1987 BMW 325is

s-l1600 (2)
All of the 325is I’ve featured recently are in good shape for the mileage, which ranged from well-traveled to marathoner. Today’s a special day, with a low-mileage example of the E30 that is in (a distant) second place for most desirable behind the M3 unicorn. This bronzitbeige coupe with a 5-speed has 71k miles, a good half or third of the other recent 325is auctions. It wears the 1987-specific cowcatcher front spoiler, one of the more aggressive stock valences in this generation of BMWs, and while the aftermarket Fittipaldi 5-spokes aren’t anachronous or awful, they’re not more attractive than the stock rims. The crack-prone black interior looks solid and serviceable and the seats aren’t ripped, but I expected it to be a little more pristine considering the mileage. Just based on how many years it could have left in it compared to the high-mile examples, it could be enjoyed for years and still sold (likely at a premium) as a lower-mileage example. The seller knows that, and is asking at the top end of the non-M3 market to this point.

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