1964 Mercedes-Benz 220Sb

The W111 was the car that started my fascination with Mercedes-Benz. Shortly before I was born, my father owned a 1967 230S with a 4 speed manual on the floor. He waxed poetically about this black fintail sedan and after a childhood filled with Hondas and Volkswagens, I was determined to move up the automotive food chain in my adult life.

A decade of Mercedes-Benz ownership came to a close last year for me, but I know that someday, I’ll have another one. More than likely, I’ll be seeking out a classic one that I could drive on a semi-regular basis, which is more realistic than it sounds. A colleague of my father’s bought a 1968 280SE brand new and used it for over 30 years as his daily driver. This 200Sb for sale in The Netherlands is a collector quality W111 with a column shift four-speed manual transmission that looks sharp in this shade of gray.

1964 Mercedes-Benz 220Sb on JamesList

Mercedes Benz 220 in the wonderfully beautiful tail fin configuration. Fully restored and revised in every detail. More information: Transmission: 4-speed manual

Fintails, with exception of the rare 300SE flagship, are some of the most affordable Mercedes-Benzes from the period. Typically, those in good original condition or ones that are restored will bring anywhere between $13,000 to $20,000. Average runners usually exchange hands for $10,000 and under. This car is no doubt one of the nicer examples I’ve seen and it’s appealing to me because of the manual transmission. The asking price of over $28,000 is very strong money for one of these, especially for anyone that may contemplate bringing it stateside.


Personal Luxury Personified: 1986 & 1991 Mercedes-Benz 560SEC

At the top of the Mercedes-Benz range in the 1980s sat the SEC coupe. Essentially a two door version of the revered W126 sedan, this coupe brought classic Mercedes pillarless coupe grace to what was a rather conservative limousine look. Manufactured until late 1991, the 560SEC was the final evolution of the breed, with the 5.6 liter, 225 horsepower M117 SOHC V8. Just under 30,000 were produced and many are still on the roads and regularly used up to this very day. These two 560SECs for sale are both very well kept examples of one of Mercedes’ finest from an era where overengineering ruled the day. Up first is a Smoke Silver 1986 example for sale in Texas.

1986 Mercedes-Benz 560SEC on eBay

1986 Mecedes-Benz 560SEC 86,737 miles. This amazing SUPER LOW MILLAGE 1986 near super car (at it’s time) has been in our hands since it was new in 1986. It was at it’s time one of the most amazing luxury sport cars ever produced. It has always been garaged and has been beautifully cared for throughout it’s life. It has never been modified in any way nor has been in an accident. It even has the original working radio deck and wheels. The completely original paint is amazing and the panels are beautiful all around. The interior is spectacular for it’s age and most importantly the car is rust free. The engine is in great condition and pulls very strong and sounds great. Overall it’s in excellent mechanical condition. There are only minor interior cosmetic issues mostly with trim pieces, headliner, and one scratch on the bumper that simply need to be addressed. Photos show what I am talking about and again it’s very minor. The car is located in San Antonio, TX. If you are a serious buyer and have any questions about the car please feel free to message me. The car is sold as is without any implied or expressed warranty or guaranty.

In comparison to the above featured SEC, this 1991 example represents the final year for the SEC and is quite possibly one of the best you can buy on the market today, with less than 23,000 miles under its belt. For sale in Pennsylvania, it looks stunning in black over palomino leather, especially with the side windows rolled down, highlighting the pillarless design.

1991 Mercedes-Benz 560SEC on eBay

1991 Mercedes Benz 560 SEC with 22,888 miles, last year for this model, near museum condition, comes with all original manuals, window sticker, keys, brochures, car cover, service records, very clean and well cared for. Time capsule, cars like this come around very rarely. Black with palomino leather. Show winner potential! Drives beautifully, very serene, elegant design, future collectible, etc. Nice shape, size and proportions, feels smaller than current models. Luxurious interior, high quality materials, excellent performance, super comfortable seating and great visibility throughout! $85,850 original MSRP in 1991! If you always wanted one, this is your opportunity to get perhaps the finest used one extant, still at a fraction of it’s original cost!

