Two Consecutive Porsche 914 Can Am Cars For Sale

In 1974 Porsche created a “Can-Am” version of the 2.0l 914.  The cars were like any other 914 with the exception of a different front spoiler, painted Mahle wheels, painted bumpers, center console, leather shift boot, leather steering wheel, dual horns, swaybars, and Bilstein shocks.  These cars came in three color schemes, black/yellow (Bumblebee), white/orange (Creamsicle), and white/green (I can’t remember what this was called). 

These cars were a limited edition release, roughly 1,000 were produced and only a quarter of them remain today.  That makes this pair of Bumblebees for sale in consecutive VIN numbers quite the rarity. 

2 1974 914’s for Sale:

From the seller –

“For Sale, 2-914 LTD Edition Bumble Bees
I am thinking about selling the pair of LTD Edition Bumble Bees.
I have owned them for the last 25 years and am second owner of both.
They have connective serial numbers 474291439 and 474291440
Both are restored to original condition.
They are the only connective matching ones owned by one person.
They both have Certificate’s of Authenticity and are on listed on the LTD Ed web site. Jeff Bowlsby’s.
Both of these cars were bought here in Knoxville.
Nether have ever been wrecked or crashed.
I want to sell them as a matching set. There two of the nicest LTD’s in the world.

If you are a serious 914 collector, don’t miss out on this once in a life time opportunity!

$60,000 for the pair + shipping.”

I am not sure of the price impact of having two consecutive cars and what impact that would have on collectibility.  Since the Can-Am cars are so rare I would say it is a very interesting selling point at the very least.  But $60K for the pair?  The seller is spot on in thinking that you would have to be a serious 914 collector to “get” the rarity of this opportunity.

Which gets me to thinking, there is a rusted out Creamsicle in a field locally for $1,200.  If pristine examples are going for $30k ‘ish (which of course they are not) I need to grab that car and get to sanding and welding.


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3 Comments on "Two Consecutive Porsche 914 Can Am Cars For Sale"

  1. Bob Salter says:

    WHat is he doing with the third one? Talk about hoarding.

  2. John Backus says:

    Are the two LE cars still available, 10/31/10??

  3. Aaron says:

    Looks like it, click through the link as the seller’s email is in there.