Tax Write-Off Touring: 1993 Mercedes-Benz 300TE 4Matic


Lately, I have been struggling to figure out what sort of vehicle best suits my needs as I do a fair amount of hauling and the M3 coupe is not ideal for such tasks. On top of which, the ability to load things into an E36 two-door is constantly challenged by the low roofline, narrow trunk opening, and seats that always need to be folded down to swallow anything of substance. In between truck-related fantasies, I’ve thought about wagons like this W124 with its cavernous, CUV-like rear hatch while still being familiar enough to deliver a distinctly German driving experience. This late-production, pre-facelift W124 is in great shape with, in my opinion, one of the better color combos out there. I don’t think an older automatic wagon is quite where I’m at yet, but it is interesting food for thought.

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Year: 1993
Model: 300TE 4Matic
Engine: 3.0 liter inline-6
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Mileage: 89,050 mi
Price: $6,950 Buy It Now



If you have been looking for that one special Mercedes Benz wagon, then you definitely need to check out this gorgeous one owner 300TE with just 89,000 miles! And it’s a 4-matic with service history that has spent the majority of it’s life here in Florida! The owner, a wealthy individual just donated it to the the Salvation Army and I was lucky to buy it from them and offer for sale here on eBay Motors. End of year tax write-off for him and the proceeds go to a great organization, so a win-win for everyone, you and me included! According to the documents, the history of the car goes like this. The owner bought it brand new and registered it Jan 21, 1993 in Montclair, NJ from Mercedes Benz Manhattan Inc. of New York. The stamped service book shows Mercedes Benz Manhattan also did all the maintenance up to 57,647 miles in October of 1997. In February of 1998 with 59,776 miles, the owner brought it down to Florida and left it here at his new 12,000 sq. foot 1.7 million dollar home in Bonita Springs. Oil change stickers/records shows the maintenance continued. For the next 16 years, just to use for the winter months spent in Florida! Very little time spent in the NJ winter as there are no rust issues and even the underside is still nice as you will see in the pictures below. Always garage kept and well taken care of by an owner that could well afford to keep his TE wagon nice and that’s what he did! The condition throughout attests to that. Just one sweet, hard to find Mercedes wagon that is offered in a great price range!

It comes equipped with the 3.0 liter inline 6 cylinder motor, automatic transmission with all wheel drive, power sliding sunroof, dual power seats, power windows, power vacuum locks, power telescopic steering, automatic climate control, factory cassette stereo, power mirrors, third row seating and 15″ alloy wheels with Michelin Energy radials! I have sold quite a few Benz’s over the years and I know ones like this just do not come around everyday. The more I looked at it, the more excited I got to own it! And I am sure you will too!!

What a super nice and clean Benz Wagon that does everything it was designed to do and does it very well. It’s the kind I would gladly sell to a friend or family member, so that should tell you something! Inside and out, it has that clean and well cared for, garage kept look we all like to find. The Dark Blue paint has a deep shine and color with no rust, dents or fading and the Palomino Benz Tex interior is fresh, clean and comfortable with very little if any wear at all. Not even smoked in and ready to enjoy right away! Of course, the ride and drive is excellent with a strong engine, tight suspension and smooth shifting transmission. And with my service/safety check done and great service history, it’s ready for any road trip or daily duty! It does have that nice and tight feel of quality and the condition speaks of a well cared for vehicle, so you can look forward to a lot more life out of this one. Plus, it comes with a certified AutoCheck report so you can purchase with peace of mind!


Despite the fact that it was donated to the Salvation Army (and I’m sure the seller picked it up for not very much money), this does appear like an honest, maintained car, and the underbody shots are incredible – not a spec of surface rust anywhere. With the original tools and first-aid kit still intact, I’d say the odds are good this car was treasured before its owners left it next to a donation bin.


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10 Comments on "Tax Write-Off Touring: 1993 Mercedes-Benz 300TE 4Matic"

  1. McLoffs says:

    Sure that’s a ’93? I thought all the ’93s came with the 3.2-liter engine. At least my (dearly departed) ’93 300E did. :-)

  2. markiteight says:

    This was a tax write-off for the same reason the original owner realized he bought the wrong car the first time an Audi S6 Avant pulled up next to him at a traffic light. The comparison is still valid today: why in god’s name would you bother spending money on this thing when you can get a vehicle that is VASTLY superior in EVERY respect for the same outlay? Let this one go. Buy an S6. Get a better car.

  3. Kelly Bonds says:

    Seats Seven. I’m there. With a growing family of 6, something like this makes sense as a daily driver. Better than a minivan. Too bad my bank account isn’t there yet.

  4. Aaron says:


    Respectfully disagree. Merc trumps Audi every time, and ESPECIALLY pre-merger Mercs. Maybe they’re on an even keel today but no way in ’93.

    This is a fine car, automatic and all. The ’93 wagons did, in fact, still use the M103. The M104 didn’t come until the ’94 facelift.

    Only caveat is the 4MATIC system can be pricey to repair and transfer cases can be leakers. Beyond that, I love the 904 blue of this car. Shame it ended up with flipper the dolphin. I bet he paid $1,500 for it tops and probably didn’t put a dime into it except maybe a car wash.

  5. I don’t think an older automatic wagon is quite where I’m at yet, but it is interesting food for thought.

    Why not an E34 Touring? Same age as your E36 M3, a lot of the same familiarity, and a 5-speed swap into those cars is fairly routine. You get that German driving experience, the same space as the W124, with more dynamic handling to boot.

  6. Jeff says:

    Unfortunately, my heart is currently pumping out some serious emotion for a V70R with the six-speed. ;-)

  7. I know that feeling ;)

  8. Paul F says:

    Yeah an Avant would be great.Show me a low mileage UrS6 Avant and I’ll buy it.
    Beautiful car. Regarding the 4matic system,could one simply remove the transfer case and drive in 2WD versus performing the pricey repair?

  9. Carter says:


    Too funny, I ran across a picture I took in 1997 of the “Dragonwagon” and then saw your comment regarding another Audi on another site. Just thought of it when I saw your comment here.

    Agreed, the S6 Avant – especially in Plus version – is to me a much more desirable vehicle.

  10. Mike says:

    What a nice wagon…i was wondering what you guys thought of this one:

    Seems to me like a good deal for the low mileage and overall condition. any thoughts?
    I might just go for it