Sharp 1990 VW Jetta Coupe for Sale

Once the forgotten stepchild among Jettas, the two door coupe has grown in popularity over the years.  At the time there were not many made and when a buyer wanted a two door option they would opt for the more amusing Scirocco or GTI.  Oddly enough, the shape of the coupe has aged gracefully and the ever inventive VW community has been swapping all kinds of snappy powerplants into these cars. 

Over on the Vortex a very nice 1990 coupe has surfaced with a 16v transplant.  This coupe is heavily modified yet very tasteful in both appearance and performance.  In the spirit of budget week this car is a very respectable option for much less than the $10k limit.   

1990 VW Jetta Coupe for Sale: 

From the seller’s ad –

1990 Jetta Coupe 16V


• Alpine White (original paint)
• 128,000 miles on body
• 15” widened 12-hole steelies (widened with 15X8” chrome barrels with stepped lips)
• 195/50/15 Falken tires with good tread
• Rolled fenders
• Westy front end conversion
• New chrome stripe front Euro bumper
• New 16v lip
• Lower valance grill replaced
• New smoked turn signals
• New smoked banana lights
• New half smoked tail lights
• New windshield
• New windshield wipers
• 85 non-3rd brake light rear glass
• FOHA rear wing
• MKIII style door handles
• Rear bumper replaced and New chrome stripes
• Small bumper trunk trim
• New Coupe rear emblem
• New 16v rear emblem


• Original grey carpet and parcel tray
• Red stripe 16v dash (no cracks)
• Red stripe GTI Recaro door panels
• Lighted 16v key
• Power gray Recaros with working motors from GLI
• Gray Recaro rear seat from GLI
• Jetta Carat ski bag
• Black A, B, & C pillars
• New radio delete panel
• Westy non-A/C heater control panel
• ABT style pedals
• Euro driver under dash tray
• Euro passenger non-A/C deep under dash tray
• Euro console delete panel
• Euro center vent ashtray insert
• Euro small shift console
• Euro parking brake set up
• Leather shift boot
• New Grant GT steering wheel and new hub
• New heater core


• Patec Holeshot coilovers
• Rear Poly bushings
• Front & rear disk brake conversion from 92 16V GTI
• Slotted front and rear rotors
• Ceramic pads front and rear
• Stainless Steel brake lines front and rear


• 9A 16v swap from 92 GTI
• 129,000 miles
• Deleted power steering (manual steering rack installed)
• Deleted A/C (non-A/C heater/fan box installed)
• Neuspeed spark plug wires
• ITG air filter
• Battery replaced
• New aluminum core radiator
• New fan switch
• New thermostat
• New heater hoses
• Missing Linkz short shift kit
• MKIII shift weight
• New clutch cable
• Wired for battery relocation in trunk
• Hard plastic rain tray
• Hard plastic ECU cover
• Oil and filter just replaced
• New external fuel pump
• New fuel filter
• Catalytic converter replaced”

There is a ton of value here at $4,600, this car is a headliner, some PDR (not to be confused with PBR), and a good detail away from being a very very nice coupe.  The 16v transplant looks well done and it not as intrusive as the VR6 swaps I have seen.  Besides, I would rather drive a well balanced 16v car any day.

It is cars like this that scream “buy me”, which is then followed by lost hours searching in search of obscure VW parts.  But that is my issue and I am in touch with it.  Anyway, I think a well kept coupe with a peppy transplant is a nice fit for budget week 


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2 Comments on "Sharp 1990 VW Jetta Coupe for Sale"

  1. patrick says:

    The 2.0l 16v is one of the most entertaining engines ever made. Not exactly fast, but the things beg to be run hard like nothing else.

    This car is really, really great. Not feeling the wheels, but everything else is perfect.

  2. Aaron says:

    I am with you on the 2.0, good times.

    I am a fan of the steelies, but they are an aquired taste.