The Panamera Rough Draft – Mercedes Benz 500E

Before AMG’s quad tipped E55s and 63s, Mercedes worked hand in hand with Porsche to produce an “E-Class with Edge”.  Dubbed the 500E, the venerable W124 was subject to Porsche engineered suspension, engine modifications and chassis design.  Since Porsche hand built each of these cars, each one took eighteen days to complete. The end result was a wonderful high performance luxury sedan.

This one on eBay looks good with the original eight-hole wheels but would benefit from the Euro treatment of clear markers and all black panels.  As for performance, magazines have recorded a 0-60 mph time of 5.5 seconds, 0 to 100 mph in 13.8 seconds, and the quarter-mile in 14.1 seconds which means this Benz can hold its own against most contemporary performance sedans.

My father owned a 300E which I was very fond of.  I was only 10 but I can still remember many of the Benz’s great qualities.  The ride was firm but very comfortable on bumpy New England roads.  The interior was similar in feeling; leather that was too supple but offered great support during long drives.  I also remember the full weight of the door and the deep “thud” that most big Benzes make.   With a current bid of $11,000 it will be neat to see where this Brutish Benz ends up.


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5 Comments on "The Panamera Rough Draft – Mercedes Benz 500E"

  1. Larry says:

    Interesting car. I remember the 500E was “the” performance Mercedes to have at the time.

    Not being familiar enough with the 500E, I have to ask – what’s up with all the amber warning lights lit on the dash?

    By the way, is that an oil pressure gauge or an oil fill gauge in the left side cluster? If it’s an oil pressure gauge, is it reading “bars”? And why is it topped out?

    Just curious…

  2. Jim Post says:

    They’re awesome cars. They were built by Mercedes with help from Porsche. They used to bring the cars while in productiom from Mercedes across the street sort of to Porsche for the motors.

    Hope you have deep pockets for service on that one.

  3. chanifin says:

    My guess is 11K to 13K is about the right price in this market. Jim is right about the service though. I picked up a 92 500E with 150K and some issues 2 years ago. I spent 10K in the first year getting it in shape. Even though they share a bunch of parts with the 300E parts are still super expensive. Definitely a car that needs an extensive PPI by someone who knows what they’re looking for because there are any number of bits that could come close to doubling the price of entry if they need replacing in the first year or so.

    As an answer for Larry. This thing has ABS and traction control so some of the lights you’re seeing may be those.

  4. Larry says:

    Auction ended with 11 bids, at $11,100 (reserve not met)

  5. chanifin says:

    Fair price in today’s market. These things just don’t sell for the kind of money most people hope to get. I wonder what the reserve was.