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2002 BMW 540i Touring


The E39 is a classic, handsome car that may well go down in history as the quintessential 5-series. The wagon was merely an extension of the good looks and capability, multiplied when they saw fit to drop the smooth M62 4.4 liter V8 in it. Manuals were available but extremely hard to come by, and while that would certainly be preferable, an automatic is well-suited for highway and family-hauling duty. With just 84k miles, this luxury wagon is roughly the same price as a VW Jetta TDI wagon of similar vintage. If you’re not too worried about gas mileage, I know for certain which one brings more comfort and speed for the money.

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2001 BMW 750iL

$_57 (3)

Mercedes has made an interesting tack, reasserting themselves as the kings of luxury and letting sporting dynamics become secondary. BMW is making interesting inroads in the green department and still produces very sporting cars, but like many automakers, their mission has become muddled. There was no question about where the E38 7-series sat in the hierarchy of the big boys though, bringing the most sporting looks and dynamics to the full-size luxury sedan segment. While the 740i may be the sportiest choice, the 750iL brought V12 power and presence to the party. They may be highway dominators, but today’s example has covered less than 50k miles and comes heavily optioned, including the excellent and Shadowline-including Sport Package. With a detailed and extensive maintenance history, this is the way to go if you’re interested in the 750.

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M Times 3: Trio of BMW E36 M3 5-speed manual coupes

It seems pretty impossible these days to find an BMW M car bargain, or at least one on which you won’t wind up spending a ton of money on repairs. The early ones, such as the E28 M5 and E24 M6 are rising in value and that’s before taking into account the stratospheric prices being asked for the original M3. Fast forward a generation on the M3 though, and you can still find a good E36 M3 for reasonable cash. Today we’ll look at three E36 M3 Coupes, all with 5-speed manual gearboxes. We’ll start with this 1997 Estoril Blue example for sale in Indiana.


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Wednesday Wheels Roundup: Period Pieces

Who doesn’t love a good period wheel? They weren’t always the most attractive designs, but nowadays they’re all the rage; clean up a good set of wheels that were rare to begin with and now are hardly ever seen and you’ll be the envy of countless enthusiasts at your next show! I’ve got some cool period pieces today – from the Zenders that are always fan favorites to some obscure Porsche steel wheels. Even more obscure are the Hayashi racing and Simmons wheels for BMW; but clean and in the right application, they’d be pretty cool. I can’t ID the set of Japanese made red wheels, so input is appreciated. Otherwise, enjoy!

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1972 BMW 2002

When I see ads for cars belonging to the offspring of deceased relatives, I wonder how long the seller knew a certain vehicle was hiding in plain sight. This ’72 round-taillight looks like a true survivor, with matching body panels, fantastic paint, and an interior looks far too new for a car this old. Despite its preserved condition, the seller has still taken the time to invest some dollars in maintenance, saving some headaches for the next caretaker. While I wish the seller well, I can’t help but feel he or she might regret selling this car on – it seems like their uncle went to great strides to keep it safe for the next generation, but perhaps there’s another project in the works that the sale of this car will help finance.

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