Steve Dinan’s Personal 462hp Supercharged E46 M3

Steve Dinan and I would definitely get along.  I’m the kind of guy who thinks a great thing can always be better and it’s clear to see through Steve’s work that he shares that same sentiment.

What he’s done here is take the already amazing E46 M3 and made it faster (much faster) and given it better handling.  His S3-R package adds a huge boost over the already stellar stock performance of Bimmer’s most popular M-car.  What makes this Dinan so special is the custom intercooled supercharger system that blows 5.5 psi into the rev-happy straight-6.  Horsepower jumps up to a staggering 462 while torque flattens out at 328 lb-ft.  To make sure all this new found power can translate into an improved driving experience; the M3 receives a stage 3 JRZ suspension set up and some lightweight Forged 19s.

Steve Dinan’s Personal 462hp Supercharged E46 M3 S3-R

I love the “Oreo” color combo and the red interior that Steve has choosen.  With only 14K miles and a warranty that’s good for a few more months, I think this super-M3 warrants the $50K asking price.


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2 Comments on "Steve Dinan’s Personal 462hp Supercharged E46 M3"

  1. e46 m3 says:

    Can’t even imagine what it would be like driving an M3 with that much jam! I’m not in love with the wheels, but I DO love the interior. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. e46 m3.  says:

    E46 M3 is a nice and marvelous car in the world.