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1997 BMW M3 Sedan with 36,000 Miles

There are days when I really love my E36 M3; there are days when all I can dwell on is how old it is and how much it rattles. Then there are days when I think of buying a low-mileage one like this 1997 M3 sedan with only 36K on the clock. Except, it costs $30,000, which – last time I checked – is considerably more than a 1995 coupe with 167,000 miles on the odometer fetches. But, it still reminds me that values for these cars in stock condition have crept upwards and perhaps mine will appreciate modestly. I love the car on the highway, and on twisty roads with smooth pavement; however, it spends 90% of its time on broken city streets which reveals all sorts of creaks and groans that surely didn’t exist when it had less than 40,000 miles on it. Do I love it enough to spend $30K on one? Nope. But I do cherish it enough to keep it on the road for at least 200,000 miles. That’s the goal, and I’m sticking to it.

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Tuner Tuesday Zender Edition: Tuner Accessories Roundup

Zender is one of those names that I really identify with the 1980s. While they continued on after, the real height of Zender’s popularity seemed to be in the 1980s. Body kits, wheels and even steering wheels ultimately resulted in a tuning firm that was able to produce a few of their own show cars; remember the Zender Fact 4 and Vision? Today there are a host of real and copy Zender pieces floating around – here’s a sampling of what I was able to find on Ebay. While the styling may be a bit polarizing, it’s hard to deny that Zender offered customers something unique and having period detail pieces like these can really set your car apart if done properly:

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1997 BMW 528i 5-speed manual

Last night I had a conversation with a friend in the market for a new mid-sized luxury sedan. After a lot of back and forth, I realized something that has been plaguing me with most new cars lately: there’s just not much out there that speaks to me. Sure, cars on the whole are more reliable and feature-laden then they ever have been these days, but there’s a bit of uniqueness that is lacking, along with a general disappearance of engagement in the driving experience that has perpetuated across the landscape as of late.

The E39 BMW 5 series is a bit of a touchstone for many enthusiasts, as they remember it as the last of the greats before more abstract styling and electronic aids found their way into the mid-sized offering. Styling was more evolutionary rather than revolutionary and the range of engines and transmissions satisfied most every need. This 528i represents the second year of E39 production and is equipped with the 5-speed manual gearbox, making it a good choice for 5er fans who want a more spirited drive.

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Motorsport Mondays: 1967 BMW 2000CS

While BMW was a well-known name throughout Germany in the 1960s thanks to their prolific motorcycle history and pre-War exploits in the Mille Miglia and other sports car races with the 328, outside of Germany they remained fairly unknown in the 1960s. Indeed, in the late 1950s or early 1960s, if you asked someone to identify where the kidney grills belonged in Britain, they’d probably point you towards the BMW-derived Bristols of the day – straight copies of some of the first post-war BMWs, right down to the grill. So in the 1960s and 1970s, BMW went racing to try to spread the reputation of their engineering out of motorcycles or perhaps some veiled World War airplane references with their “New Class” sedans. It was independent tuners like Schnitzer and Alpina that first really started to get the small sedans noticed in Touring classes. While the large coupe based upon the New Class design wasn’t raced much in its day – efforts instead focusing on the smaller, lighter and similarly powered sedans – it’s none-the-less exciting to see a 2000CS that has been modified in the style of the period racers:

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1985 BMW 325E with 62,000 Miles

I’ve often wanted to open a dealership specializing in oddball, low-mileage creampuffs that aren’t necessarily worth a whole lot but are inherently cool in their own right. This seller strikes me as one of those places, based on listings like this extra-virgin 325e and their other cars. While not desirable from the equipment perspective (“E” model with an automatic, low-spec early U.S. production, no LSD), owning a car that’s still largely in the form it left the factory in is a quality I’ll gladly pay for. This 1985 has been modified in the best way possible, with a black vinyl sport interior swapped in place of the flat comfort seats it likely came with originally. I would break ties from my firm no-mods stance and swap in a 5-speed for driving enjoyment, but otherwise, would leave it untouched as a reminder to how blissfully simple these cars could be.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1985 BMW 325e on eBay

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