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Original Owner 1985 BMW 325e

After a home, cars are oftentimes the second largest investment a person will make in their lifetime. It amazes me, then, that some people will spend thousands of hard earned dollars on luxury vehicles only to neglect them and have them fall into disrepair. For me, a vehicle has been a source of pride and those who know me will attest that I go over the top in care and maintenance sometimes. But treat a car good and it will return the favor. Take for instance this 1985 BMW 325e. An original owner car, this one comes with a full service history and has just under 170,000 miles on the clock. This is a lesson in how to properly care for a vehicle.

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Tuner Tuesday: 1988 BMW 535i Alpina Tribute

About a month ago, I wrote up a 2002 M20 Turbo built by a company called Manofied. Well, the Manofied folks have been at it again, this time with a 535i. They’ve fully built the car in the style of the Alpina B9, replete with plenty of Alpina parts, some Euro bits, and what appears to be a fantastic individual throttle body engine. The downside? As with the 2002, the price for this build is quite high for a non-original car. But before you jump to conclusions, take a look:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1988 BMW 535i Alpina Tribute on eBay

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1989 BMW 325i Touring

We’re doing our best to keep up with a popular modern classic now migrating to US shores given the 25 year importation threshold has been met: the BMW E30 Touring. By the time they make it to these shores, prices are not exactly bargain basement, nor have they hit the stratosphere like their M3 counterpart. Need a reason to go on holiday to Europe? Why not take a side jaunt to Germany to pick up one? This 1989 325i Touring for sale north of Munich was owned by an elderly gentleman and has the desirable combination of the M20 engine and 5-speed manual gearbox.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1989 BMW 325i Touring on eBay

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1981 BMW M1

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 5.24.30 PM

I’ve written up some cool M1s, but this one may take the cake even from the Procar-widebodies if for no other reason than this is the M1 you see in the history books. Orange on black with that badass cloth/leather interior is what the E26 is all about. Add to that the fact that it’s from the badass Canepa Collection and has just 3,300 miles, and this is a frickin’ museum piece. Or it could be… I’m a much bigger fan of cars that are used. I’d construct one of those viewing rooms which the internet has seen made for E30 M3s and Ferraris; I’d soak in the glorious orange like it was a Seasonal Affective Disorder light and bust this thing out a few times a year for some fun.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1981 BMW M1 at Canepa

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1972 BMW 2002 Baur

Recently, photos of a 2002 Baur surfaced on Facebook, depicting a late-model red example covered in dust and boxes in the corner of a garage. There was some banter about estimated value, with most internet pundits saying it couldn’t be worth more than $5-$7K. Perhaps it was the (unfair) stigma over late models, or just a lot of people who didn’t know much about what they were saying. But this gorgeous round-tail light targa-vertible appears to be aiming for higher ground, and why not? New interior, preserved exterior, and what sounds like a fair amount of engine work (though some more details would be welcome, considering most of it took place overseas). This car looks like heaps of fun for the approaching top-down weather.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1972 BMW 2002 Baur on eBay

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