At the moment, anywhere between $8,000 to $10,000 will buy you a very solid 560SEC that hasn’t been abused or had a ton of miles racked up on it. With a no reserve starting bid of $6,000, the 1986 SEC should land somewhere comfortably in that range, if the right people are drawn to this auction. The 1991 is arguably the better of the two. With an opening bid of $16,500 with no reserve, it will be interesting to see if this car breaks the $20,000 mark.


1990 Mercedes-Benz 300SE

I never get tired of talking about the W126 Mercedes-Benz S class here on GCFSB, mainly because they are one of my favorite Teutonic cruisers from an era where engineering ruled the day at Mercedes-Benz. They were employed in a multitude of ways, from taxis to limousines to vehicles for heads of state. This short wheelbase 300SE for sale in Florida has 80,000 miles on the clock, which is just broken in for one of these beasts.

1990 Mercedes-Benz 300SE on eBay

This is a fantastic 1990 Mercedes-Benz 300SE which is incredibly hard to find this nice with only 79,904 original low miles that has been kept in above and beyond condition. Rarely will you see an older vehicle so nice with such low miles and one that drives so good. Everything works perfectly including the cold air conditioning, cruise control and vacuum systems. The exterior is gorgeous and aside from a couple of small chips on the rear bumper and some of the panels the exterior is awesome looking. The interior is even nicer showing a vehicle that belies its age. No cracks in the dash. Trim that looks amazing and overall incredible shape. There is one small tear on the door post (pic) but that’s it. The rear cap looks amazing and overall I do not think you will see many other vehicles of this age this nice. If your looking for that needle in the haystack then do yourself a favor and call me. Please note that the brake light is on and this is being caused by the emergency brake pedal needing adjustment and this has been taken care of by us and is now repaired.

For under $6,000, there are few cars out there which come to mind that would not only last the test of time like a W126 S class, but give the impression at first glance that you spent a lot more than you did. The W126 is one of my bucket list cars and unlike some, I’m more partial to the short wheelbase six cylidner variant. If I was in the market today, this particular car would be on my short list. Even factoring in maintenance and repairs over time, a car like this would be worth the investment. These are not just another luxury sedan. They are a durable good.


2006 Mercedes-Benz S350

Right before the sun set on the W220 Mercedes-Benz S class, a new model for the US was slipped into the product mix for its final year. This car would go rather unnoticed by the Mercedes faithful and luxury car buyers alike. It wasn’t some sort of high horsepower beast in the AMG tradition. Rather, it was an entry level model, with the 3.7 liter, 241 horsepower V6 mated to a 5 speed automatic. This was the first six cylinder engine, diesel or petrol, offered in the US since the demise of the W140 S320 in 1999. Some critics lamented this was too small a motor for a car that weighed nearly 4,000 lbs., but it was 13 horsepower more than the 1999 S320 offered in a car which weighed about 500 lbs. less. This S350 for sale outside of Philadelphia finished in black has a reasonable 44,000 miles on the clock.

2006 Mercedes-Benz S350 on eBay

This one owner, exceptionally low mileage S350 sedan was sold and serviced right here at Keenan and recently traded on a new Mercedes. This S350 is truly a rare find, powered by a V6 engine, it sits on a slightly shorter wheelbase than its S500 equivalent. All the luxurious amenities that one would expect in an S-Class are still included, the S350 just has slightly less rear seat legroom. Very well equipped in its base form, this vehicle adds a 6 disc CD changer, and heated front seats to a very long list of standard S Class safety, comfort, and convenience items, including an easy to use navigation system. Like all of our Certified Pre-Owned Mercedes-Benz vehicles, this S350 sedan was subjected to a rigorous 162 point inspection by a Mercedes-Benz trained technician to ensure it meets the highest standards.

