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Budget Buy Theme Week Kick Off

I’m kicking off another theme week for us here at GCFSB. Look out for a week of budget buys. We are going to keep all these finds to under $10,000 so you won’t have to break the sparschwein.

These could be just the thing to get you ready as summer nears. Some of these finds may need minor work, think family bonding while you work on them over the summer. Others may just need a new enthusiastic owner. We’ll keep these to real runners, daily drivers, and show and shine weekend cruisers. We will try to let sleeping dogs lay and find you real honest to goodness affordable deals, no problem children.

Sure we like the high end, the pristine, the uber rare, but there are plenty of fine, enjoyable, cars out there that don’t take a second mortgage to buy and a third to cover maintenance upkeep for the two weekends a year you dare drive the exotic.

So, what the heck your 401k is probably tanked so why not invest in some tangible assets that you can have fun with.