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1985 Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe

Wednesday I featured a pretty nice 911SC and now we’ll take a step forward to its successor the 3.2 Carrera. And I’ll say from the start that I already like this Carrera better than that SC. What a difference a day makes. Given that this is an early Carrera there aren’t many significant differences between this and the 911SC. The engine, obviously, is the most significant change, but aesthetically the differences are minor and this still sports the 915 5-speed transmission that served the 911 so well for so long. I like this color a little better than Guards Red, I like the interior contrast better, and overall it just strikes me as being in better condition. I’m not sure I can pinpoint why, it’s really just the overall sense of everything we see. So here we have a Garnet Red Metallic 1985 Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe, located in Michigan, with Champagne leather interior and 57,000 miles on it.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1985 Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe on eBay

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1985 BMW 318i

318E301Since joining GCFSB, I’ve resisted the temptation to write up an E30, mostly out of irritation at the overbaked market for the 80s era 3-series. Although we’ve recently featured some nice examples on the site, I’m tired of seeing so many rusted out, half-finished projects for sale with unreasonable price tags attached. And while there are some admittedly well-preserved and desirable cars out there, I can only stare at $150k M3s for so long before becoming bored. What traditionally made the E30 such an attractive proposition was that it offered all the best features of a sporty German sedan – a sorted chassis, a zippy motor and a manual gearbox – for not a lot of money. But as their prices have climbed upwards, so that even tired examples are no longer very cheap, the allure of the E30 has faded, at least for me.

I’ve relented, however, for the sake of this example. That’s because it’s so nice to see such an apparently clean, well-preserved and original E30 on the market. The price isn’t too bad either.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1985 BMW 318i on Craigslist

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Tuner Tuesday: 1985 Porsche Heynsdyk 2500SF

File this car under the “whatzit” category. At first I thought this modern day tribute to Porsches of the past must have been based on a 911. Wrong. This is a 944 in disguise, built by a Dutch firm called Heynsdyk. The company no longer exists, having gone into bankruptcy in 2012, but before that happened, they managed to crank out a few of these roadsters for anyone who was getting a bit bored with their Porsche 944. This 2500SF has the normally aspirated 2.5 liter inline-4 under the bonnet. For those who might not have been turned on by the 944 Cabriolet but sought some open top enjoyment with their well-balanced chassis, this car might be the solution.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1985 Porsche Heynsdyk 2500SF at E&R Classics

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Silver Narrows: 1985 Audi Coupe GT and 1986 Audi 4000CS quattro

Though they share many components, each different variant of the Audi B2 chassis took on a character that made them all feel quite unique. Obviously the big headline for the chassis was the turbocharged Quattro model that has gained much more notoriety and respect in the marketplace over the last few years. However, the narrow-body variants still remain very affordable and entertaining options for enthusiasts. Today I’m going to look at two similarly priced 2nd tier options, both in Zermatt Silver Metallic. Let’s start the throaty 5-cylinder up with a KX-code 1985 Coupe GT:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1985 Audi Coupe GT on eBay

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1985 Alpina B7 Turbo

s-l1600 (5)
We’ve been having some fun with Alpinas recently, and the seller that brought us Carter’s E12 B7 Turbo is back again with a sexy E28 B7 Turbo. The E12 and E28 always look similar, and in grey with gold Alpina stripes these two examples further that notion, though the closed-lug 20-spokes help this 1985 B7 look a bit more modern. It’s No. 46 out of the 236-car run and is in beautiful shape thanks to good care and a repaint a while back. The stripes are still there, however, as well as the monster 300hp M30 turbo. The interior looks clean but 31 years old and used, though much better than the normal E28 wear on the seats. Other than that, from the Alpina-green toolkit to the gold name emblazoned across the front spoiler looks to be spotless and perfect.

Click for details: 1985 Alpina B7 Turbo on eBay

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