1997 Volkswagen GTI 2.0

One of my favorite cars that I’ve owned was my 1998 Volkswagen GTI 2.0, or two point slow, as some would call it. It wasn’t the fastest of most luxurious car I ever owned, but it was a comfortable cruiser, was fun in the corners and was reasonably economical. It was also much more reliable than my MkIV GTI, which was interesting, as the MkIV was built in Germany and the MkIII was assembled in Mexico. A friend of mine bought that car from me and it is still humming along, without skipping a beat. I don’t see too many MkIII GTIs that are in good condition and haven’t been modified, but this one for sale in Wisconsin is a claimed one owner car and looks reasonably well kept.

1997 Volkswagen GTI on eBay

1997 Volkswagen GTI in excellent condition and well maintained. One owner, comes with custom rims. This is a cash only transaction.

As is the case with many cars we feature here at GCFSB, it would have been nice if the seller provided better pictures and a more thorough description. This looks like a solid car though, one worth kicking the tires, and I’m pleased to see that the owner didn’t go overboard and put some ridiculously large diameter wheels on it, instead opting for a more period correct size BBS rim. With regards to value, I’d say this car is worth around $3,000 to $4,000 as it sits, providing there is no surprises lurking underneath.


Theme Week: 1997 Techart 911 Turbo

As a German car enthusiast, I consider it my duty to own a Porsche at some point. There are many different ways I could see this happening, but if/when I marry into the 1%, it would make sense to buy the best of the breed. Sure, the 911 continues to evolve and impress, but I see a few too many soccer moms driving around 997 Turbos to consider jumping into the modern herd. A 993 Turbo with Techart improvements would do me just right with pre-bloat lines and crazy power.

1997 Porsche 911 Turbo with Techart Upgrades for sale on eBay

From the seller:

Amazing Driving Machine That Is Equipped With EVERYTHING!! Complete Blast To Drive, Properly Modified, Low Mileage 1997 Porsche 911 993 Twin Turbo!!

Vin: WP0AC2997VS375548

Mileage: 37,476

Classic 1997 993 Turbo Silver/Black Loaded With Extras.

-TECHART sport suspension with sport shocks and springs
-TECHART power kit:
-oil cooler
-sport exhaust system
-Air Filter
-2 larger Turbochargers
-remapping of original ECU (530 HP)
-$19,795 for TECHART Package installed by German Tech., Inc.
-TechArt Carbon Fiber Dash/Door Panels
-TechArt Brake Duct Cooling Kit
-TechArt Fog Lights
-Aluminum Dial Trim Kit
-Recaro Leather Sport Seats (Original Seats Available)
-Sport Clutch Kit ($1543.70)
-Porsche Shifter Aluminum
-Porsche Silver Hood Badge
-Porsche Hand Brake- Carbon
-Porsche Hand Brake Base- Carbon
-Alpine Head Unit w/ Ipod
-Sirius Radio
-2 JL 300/2 Amplifiers
-BELtronics Rx75Plus Radar
-CarGraphics 19×8.5 and 19×11 Wheels Also Available For Additional Price

I dig the overall stock look with hidden bite from the Techart upgrades, and the dark wheels on silver paint look perfectly mean. And those hips… good god, the 993 is awesome. Low mileage and choice upgrades on the most desirable of 993s make this a home run for me. The $70k Buy-It-Now seems in the wheelhouse for these turbos, but to be honest, if I moved up to top net worth percentile I wouldn’t care what it cost to get the right 993 Turbo.



Any German car fan has watched the prices of E30 M3s shoot through the roof, while their availability dwindles. So what’s the next logical step for collecting a modern BMW? The E36 M3 is the go to for many, and the prices as of late reflect that shift. The E36 M3 was equipped with the 3.2L inline 6 that produced 240bhp, and 236lb-ft of torque, and could run to 60 in 5.5 seconds. While the power numbers are impressive for a car of its size, the M3’s handling is a thing of legend.

This beautiful Alpine White over tan M3 for sale in Pleasantville, IA at EuroWerkz is a great example of BMWs finest from the ’90s.

1997 BMW M3 DINAN at  eurowerkzlc.com




Here is a car that is getting harder to find every day. We get inquiries about these M3’s every week, so here now, is your chance.

A low mile, lovingly cared for, over serviced, BMW E36 M3. This car is a gem and we know this first hand because we sold it to the last owner in 2007 at 24k miles and have been taking care of it since. We are also a DINAN dealer  so we did all of the high performance upgrades on the car in 2007 as well as everything else that has been serviced or updated on the car. And that is a long list.