This S350 happens to be for sale by the same dealer in Doylestown, Pennsylvania from which I bought my 2007 C230 brand new. I can personally vouch that this dealer takes great pains to get the cream of the crop when it comes to Certified Pre-Owned Mercedes-Benzes. You can scour through the lot filled with near new cars and find nary a scratch or ding on any of the stock. I’ve also met the guy who details their vehicles and he runs a top notch operation there. While it may not be the fastest S class out there, it’s a good compromise for those wanting a bit more space than an E class without giving up much in fuel economy and running costs. If you take the S350 badge off the trunk, only the very astute who spot the short wheelbase would notice you are driving anything less.


1991 Mercedes-Benz 560SEL

As a child growing up in the 1980s, I had big dreams like my peers. But mine were always different. Ever since I can remember, I wanted a Mercedes-Benz S class. But not just any S class. A black W126 S class, to be specific. To me, this particular car speaks of success without shouting about it. I remember a wealthy industrialist in Northern Portugal with whom my grandfather was business associates had a fleet of them outside of his villa. As a teenager in high school, I came across a 1991 300SEL for sale on the used lot at a Lexus dealer in a similar black on black color combination as this 560SEL. Since it was only about five years old at the time, the car was very much out of my reach. Still, I dream of owning a W126 someday. While I’ve had two Mercedes-Benzes pass through my hands, I have yet to obtain that big, black S class in the sky. If ever I was going to pull the trigger, it would be on a car similar to this low mileage 560SEL for sale on Long Island.

1991 Mercedes-Benz 560SEL on eBay

Here is a beautiful 1991 Mercedes-Benz 560SEL. Finished with a black exterior and black leather interior. Driven just 59,800 careful miles since new. Options include heated front and rear seats, power sunroof, power rear seats and much more. This 560SEL just underwent a complete oil and fluid service within the last 20 miles and it drives even better than it looks. The eight cylinder engine is strong and powerful and the automatic transmission shifts properly through all of the gears. The steering is tight and precise and the brakes just feel great. All of the electricals work perfectly and the air conditioning is ice cold. This really is a fantastic Mercedes-Benz to drive.

The interior is stunning. The black leather seats are in remarkable condition (see pictures) showing virtually no wear at all to any of the seats. The dashboard is like new (the wood is in excellent condition) and even the carpets don’t look or feel like they have been stepped on thanks to the factory Mercedes-Benz floor mats that have been protecting them. The exterior is what really sets this particular 560SEL apart from the best. The black paint is in fantastic condition (see pictures) with no major scratches or dings anywhere at all. The paint is still bright and shiny just like it was in 1991 when this 560SEL was on the showroom floor at the Mercedes-Benz dealership. Add the optional alloy wheels mounted on very nice tires and this car really does look special.

The 1991 Mercedes-Benz 560SEL really is the ultimate luxury sedan with a classic twist. It has timeless looks, great performance and all of Mercedes-Benz legendary safety, luxury and reliability. I have owned a lot of older SELs, but this one happens to look and drive as new as any. The only real “apologies” to this 1991 560SEL are a couple of touch ups (see pictures) and light dings that are to be expected on any used car.

There were a few errors in the description by the seller. Heated seats, power rear seats, alloy wheels and a sunroof were NOT options on what was the flagship Mercedes-Benz at the time. These items came as standard. Values on W126s vary greatly, depending on the engine and year. Late model examples, like this final year 560SEL, bring the most cash. Given the mileage and condition, I would say we are looking at a car that would realistically sell for between $13,000 to $16,000. I’ve seen dealers with low mileage S classes advertised for over $20,000, but in all honesty, only the most museum quality examples would command such a number. Anything else in that range, including a car like this – nice as it is – is getting ahead of the market.


1967 Mercedes-Benz 230

A few years before I was born, my father owned a 1967 Mercedes-Benz 230S. Bought used in the early 1970s, he still waxes poetically about this car. At a time when foreign cars were scarce on the streets of Northeast Philadelphia, this befinned jet black saloon stood out. It certainly raised some eyebrows in my grandparent’s neighborhood the first time my father arrived to take my mom out on a date. It was the kind of car that screamed “I’m successful” or perhaps in this part of the world, “I’m connected.”

