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1985 Volkswagen Transporter DoKa


Earlier this week I posted a DoKa of such questionable taste that I would have posted it in our Friday Fail series if the auction had lasted long enough. Well, today we’ll right those wrongs with a Friday Win in the form of a gorgeous but barely-modified DoKa. It comes one owner removed from GoWesty, who, for all my gripes about their ludicrous prices, certainly do things right and take excellent care of Volkswagen vans. This one has been repainted in the Playmobil-perfect and T2-correct light blue with black bedliner on the lower portions as well as the bed and hinged sides. With just 95k miles, it has decades of life left in it. It may be on the utilitarian side of things with no frills inside or out (not even a Euro-map GPS!), but you can bet that the condition and GoWesty history will help it collect some serious interest.

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1985 BMW 535i

$_57 (1)
We’ve seen some cool examples of the standard 535i recently, and today we have another clean, low-mileage example that is coming from its original owner. With just 116k miles, it looks pretty impeccable inside and out. The one main detraction is the automatic, but on the flipside it was just replaced. Having to drop some serious cash on the transmission and brakes was apparently enough for him to decide it was time to move on, as it’s up for sale with no reserve.

Click for details: 1985 BMW 535i on eBay

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1985 BMW M5 Euro spec

The E28 M5 was one of those cars that moved the chains forward in the automotive spectrum. These were sedans that would popularize the idea that a four-door car need not be boring family transport. The inaugural year for the M5 would be 1985, but North America would not see this performance sedan until the 1988 model year rolled around. At that time, all destined for that market would be painted black, replete with crash bumpers and most coming equipped with a tan leather interior. In other markets, the options were a bit more diverse, as is the case with this 1985 M5 for sale in Minnesota. With its slim bumpers and headlamp wipe/wash system, it has that Euro look so many strive for. In this case, however, the look is authentic. Also, the aftermarket McIntosh stereo is also a nice touch, given that these are not cheap systems and replicate the look of period head units quite nicely.


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E24 Face-Off: 630CSi vs. 633CSi vs. 635CSi

As the 2002we featured yesterday was getting ready to ride into the sunset, another two-door BMW chapter was just beginning: the E24 6 series. Today we’ll look at a trio of E24sm beginning with this early 630CSi for sale in Texas. While I generally am a fan of the later E24s, early models such as this one in a decidedly period metallic green have a strange way of drawing me in.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1977 BMW 630CSi on eBay

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1985 BMW 524td

Coming up on 3 years into our relationship, I’m still loving my E28, largely due to how it reminds me of a time when cool cars didn’t have to be all things to all people. Today’s 524td may be at the opposite end of the powerplant spectrum from mine, it doubles the gas mileage and keeps the great 80s looks. It is truly shocking that this car has 203k miles on it – inside and out it looks like a showroom model from the year before I was born. At first I thought “that must be a redone interior,” but the presentation of the exterior and engine bay corroborate the seller’s indication that this is just an amazingly-kept, all-original survivor. It may be slow, but the E28 is a great car to practice carrying speed with. What a commuter this would be!

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1984 BMW 524td on eBay

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