Expensive 1972 Opel GT on eBay

$19,500 is pretty steep for an Opel GT. Even if it is a well restored 32,000 mile one. There are plenty of these out there in various conditions. These little Corvettes are good lookers.

The optional 1.9 liter engine put out enough to make the car fun. The roll around headlights aren’t prone to electrical failure of so many other cars with pop-up headlights because they are manually operated. Be careful not to confuse the Opel with a Saab Sonett.

If you are to believe the German advertisement for the Opel, the GT isn’t for everyone.


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  1. The driving lights and the chrome bumpter trip look great. I think the chrome finished wheels are a bit much…and the wheel gap looks appropriate for a dune buggy…not a sports car.

  2. Love the headlights.Looking good but the whole family cannot ride there.

  3. I am the owner of car. It isn’t for sale for $19000. It is for sale for $7600. Not sure where you saw that price, but ill take it if offered. Car could be lowered for better lines. Main thing is she runs like a champ. Go cart ride.

  4. In buying a car, it is better to see in person the actual automobile on sold. With this, you can have an on hand inspection of the tires and internal part of the cars.

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