This car is Alpine white with very rare Modena/black two-tone interior and is a 5 speed manual. It has most all available options except Harman Kardon sound and automatic transmission. This car was born a luxury package car but has been treated to the front sport lip spoiler and regular lower grill. It has a long list of small popular tasteful upgrades like a European steering wheel and airbag upgrade, rear lip spoiler, clutch stop, BMW X brace, and hard wiring for an Escort radar detector. (Most original parts are also with the car including 2 sets of BMW mats) The major upgrades include the full Dinan Stage III engine package including the intake system, throttle body and software with the cat back Dinan exhaust and Strut tower brace. This car was cared for to the extreme and has been serviced more than regularly. It also has had the complete cooling system upgraded since 2007 with a new water pump, thermostat and housing, radiator and tank. The service is up to date including the 60k mile Inspection II where we just completed the transmission, differential, and brake fluid flush along with various filters not previously serviced. The car had new rear rotors just installed along with 4 new BFG comp 2 tires. This car is 100% ready to enjoy in every area and a truly beautiful example.

Cosmetically the car is approaching mint and it is certainly way above Excellent for these cars. It also won its class in the National BMW CCA Oktoberfest Concour in 2008. The front seats show some minor patina and wear on the bolsters but that is really the only flaw on the car. The car has a clean 2 owner Carfax and has all VIN number panel decals attached. It has been maintained with Zymol and Sonax products to the point of obsession and it looks like it everywhere you look.

Yes, we expect a top of the range price for the car. But when you realize what you are looking at and that these E36 M3’s are done depreciating, this then looks like a lot of car for the money. And if the M3 market continues on its current path this car may well increase in value if well cared for. Just look at what the BMW E30 M3 market has done. Regardless this is a beautiful car and we are proud to offer it again and you can be the new owner of one of the nicest E36 M3’s in the country.

This car is a beautiful example of the next great collector quality BMW, and the asking price reflects those aspirations. At $19,000 this car is aimed at the BMW enthusiast that is truly looking for a collector quality M3 to tuck away, and this car will deliver just that. With Dinan upgrades, and under 60k miles this car has the makings of a future garage ornament.

All that said, I feel like the $19K is steep, but considering where the market is for low mileage E36 M3s, this is priced well.





1997 Mercedes-Benz SL320

With the introduction of the R129 SL in 1990, this marked the first time Mercedes-Benz brought a six cylinder SL to the US market since 1971 in the form of the 300SL. With the changeover in nomenclature in 1994, the 300SL became the SL320 and featured the 3.2 liter, 220 horsepower M104 inline six. As the SLK entered the pipeline in 1997, Mercedes-Benz apparently felt no need to offer a lesser engined SL stateside anymore and pulled the plug on the SL320 in 1997. This SL for sale in Florida represents that final year of six cylinder SLs and looks sharp with the classic AMG Monoblock rims.

1997 Mercedes-Benz SL320 on eBay

For sale is a gorgeous Mercedes-Benz SL320 with only 52,444 original miles! This car is beautiful inside and out. The SL320 is accident free and comes with a clean Carfax. It comes in one of its most elegant, sought after color combinations Smoke Sliver exterior with Black interior. It is truly a beautiful and super elegant car! The soft top has just been replaced as well as the hard top headliner. There are no scratches and dents from removing the hard top. All top hydraulic work perfectly with no leaks. There are a few chips in the paint but have been professionally touched up with the factory paint.

The interior is in excellent condition and has no scratches from getting in and out. All wood parts are flawless and look brand new. The bumpers are in perfect shape with no curb damage or scuffs. The SL320 has the 18 inch AMG sport package wheels with a fresh set of tires on it. The rims are curb rash free and are in excellent shape. The Mercedes has no know mechanical issues at all! It has the fuel efficient and reliable 6 cylinder engine and still has plenty of performance. The SL320 drives and shifts very smooth like you would expect from a Mercedes-Benz. We serviced the car throughout and it needs nothing but a new owner! We took a lot of pictures so you can judge for yourself. The car is currently driven for test drives, so the mileage at the date of sale might be slightly higher.

Usually, you see these six cylinder SLs in stock form, as few were offered with the AMG package. I for one am a huge fan of this look, as it adds a bit of aggressiveness to what is otherwise a boulevard cruiser. At almost $15,000, we’re about $3,000 to $4,000 over what is realistic for a six cylinder SL of this vintage, as you can get an SL500 for similar money. Some buyers may appreciate the added fuel economy and cheaper running costs of the 3.2 liter inline six, though. Even in the rather pedestrian shade of Smoke Silver, this car has such a clean look that makes me year for the heyday of designer Bruno Sacco’s work.


1997 BMW 840Ci

The 8 series is one of those unfortunate cars which doesn’t get its due respect. A sizable budget was allocated for its development, this being one of the first BMWs to be designed with CAD modeling. This car also featured BMW’s first multilink rear suspension and a classic pillarless design. It’s aggressive look and performance was not enough to capture interest, as fewer than 8,000 were sold in the US market over seven years. Prices on these flagships have dropped significantly and they are slowly gaining interest by enthusiasts. This particular car for sale in California represents the final year the 8 series was sold stateside.