While his car was based on the more upmarket W111 chassis, the W110, previously available with four cylinders and diesel engines, became available with the same engine carburetted 2.3 liter inline six cylinder engine, the M130, that powered my dad’s 230S. Sold from 1965 through 1968, this was among the last of the fintails to be sold. This model, with it’s single round headlights, was simply dubbed the 230. Over the years, critics have pondered just how Mercedes could have capitulated to such a styling fad, but truth be told, the Heckflosse, or Fintail, has garnered it share of respect. This 230 for sale in California has some lesser seen options on this basic Benz, such as a sunroof and air conditioning.

1967 Mercedes-Benz 230 on JamesList

Vin# 11001110034307 Miles: 87717 4 speed on the floor Sunroof 1967 marked the end of the long lasting production-run of the Mercedes Fintail models. Produced for 18 years and sold in many countries it made Mercedes Benz a household name all over the world. The featured 230 is one of the last cars produced and is titled as a 1968 model. It has the most option I have ever seen, including a sunroof with a matching windscreen made by Webasto and a Frigiking air conditioning unit (still blowing cold air, what is hard to believe). The car was always white and has been repainted in the same 050 white color. It still shows very nice but it is not a 10K paint job. There is very little rust and an untouched original floor pan (with no after-market undercoating or any kind of visible repairs). It looks like it never had any kind of accidents at all.

The chrome is mostly very nice but there are a few minor dents and dings in the bumpers. It would benefit greatly from some new door seals and some other rubber weather-stripping. There are no water spots around the sunroof on the headliner what indicates a good a tight sunroof seal. The original blue MB-Tex interior with blue carpet is in fantastic condition. Wood panels and door panels are nice and there are no cracks in the dash. The headliner has a few perforations in the back but still is very acceptable for a car that is 43 years old. The engine has just been serviced at our local Mercedes repair shop. The trunk floor is dry and just perfect. A new rubber mat is on order.

All of the books, owners manual and service manual are present but do show some water damage. It has an original spare rim and tire and also a jack. My first car was a Mercedes Fintail and therefore I have always had a great love and appreciation for these cars. I almost look at every single Heckflosse that is close by but hardly ever do I see one in this condition and so unmolested. I have taken the car on some extensive drives and she runs fantastic. The transmission shifts smooth through all gears. Just recently a new battery was installed and also both bumpers were complete rechromed and look like new. Some of the photos might still show the old bumpers.

I’m a big fan of this car. Like the seller, I’m partial to Fintails, and the fact that this is a 4-speed manual on the floor (like my father’s 230S) catches my interest even more. At almost $14,000, we are at the high end of what these base model Fintails go for these days. If this were a perfect concours example, we may be looking at a $15,000 car, but realistically, this car may bring somewhere between $10,000 and $12,000. Honestly though, I’d rather have this car than a perfectly restored 230. I wouldn’t feel guilty using something with patina like this. It would surprise many folks just how well these 1960s Mercedes sedans can cope in modern day traffic.


1987 Mercedes-Benz 300SDL

Over the years, the presence of diesel engines in the Mercedes-Benz lineup has waxed and waned. For 2012, a variety of Mercedes-Benz models, mostly SUVs, employ a version of the V6 Bluetec diesel engine. Back in the 1980s, diesel power was well represented throughout the range as well, and in 1986, Mercedes made a leap forward with the new OM603 inline six cylinder diesel engine. While they were more efficient and powerful, this engined suffered teething issues. The diesel particulate filters mounted at the cylinder heads would generate unnecessary heat, leading to cracked cylinder heads.

There were reports of Mercedes covering replacement engines outside of the warranty, but the writing was on the wall. The following year would be the last year for this engine. Engineers went back to the drawing board and came up with the larger displacement OM603, this time a 3.5 liter engine for the 350SD and SDL in 1990 and 1991. But yet again, this engine had its problems, such as head gasket erosion and oil leaking into cylinder #1. This could have been the price paid for a larger bore engine.

You rarely see any diesel Mercedes with low mileage, especially a W126. This 300SDL for sale in Philadelphia certain looks the part in black over gray leather, but could it be a potential ticking time bomb?

