Restored 1972 Opel GT for Sale

I met my wife 24 years ago.  She was different, somehow more metropolitan than other girls.  She listened to Depeche Mode and drove an Opel.  In fact her family had a whole fleet of them and the three Opels in their driveway must have been more than the rest of the state of Oregon at the time.

Here we have a wonderful example of a restored 1972 Opel GT

From the seller –

“This is a restored stock 1972 Opel Gt.

I believe I am the 4th owner of the car.  I bought the car from Utah where it had 3 owners.  Mileage might be actually 34k (speedometer goes to 100k)   At some point there was damage to front fender.  The car sat Idle for up to 20 years in a garage.  When I bought the car it was already repaired.  I did not like the quality of work and had the car stripped, re-welded and painted.  From there I fixed everything mechanical, and then cosmetically.   The car never had any rust.  Lots of work has been done with receipts totaling more than $12,000. Car is completely original. . This car has been garaged and used once a week on average. I have been taking it to local car shows in San Diego and its always a favorite. Here is a list of all the repairs made in the last 2-3 years.

Chrome is perfect all the way around, including on window trim.  It has new rims and tires on the car, Toyo 195 45 15 VR, (16×8) Original rims with 13×5 tires are included with the car. I just wanted better driving performance. These Toyo tires have less than 2000 miles on them. Car can turn a corner 40 mph with out losing grip on the road. Amazing  performance.  seats reupholstered, new headliner, dash cracks repaired, Steering wheel restored, New cd player mounted under dash with remote and two 6×9’s and 10 inch bass with amps.  The speakers are attached with velcro and remove to show car as stock for car shows etc.  new Webber carb, new upper ball joint, new front shocks, new brake pads and rotors, new clutch, new axle o ring, gaskets, new battery, new shifter boot, new head gasket set, new rear transmission seals, new rear and front engine seals, new back up light switch, resurfaced cylinder head, transmission service, new radiator core,  Headlight electrical harness, new wires and spark plugs,  distributor cap/ Rotor, new fuel pump.  Many little cosmetic parts have been replaced.  The only things that don’t currently work is original ac Delco stereo and clock in dash.  There is some pitting in the windshield, but it doesnt affect sight.  Think body shop left Windshield next to sand blasting while it was off car.”

Often times cars such as an Opel can fall into uncaring hands.  These cars are niche cars and do not have the cache of a similar era Porsche or Mercedes.  Parts can also be tricky to locate as is finding someone capable enough to work on them.  At one point Opels were sold through the Buick dealerships but I would guess any mechanics trained to work on them has since moved on.

This car has been lovingly restored and much nicer than any GT I have seen in some time.  Current bidding is up to $7.6k and the seller has lifted the reserve.  This car will sell and makes for a great opportunity for someone looking for an excellent example of one of these cars.

Best of luck to the seller.


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4 Comments on "Restored 1972 Opel GT for Sale"

  1. RyanKuan says:

    My Grandpa had one of those before, I never got to see it but I saw a few pictures of it. He had it for my mom to drive to school.

    Also, I know you guys love fast wagons(so do I), so I figured I’d pass this one on to you.

  2. Aaron says:

    Oooh, nice wagon. Evidently we are the only two that think so, why is nobody bidding on this?

  3. Rick says:

    Wow. That is all.

  4. Aaron says:

    Yeah Rick, this car sold for $8.2k which is a nice value.