1997 BMW 840Ci on eBay

This particular example is a one owner car from new, that was sold new by our Crevier BMW dealership. With just 59,000 documented miles from new, this fastidiously maintained example shows like new. The owner kept a log book noting every fuel fill up and the current mileage. The car was always stored indoors, never smoked in and never in any accidents. It is all original. It has the original books and manuals as well as the original casette tape. 1997 was the final year of production for the 8 series and the 840ci was powered by BMW’s 4.4l 282hp V8 and used a 5 speed automatic transmission. It offered excellent performance and handling.

When new, these coupes started out in the mid $70,000 range; a considerable amount given inflation. This car has obviously been cared for, as evidenced by the low mileage and the log book recording each fueling stop. Details such as that tip me off that this wasn’t your average owner. Even still, $25,000 is a bit too strong considering the market. This car would talk to me if it was priced around $15,000 to $18,000.


1997 BMW S3 Dinan Roadster For Sale

I dunno, I am skeptical by nature.  Any knucklehead can get a DINAN badge off eBay and call their car the real deal.  Only a true enthusiast would fork over the sort of cash it takes to transform an already expensive car.  I went through this car, well as much as you can via the interwebs, and this is a S3 through and through.  Down to the authentic (read: expensive) wheels, engine bits, badging, etc.

1997 BMW Z3 With DINAN S3 Tuning:

From the seller –

“The Dinan S3 offers up a tempting combination of pavement-scorching power and high performance handling that is second to none. The supercharged engine and Free Flow Exhaust produce an impressive 258 horsepower and 222 lb/ft torque. The Stage 2 Lightweight Clutch Assembly provides further improvement in acceleration and quicker throttle response as well as a higher clamp load to better harness the substantial power. The S3 offers a phenomenal improvement in cornering capabilities and substantially reduced understeer by virtue of the Stage 3 Suspenion System, Strut Tower Brace and Lightweight Three-Piece Dinan Performance Wheels, measuring 17 x 8.5″ with 255/40-17 tires front and rear (tires sold separately). Dinan floor mats are included, as well as the carbon fiber ignition module and fuel rail covers.

The S3-M Roadster or Coupe offers the driving enthusiast a balanced, reliable and predictable high performance driving experience beyond compare.”

The Z3 never got the respect it deserves, my guess is it was marketed to the fairer of the sexes more so than it was to men.  But this one has much more oomph than your stock Z3.  258 horsepower is a lot of grunt for a little car such as this.  More than enough to keep up or blow by any Boxster, S2000, SLK, or Audi TT of this era.

Bidding currently sits at $6k with a buy it now of $14k.  The latter seems like a very reasonable sum given the enhancements alone cost $28k.


1997 Volkswagen Passat GLX VR6

Over the last decade, the popularity of the Volkswagen Passat has increased at a rapid rate in the US market. After a redesign in 1996 (in Europe) that saw a move to the B5 platform shared with the Audi A4, buyers aspiring for something a little bit nicer in their everyday sedan took note. This popularity wasn’t always the case with Volkswagen’s mid-sized offering. In the early to mid-1990s, the B4 Passat was a dark horse in the sedan wars. It was the choice for someone who wanted to stand out a bit and enjoy Teutonic qualities at a lower price of entry than your typical BMW or Audi. With its VR6 engine and available 5-speed manual, though, it was also the choice for performance minded consumers. Here we have a low mileage, one owner, final year B4 on offer.

1997 Volkswagen Passat GLX VR6 on eBay

Gorgeous 1997 VW Passat sedan, low miles, lady owned, non smoker. Nearly perfect in and out, meticulously maintained. This is a one owner car that has been carefully serviced and gargage kept. The pictures tell the story but feel free to ask questions before bidding.

I have known a few people that have owned B3 and B4 Passats. To put it mildly, they weren’t the most reliable of transportation. From electrical issues to broken trim pieces and window mechanisms going awry, these cars had a reputation for self destructing as the warranty neared its end or shortly thereafter. So it is rare to see one of these B4s roaming the streets in such good condition. I’ve rarely seen a B4 for sale at more than $5,000 these days, but this one, depending on interest, may push that over the mark just a little bit.


1997 BMW M3 with 22,000 miles

Low mileage M cars never cease to amaze me. How could someone purchase such a fine performance machine and resist the temptation to drive it? The mind rebels at such a thought. Nevertheless, another low mileage E36 M3 has cropped up outside of my hometown of Philadelphia.

