Reasonably-priced E30 M3

There’s quite a few E30s for sale around the internets right now, more than I’ve seen in a while. The problem? Despite an increase in supply, prices aren’t going down; most are $17k and above. So while I’d love to post about a glorious 110k-mile relative creampuff with Evo 2 bits, I’m personally more interested in the M3s that are more within reach. Hence my excitement at finding a clean M3 for just $11,000.

1988 BMW E30 M3 for sale on SF Craigslist

Unfortunately there’s a dearth of pictures, but I still think the listing does a decent job of portraying this as a well-used (175k miles) but clean M3:

picked up the car April 23, 2010. I’ve put on ~500 miles since then.

I have recent PPI report, smog check, about 75 pages of receipts, and carfax available (all from previous owner).

– $11,000
– ~175k miles
– Hennarot
– Tan interior
– Has been resprayed, not in showroom condition, minor rust on sunroof and where front windshield meets the hood
– Looks/drives great
– Located in San Francisco (can meet in SSF for a test drive to avoid driving the hills)
– Local pick-up only

Reason for selling: Moving overseas in the semi-near future.

Yeah, it’s a lot of miles, and I’m sure an inspection of the interior would reveal a worn drivers seat and maybe some other foibles, but the exterior and engine look clean enough. In my book, $11k for any clean-running M3 is a great deal and I’m wishing I could fast-forward a year to when I’ll have that kind of funds. Ideal entry into E30 M3land.


High-mile, well-maintained E30 M3 for sale

Another rare, attractively-priced E30 M3 has come up on eBay that could give someone the chance to fulfill their dreams without destroying their bank account.  We’ve seen examples go north of $30k, with the majority of the market in the mid-teens these days.  High-mileage M3s have become the last affordable way to get in the ultimate homologated BMW sports car, and this one comes in decent condition considering it’s covered 190k miles.

The mileage means it’s going to need a bit of work, but getting an M3 for under $10k is practically grand theft auto these days.  The engine looks very clean considering the mileage and age, and the interior and exterior each have highs and lows.  The Cinnabar Red looks pretty good though the front fascia has seen a lot of road.  The seats have normal E30 wear but aren’t falling apart, and the rest of the front interior looks pristine.  With less than day left and reserve off, the bidding is at $7,900.  If people say you have to spend $15k to get a nice M3, this one will give you plenty of breathing room to make it gorgeous.