1987 Mercedes-Benz 300SDL on eBay

One of a kind serviced low mileage diesel Mercedes in showroom condition. Dealer Serviced. Super low miles, turbo diesel, leather interior. Great for vegetable oil conversion. You are looking at an exceptionally well kept, great looking true luxury automobile, one of the finest series that Mercedes-Benz makes. The vehicle has been made and assembled entirely in Germany, and consists only of Germany made parts. It’s a great color for this model and you just can’t go wrong with a classic dark gray Mercedes-Benz – it really stands out! There are no reported manufacturer’s defects on this vehicle. A never-smoked-in before beauty that looks great and smells clean.

The engine is an exceptionally smooth Turbo Diesel 6 cylinder, a rare and one of the, if not the most coveted diesel out there. This is a rare combination of power, durability and economy. Diesel engines easily many times as much as a gas engines, these engines really last a lifetime, easily go 400k miles. Runs strong and smooth and provides the power you have come to expect from a luxury car such as this. The transmission has the Mercedes mark on it as well and shifts like on a new car, no skips or slips on shifts. The car runs very well!

As you can judge yourself from the pictures, the interior is spotless while the seats show almost no wear and are in excellent condition! This car has a climate control system and the AC blows ice-cold. Extra comfort comes from the excellent power front seats. The power locks, tilt wheel, power windows, power seats and sunroof (and all the other electrical features) all work and are in great condition. This vehicle is equipped with Airbags, for yours, and your passengers’ maximum safety and protection. You and your loved ones will feel safe driving and being in this vehicle. This Mercedes is equipped with premium sound. As seen in the pictures the rims look great while the tires on this auto have been rotated, balanced and as you can see, still have plenty of tread wear left. There were very few of those diesel Mercedes were made for the US, this is your chance to own a truly unique diesel luxury sedan painted in classic MB dark gray.

This is another one of those impossibly mint condition classics that is advertised at a price way over what anyone could realistically expect. At the maximum, we’re looking at a $15,000 car here, but even that is a bit high. In actuality, this car would probably bring somewhere between $11,000 and $14,000. Given the issues with the early OM603 engines, I would carefully inspect all aspects of the powertrain to make sure nothing was lurking beneath. Also, the wheels are looking a bit tired and could benefit from a refinish. In light of that, I still like this car. It’s the best of both worlds. You can tool around town like a boss while getting decent fuel economy.


1986 Mercedes-Benz 420SEL

The late 1970s and the 1980s were a time where manufacturers sought to slim down their offerings in the quest for greater efficiency. Mercedes-Benz was no different and introduced a new S class in late 1979, which was more aerodynamic and returned greater fuel economy. This new range, the W126, carried the flagship torch for 12 years and saw a mid-cycle refresh in late 1985. Two V8 engines supplanted the 3.8 liter V8 that was offered for the US market, a 4.2 liter and 5.6. The 4.2 liter engine was derived from the 3.8 engine and the 5.6 was a development of the 5.0 liter V8. Larger 15” alloy wheels and sleeker lower body cladding helped to modernize the car’s appearance until the W140 replaced the W126 in 1992. We’ve seen a few clean W126s here at GCFSB lately and this 1986 420SEL for sale outside of Philadelphia is no exception.

1986 Mercedes-Benz 420SEL on eBay

This is the nicest original 420SEL you’ve seen on ebay, ever. And I am not kidding; I have bought, driven, and sold over 120 W126 chassis Mercedes cars in the last 7 years, more than anyone in the USA including any Mercedes dealer. I have had 9500 mile 560SELs, limos, AMG cars, and more. This 1986 64K mile 420SEL is ridiculously nice. It’s a two-owner car since new, has a great service history, has spent its entire life in sunny Florida, is fully serviced and prepped for its new owner, and has NEVER been in an accident and has all its original body panels and paint (except for hood which was scratched so I had it profesionally repainted). All the little things you look for in a mint W126 are here; the nice orange instrument cluster markings, wood trim free of cracks or fading, ice-cold A/C, rock-steady 650RPM idle, dry spare tire/wheel wells, tidy engine bay, gorgeous undercarriage, and much much more.