1997 BMW M3 on eBay

1997 Cosmos on black sport manual interior M3///..Yes the miles are 22k and yes the car is as mint as a 22k vehicle should be. The vehicle exchanged hands from one enthusiast to another and W.A.S is proud to offer this as part of our inventory. Inspection II just performed, All the goodie options that include manual heated seats..Factory disc changer with cover…Did I mention this car drives and looks as good in person as it does in photos..Serious interest please and will consider other low mileage BMW’s in trade.

While I do prefer the sedan variant, this two door version is everything I’d want in my M3, save for, you guessed it, the oversized rear spoiler. I’m not quite sure what drove some owners in attaching these things on the boot. With it’s LED third brake light, it’s a very 90s touch in an otherwise timeless sports coupe. At $23,000, we are solidly into mint condition E30 M3 territory. To purchase this E36 at this price, one would surely have to have a preference for this generation over the legend that started it all. Realistically, we are probably looking at a maximum value of around $17,000 or so.


1997 Mercedes-Benz SL600

While the AMG lineup has taken Mercedes-Benz by storm over the past decade, lost in the cracks are the more pedestrian, yet equally special non-AMG V12 models. Fancy an SL with V12 power for Honda Civic money? Well, here’s your chance, although beware, because obviously a car like this won’t come with Civic-esque servicing costs.

The seller states:

1997 Mercedes-Benz 600SL Roadster. This is a sale by a private individual with the assistance of an agent. I will present (without bias) all realistic and reasonable offers to the seller.

Serial number: WDBFA76F8UF146015

36,721 original miles

Smoke Silver exterior (702 factory paint code)

Parchment Leather (565 factory interior color code)

Please see detailed photo below for list of options with factory codes

100% original paint

Perfect paint, no scratches or dings anywhere

100% original interior ~ no redye or aftermarket anything

Perfect interior ~ zero blemishes, zero.

Perfect leather, perfect carpet.

Serviced by Mercedes-Benz Dealership…not anywhere else

Meticulously maintained

Full factory books, owners manual, and stamped service booklet in factory pouch.

Perfect windshield, no chips

Perfect alloy wheels, no discoloration, no curb rash.

Both tops ~ hard and soft are perfect.

Original window sticker included.

The car drives perfect. The steering wheel is absolutely dead straight when the car is going straight. An amazing car. It is difficult to keep a 1997 looking this good. I congratulate the seller.

Low mileage R107 SLs aren’t that uncommon, but according to the Standard Catalog of Mercedes-Benz, there were only 738 SL600s produced in 1997. While the horsepower difference from the V8 to V12 is not entirely great, those who have driven them say that V12s bring a whole new level of smoothness to the driving experience. If you have the means and the resources to keep one of these classics on the road (tune ups are not going to be cheap), this is a relatively affordable way into a clean future classic.


1997 Brabus E65 W210 For Sale in California

John emailed me a few days ago to inform us that his wonderful and amazing Brabus E65 was on eBay. I fell sick on Wednesday and am just now catching up. But don’t let that delay you — as of right now, there is only 2 days left on his auction.

His ad tells the story well, so without further ado:

This is a full W210 Brabus car; one of one in USA. Built in 1997 from a brand new, zero-mile E420 purchased from Beverly Hills MB. Car was completely disassembled and shipped to Brabus Germany where the M119 motor was enlarged to 6.5 liters. It is a 450hp / 488 ft lb. torque motor (4 cam / 32 valve). This is the only official USA W210 6.5 in existence. Car was fully optioned when it was built. This includes full Brabus power-train, Brabus (Alcon) ft and rr brakes, Brabus full exhaust, Brabus full body kit, Brabus staggered modular wheels, Brabus Mastik leather interior, Brabus hood / trunk badging and trunk lettering, Brabus springs / shocks, Brabus door sills in stainless, Brabus steering wheel etc.

Car has roughly 40,900 original miles and is in excellent condition in all respects. Car is 040 black non-metallic with Black and contrasting Gray interior. There is a large integrated stereo that is aftermarket but period 1997-98. Car was featured in Motor Trend and an original copy of the magazine is included. This car was built at the time to be the fastest sedan in existence. It held this title in the USA as it is capable of 192mph. The only sedan to surpass this M119 6.5 is the Brabus W210 7.3 V-12 (206mph); none of which were imported to the States as they do not comply with USA crash and emissions standards.

This car can be fully verified by the USA Brabus distributor CEC (Claus Ettensberger Corp) in Los Angeles. You are free to call them.

You will notice that the car does not wear the Brabus front spoiler lower extension. I have a brand new, in-box unit that comes with the car. I do not have it installed, as my driveway is too steep with it in place.

What an opportunity and talk about rare! Can you imagine what the total cost of this conversion had to cost? A true MB collectors piece that deserves a good home. Good luck on the sale John,