1994 Porsche 968 Turbo S replica

There are rare Porsches, and then there are rare Porsches. Like the 944 Turbo Cup Paul wrote up recently, today’s 968 Turbo S replica is a car that very few will ever get to see and a fair amount of Porsche enthusiasts in the U.S. don’t even know exists. The ultimate streetable front engined Turbo coupe from the end of the run, the Turbo S took the 2.5 8V turbo inline-4 to new heights of power by utilizing the newer S2/968 3.0 block with the earlier 944 Turbo S bits on top. Power reached over 300, a healthy bump over the existing 944 turbo and 968 16v. But there were only a handful made – around twenty between racing and street versions, making it one of the rarest Porsches ever made. This means you’re not likely to see one anytime soon – making the prospect of owning this replica much more appealing:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1994 Porsche 968 Turbo S Replica on eBay

Year: 1994
Model: 968 Turbo S
Engine: 3.0 liter turbocharged inline-4
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 12,878 mi
Price: $120,000 Buy It Now

THIS CAR WAS PART OF THE LIOYD HAWKINS COLLECTION, A WELL-KNOWN DRIVER AND PORSCHE ENTHUASIST, WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE BUILD THAT WAS EXECUTED BY Rennsport PORSCHE IN LOUSIANA. The Porsche 968 was the final evolution of the four cylinder, front-engine cars that began with the 924. Introduced in 1992, the new Porsche was powered by a three Liter version of the 944 engine further refined through the use of VarioCam variable valve timing, a dual-mass flywheel and upgraded engine management. The new model be

This Turbo comes from the same seller as the arguably quite overpriced and not completely right Turbo Cup. There are pitifully few details offered on the build of this car. Even without knowing that, the value seems pretty off; because it’s a replica, you need to add up the modifications and see what the price will bring you. Build a solid 300hp 3.0 Turbo? Probably $15,000 – $20,000 to do it right and make it pretty. Get a lower mile 968? Sure, another $20,000 there, give or take. Aero bits? Available, and while expensive the front and rear clip painted shouldn’t run more than $5,000 to $6,000 even with the best job. The wheels are great, but shouldn’t run more than a few thousand there, too. That leaves around $60,000 in value unexplained and, in my mind, unwarranted. For the full asking price, that car would need to be perfect and correct, and small details like the hood pins have me questioning the detail orientation. It sounds silly, but I just don’t think a $120,000 replica should be running the same hood pins as my Coupe GT. I know what I paid for them, and I cheaped out on the Aerocatch pins but wish I hadn’t – and I wish the seller/builder hadn’t cheaped out on this car, either. It’s a neat looker for sure, and I bet has the speed to match the looks, but I’d estimate it’s only worth half of the ask at best.

Thanks to our reader Matt for bringing this rarity to our attention!


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  1. very nice… too bad it’s a fake…

  2. I mean all his cars are photographed in what appears to be a nice clean warehouse, so evidently this business model is working for him, but good god the brevity of this seller’s descriptions combined with his asking prices are mind boggling. I want to be in a business where I can describe something with a few dozen words, end my description with (direct quote): “The new model be” and ask $120k for it!

    I’m not sure what my favorite listing of his might be, maybe the $23k “pink panther” dune buggy, or maybe the BMW 1M for $65k (in that ad I love that within the first few words of the description he introduces it as RWD…).

    Craigslist ads with Robb Report prices…the internet is a mysterious and disgusting place at times. 🙂

  3. Ry, ha, I thought someone would say I didn’t correctly list the description – but no need to worry about that here! The 1M may not be far off on value; certainly not anywhere close to as far off as the 944 Turbo Cup and 968 are. Impressive cars, but outrageous pricing.

  4. I can add a bit more information to this, from rennlist (http://forums.rennlist.com/rennforums/10970677-post17.html). It was recently sold at auction for $72K. I still don’t think it’s worth that $120K asked, but it does seem to have a number of very desirable goodies.

    17. – 1994 Porsche 968 Turbo S Clone
    Chassis WP0AA2961RS820772
    Estimate: $45,000 – $55,000, Without Reserve
    If you are thinking this is your typical 968 Turbo S, think again. Mr. Lloyd Hawkins, then owner of the prototype 968 Turbo RS s/n 820065 and the owner of Rennsport Porsche in Louisiana wanted nothing less than a road going version of his 968 Turbo RS prototype.
    In collaboration with Porsche Motorsport North America and Porsche Motorsport in Germany, the trio of experts went to work on Mr. Hawkins wish. When they were finished, they created a true one off beast! If ever there was a “Wolf in Sheep’s clothing”, this is it.
    Able to produce over 500 horsepower at the wheels from it’s 3.0 liter 4 cylinder engine at 26 psi or about 1.75 bar, with a quick change to racing “slick tires”, this car would be at home on any race track, or by simply switching back to “street tires”, you could set the cruise control on for a long journey down the interstate.
    While the project was no doubt expensive, costing over $200,000 dollars and over 1800 man hours to complete, the project was a huge success! NO detail was overlooked. Carrillo “H-Beam” connecting rods were used, along with Mahle pistons, an actual 968 Turbo RS 3.0 liter racing engine block, ARP studs, three angle valve cuts, “O” ringed heads, stainless steel brake lines, 964 Turbo S brakes with ABS, adjustable coil over springs with Bilstein shocks, adjustable sway bars, carbon fiber clutch, 968 Turbo RS G44/01 transmission with limited slip differential, and that is just to name a few, all the correct parts to go racing with are present and accounted for.
    Inside the car however, it features many comfort amenities, such as heated leather Porsche sport seats, Porsche/Alpine Hi-Fi stereo system with 6 disc changer, power steering, front airbags, rear foldable seats, full lightweight carpet (without sound deadening material) throughout, air conditioning, removable/tilting sunroof, power windows, power rear window wiper and even a fully functioning adjustable rear wing to add or remove downforce at the rear of the car as needed.
    This 968 Turbo RS really embodies the “best of both worlds”‘ and in some ways pays homage to the great racing cars of the past. The racing cars that could truly be driven to the track to compete, and then be driven home again. It is, without question, one of Mr. Drendel’s favorite street cars. He was once quoted as saying, “For me, this car is much more fun to drive than my 959 Sport. With a perfect 50/50 weight distribution, once I got my set up dialed in just right within the suspension, there isn’t anything else I would do to change this car, I don’t know how it could possibly get any better.”
    That is high praise indeed!

  5. Thanks @Matt! Great info, jeez I can’t believe I didn’t even google the VIN from the eBay ad. I take it the text you provided was probably from the auction catalog?

    Side note to GCFSB – I’d like to revise my suggestion the other day of putting VINs directly in the recaps and say heck, maybe one step further and the VIN is also a hyperlink to a google search on the VIN. I get that not 100% of such searches will be anywhere near this interesting, but it would help fortify the community sourced wiki carfax idea. 😉

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