Yes, this car is expensive. Yes, you can find a less expensive one (I can even find you a less expensive one if you’d like), or even a low mile car for the same or less money. Yes, the market value has declined for these unappreciated kings of the autobahn. But I will tell you this; if you want the best, a W126 that drives like a proper W126, that was cared for its whole life, that feels like a new car and also LOOKS like a new car, that is unmolested, untouched, has ZERO weak areas, and will not need $5K invested in it in the first 6 months you own it, this is the car for you. I will do everything needed to make sure this car is 100% for the winning bidder, and I can provide literally hundreds of references from buyers that will tell you I do what I say, and deliver what I promise.

This is a 1986 420SEL in acrtic white over burgundy leather and matching burgundy carpets, door panels, and dash. This car has only 64,xxx original miles, was a two-owner Florida car its whole life, looks simply amazing, and has no rust or rot anywhere. The trunk is BONE DRY, and the rear window shows ZERO delamination or fogginess. This car was loved, and it shows. Exterior 9.9 out of 10 (I’m finicky) – Excellent overall condition paint, body, glass, and trim. No dings. No dents. This 420SEL looks amazing, with a deep shine to its white blue paint that’s like looking into an endless mirror. This car looks great even under fluorescent light in a garage. Imagine getting an 26 year old white car with no swirl marks or spiderwebs in the paint….amazing! The lower side-body moldings and cladding are in great shape. Rubber, glass, and trim are all great. The chrome is nearly perfect with no pitting, the glass is perfect, even the pinstripe is perfect! The tires are correct Michelins Energy, always a good sign of proper care; no cheapo tires. They are at about 10% remaining. But I will include a near-new set of correct Michelins at the buy-it-now price. Factory alloy wheels balance out excellent and look great.

Interior 9.9 out of 10 – Seats, carpets, headliner are all in astounding amazing original condition. The back seat looks like no one ever sat in it! No saggy seatbase cushions or worn out faded leather. The door panels, dash, and center console are all fantastic. The headliner is not faded or droopy, even the Gen I leather rear seats, notorious for pulling and shrinking over time, are perfect! The nets on the backs of the front seats are tight like new. Here is more good stuff. If you know these cars, you know at this age if not in absolute collector-quality condition, the orange instrument cluster needles and markings are faded to dull yellow, the wood trim shows stress cracks and cloudiness/fade, there is moisture in the spare tire well, the door jambs are rough and faded, the headlight bezels are cracked/cloudy, etc etc. NONE of those issues are present with this car. The condition of these items, and all the other items like them, is astounding AND original. You will not find a better condition 420SEL anywhere.

The door panels and wood trim are also in great shape, like the rest of the car. Even the trunk and spare are mint, and the tool roll is in place, in its original plastic, as is the first-aid kit. The spare tire and both wheel wells are BONE DRY. The spare tire, jack, and tools are original and have never touched the ground. Electrical 10 out of 10 – All seat motors, windows, vacuum lock system, lights, radio, sunroof, wipers, defogger, mirror, and other items work properly. The HVAC system is fast to respond, and operates perfectly with scalding hot heat and ice-cold A/C. This system blows harder out of the rear console vent than most W126’s do out of their front center dash vents!

Mechanical 10 out of 10 – Engine starts, idles, runs, and revs to redline in every gear smooth and STRONG. This 420SEL runs hard, especially at high speeds. Transmission is smooth yet very aggressive, and downshifts eagerly. No abrupt engagement, just fast, firm, progressive shifts. She runs at high speed with no vibrations or noises. There are no leaks….NONE. No vacuum leaks causing idle or door lock problems, no head gasket leak which these cars are famous for, and no exhaust leaks either. Since this was a Florida car its entire life, the undercarriage looks WAY better than it should for being on the road for 26 years.

