy? Or are one or more of these requirement considered mutually-exclusive?

  8. Wes says:

    It seems that I struck a nerve.

  9. Larry says:

    Perhaps a small nerve, Wes. ;-)

    Seriously though, we all know those stereotypes are out there, warranted or otherwise. For those of us who are liking for more than a Mustang GT ragtop can provide, what are our options? Are we just supposed to want a 944 Turbo or a Carrera 4S instead (well I actually DO want those ALSO, just not INSTEAD)?

    So, there’s an honest question on the table here…what are your thoughts?

  10. Wes says:

    The comment was meant to be tongue in cheek. I think that the Boxter is fine. You just need to have a more secure sense of self than I do in order to drive one.

    On a related note I’d love to have a Camaro SS but that car says “I like to hang out in parking lots and get into fights.” :)

  11. Larry says:

    No worries. I’m adequately secure in my masculinity to drive a Boxster.

    Now if we were talking about a minivan, well, that’s an entirely different level of confidence!

    Maybe it’s the guys driving Camaros, hanging out in parking lots and getting into fights, that started all these stupid stereotypes…

  12. Paul says:

    Larry, you’re definitely safe with either the 944 Turbo or the 4S :)

    Hank Moody drives a 964 cab so that would be my pick; in fact, I’d love to get a ROW widebody version.

  13. Aaron says:

    This thread is hilarious. Have you guys been to Europe lately? The men drive cars we would kill for while wearing read capri pans and white shoes. I think we are ok.

  14. Dan says:

    This thread is hilarious! Is this our most commented on post ever?

    dc, S2000 daily driver :D

  15. Aaron says:

    :) We should get some GCFSB branded capri pants or man bags ‘er something…

  16. Larry says:

    Vehicle choices in Europe seem to be more influenced by functional priorities and other external influences (higher vehicle costs, engine size and emissions-driven tax structures, smaller roads, cramped parking conditions, etc.) than they are in the US.

    I have no explanation for capri pants thing though. I guess if they can wear red capri pants with white sneakers, I pretty much don’t have to worry about driving a Boxster, right?

  17. sofaman says:

    I got so tired of the macho bullshit stereotype burden put on car choices I once threatened to buy a VW New Beetle Turbo. The look I got from my wife convinced me otherwise.

  18. Larry says:

    Well, this 968 Cabrio never made it out of the $16K range ($16100 to be exact, with only 2 bids). Reserve not met, of course.

  19. Jim Post says:

    So that poses a good question:

    I prefer German cars (obviously),
    I want a convertible,
    I want something that’s fast and handles well,
    I want it to be reasonably priced, and of course,
    I don’t want something that’s perceived as a “chick car.”

    What should I buy? Or are one or more of these requirement considered mutually-exclusive?

    The answer is an air cooled 911 Cab. Or the new Boxster Spyder.