This car has passed THREE inspections with flying colors. A pre-purchase overall inspection, a suspension/brake/wheel/tire/exhaust inspection, and my mechanic has gone over ths car as well. After a thorough inspection for problems, nothing of significance was found. But some little items were addressed anyway: brake pads, wiper blades, a relay, all new fuses, oil/filter change, trans fluid/filter change, and more. Engine is strong and VERY eager to run, transmission smooth and ready to drop down two gears at your command to rocket you past slower traffic. Brakes are solid and pedal feel is firm. Suspension is tight like new, no worn tie rod ends, ball joints, shocks, or anything else. Steering nicely weighted with no play in the box. ZERO leaks or noises. This car drives and handles like new.

Recent services listed above, and the MB service history included with the sale. It comes with books, 1 key, tools, and first-aid kit. Even the hood badge proving this car was a European delivery 420SEL. This car was LOVED. No rear window leaks common to W126 cars, no rubber rot, no leaks, no lukewarm A/C….NOTHING. Everything is in fantastic shape, and at 64K miles, it’s not even close to broken in yet! If you’ve been waiting for that time-capsule car, it has arrived. If someone selects the buy-it-now option, I will provide a full $200 detailing including engine and carpet steam cleaning, MB OEM carpeted floor mats, the Michelin tires mentioned above, and all services mentioned above. I’ll even include Toughguard paint protectant. This stuff is simply amazing for durability, as it will last up to five YEARS. Dealers charge up to $695 for this stuff! That’s over $2000 in value!

Nits: While the exterior looks fantastic, and even the bumpers are virtually unmarked, the car does have a few light scratches, a few small touch-up marks, etc from use over its 26 years. THAT’S IT! There are no other significant cosmetic or mechanical problems whatsoever, and if you know the W126 chassis cars, you know it’s amazing to find one in this overall condition.

The color combination of this W126 isn’t my favorite, but red interiors have gained a bit of popularity in recent years, no doubt helped by companies such as Audi offering a vast palate when it comes to interior trim. I’m sensing that W126 values are starting to track those of the W123, one of the most revered Mercedes-Benzes in terms of durability. I’ve seen a vast array of 1986 through 1991 models selling in the $5,000 to $15,000 range. Any example with well under 100,000 miles will garner a good bit of attention, but priced wrong, and they won’t move all that fast in an economy like this. While this is a lot of car for $15,000, I can’t help but think if this was $1,000 to $2,000 cheaper, it would sweeten the deal that much more. I would pass on the paint protectant though. When properly cared for, Mercedes-Benz factory finishes are good enough to stand the test of time.


1984 Mercedes-Benz 500SEC Straman Convertible

After a 20 year hiatus, Mercedes-Benz reintroduced the four seat cabriolet in late 1991 with the introduction of the W124 E Class Cabriolet. This was a wonderfully engineered piece, with a significantly strengthened chassis and innovative roll hoops that could be manually, or, in the case of an accident, automatically deployed. These open roofed E classes were much admired and this is reflected in their strong resale value to this day. In the 1980s, however, if you wanted an open roofed Mercedes, the R107 was your sole choice from the factory. That didn’t stop coachbuilders from setting their sights on the C126 SEC coupe. One of the most famous coachbuilders to behead this flagship touring vehicle was Richard Straman Coachworks of Newport Beach, California. From the Honda CRX to the Avanti, Straman was known for his high quality conversions.

This 500SEC Straman Convertible comes from our reader Mitchell of Dr. Eurocar in Delray Beach, Florida. Unlike a lot of chop jobs, this SEC retains a lot of stock interior trim and has a top which folds rather neatly for an aftermarket roof, leaving one to ponder why Mercedes-Benz never brought one of these to market themselves.

1984 Mercedes-Benz 500SEC Straman Convertible

1984 Mercedes Benz 500SEC European specifications imported to California in 1985. In 2010 after rebuilding drivetrain I used it between Los Angeles, CA and Seattle, WA. Currently in Delray Beach, FL, still has Washington State license plates & title. Cylinder heads rebuilt in 2010 along with transmission, timing chain & tensioners replaced at the same time. Front suspension completely redone in 2011 including shocks, strut rods, sway bar bushings, Bilstein shocks tie rods, drag link, steering dampner, gear box rebuilt. Rear Bilstein shocks also redone.

Front brake calipers, rotors, pads,sensors, wheel bearing & seals replaced in 2011. Exhaust system is a straight pipe with new Mercedes Benz rear muffler. This is an R.Straman convertible with fully reinforced frame, under fenders straight through rockers to under quarter panels is a 4×4 steel beam. Power top, German Haartz canvas top in good condition, except rear window in not clear and right side above passenger head has a small rip that has been patched. True Cabriolet top similiar to W124 E320 Cabriolet with headliner.

Interior is very good condition except for dash has about three cracks. Driver seat bolster has some wear. Wood around shifter is not as nice as rest of car. Has lots of options, rear Headrests, front center console glove box, rear center console storage box, heated front seats, power front seats, arm rest, burlwood on dash refinsihed looks great. Hand painted gauges picked up in Germany (smoke gray color). 1991 560SEL door panels with speakers in doors. CD/DVD player with auxilary input. Eight speaker stereo system in all factory opening. Two 10 inch subwoofers in trunk with pioneer amp. Factory tool kit.

Paint has scratches, chips, dings (NO DENTS) polishes and looks great but definately would be on another level with a new paint job. HRE 20×10.5 rear wheels THREE piece-chrome lips with black face 265/35/Zr20 Dunlop tires. HRE 18×9 front wheels Threer Piece chrome lips with black face 245/40/zr20 Bridgestone tires. Front turn signal lens ordered from Germany (smoked with orange shining true) looks stunning in person. Of Course European engine, bumpers, headlights, options.

Two things does not work. Headlight self leveling and vacuum locks. AC is cold converted to R134a. This is a truly rare car with some neat options. Mind you its a 28 year old car, but a modern classic that is often used daily. 147,000 miles and mechanically mint.

626-316-8320. Can view Mon-Friday in Delray Beach,FL 33444. $8500.00 even truly insulting offers considered.

358 NE 4th Street # F
Delray Beach, FL 33444
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Normally I’m not a big fan of vehicles that have undergone a conversion, but with Straman conversions, I make an exception. In this classic black on tan color combination, this makes for quite a unique and stylish open tourer at a reasonable cost of entry.


1991 Mercedes-Benz 300SE

Fewer cars exude more authority and class than a black Mercedes-Benz S class. It’s the vehicle of choice for celebrities, diplomats and dictators alike. My absolute favorite generation was the W126, known for its vault like build quality and durability. Many of these cars still roam about today, and some diesel versions have gotten a new lease on life via fuel system conversions to biodiesel. This particular W126 for sale represents the short wheelbase, “entry level” S class; the last year this generation was on sale. With two owners and 80,000 miles, it’s lead a relatively easy life by Mercedes-Benz standards.

1991 Mercedes-Benz 300SE on eBay

1991 300SE. Excellent, close to new condition, very rare low mileage garage kept vehicle. I have owned this car since 1999 and it has been and is a pleasure to drive. Vehicle is in excellent running condition. AC and heat work excellent. All original inculding radio. Brakes, tires, engine, trans all excellent. Pristine condition vehicle which can be driven anywhere. Last of the truly beautiful S class. Selling because I have purchased a new vehicle and would hate to leave this vehicle outside and not in garage. Interior is flawless. Minor quarter size dent on rear left quarter by the tail light which is hardly noticeable. See Picture. Car is a great highway cruiser. No accidents, no issues, paint is original and shines like new. You will not be disappointed.

For less than the price of the cheapest new car available, you can have a stunning example of Mercedes-Benz engineering at its finest. Granted, these 300SE models aren’t the fastest cars out there, but they were not engineered to a price, such as most cars these days. To obtain one with this kind of mileage in this condition, it would be perfectly feasible to drive this another decade. With regular maintenance and the inevitable repairs, you would hardly come close to the cost of a new luxury car of the same caliber. And like a fine vintage watch, you would have something that much cooler.