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1989 Volkswagen DoKa Syncro “Jagdwagen”

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Here’s an interesting dive into Volkswagen T3 history. We’ve seen special camping editions and even Tristar DoKas, but this green monster came with a special options list Volkswagen deemed the “Jagdwagen” (“Hunter”) package. It was never released as a real model, but reportedly 12 were made in this spec, which includes a full exterior cage, winch, spot light, gun rack and side gun drawer and rear bucket seats. The Jagdwagen options commanded an extra ~$11k over the already-pricey DoKa Syncro.

This example is one of a reported four in North America and features a TDI engine from a MkIV Jetta. Besides a few exterior scuffs, it looks to be in good shape and has received some attention like new bumpers to keep it looking spiffy.

Click for details: 1989 Volkswagen DoKa Syncro Jagdwagen on eBay

Year: 1989
Model: T3 DoKa Syncro Jagdwagen
Engine: 1.9 liter turbodiesel inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 131,293 mi
Price: Reserve Auction

Worldwide Vintage Autos is proud to present this 1989 VOLKSWAGEN SYNCHRO Jagdwagen 1 of 12! 4×4 Rare!


– Front and rear differential locks

-Civilian roll out arms case.


-Roll cage.

-Gun drawer in the tresor.

-Spare wheel carrier behind cabin

-Schamueler winch.

-Spot light in front and rear.

-Mostly original paint in dark green.

-MB CLK wheels.


-Sliding windows at the rear


-Four seats.


-Gowesty Sync-Roll-O-Meter.

-Kenwood head unit.

-Cabela’s Trailgear seat covers.


-5:43 ring and pinion.

-Jetta ALH turbo diesel.

-Rebuilt transmission.

-ECU checked and verified.


-Imperfections in the paint.

Besides the hopelessly badass exterior, I love the 4-person seating arrangement and the modern TDI engine should help it power through the bush as you hunt for the best camping spot. The Mercedes CLK wheels are a perfect fit; every T3 should wear them. Considering recent Doka Syncro prices, I’m sure the seller is looking for more than $20k. Whoever gets to rock this Jagdwagen next, they’re going to get a lot of thumbs-up from normal folks and VW fanatics. God help the new owner if they pass anyone that actually knows what a Jagdwagen is, as they may have to put that full cage to use fighting off the SyncroZombies.



  1. Doug
    Doug April 16, 2016

    I have talked trash on these before, but this one looks the business.

  2. Markiteight
    Markiteight April 16, 2016

    The seller says it’s priced at $67,900 at their dealer so reserve is probably close to that. You’d think if they’re going to ask pie-in-the-sky money for this thing they’d at least try to spell “Synchro” correctly. In a similar vein there always seem to be a couple ads floating around for $100k “Westphalia Synchros.” Oddly…they never sell.

    I find it curious that this truck has power windows and mirrors. These are very rarely seen on Dokas, even TriStars (the Carat of the Doka world). I wonder if it came from the factory so equipped or if they were added after the fact. I’d also want to confirm that it’s a factory Jagdwagen, not an aftermarket conversion. Info on identifying its factory origins can be found here:

  3. Pablo Sanchez Lejandro Marquez
    Pablo Sanchez Lejandro Marquez April 21, 2016

    I’d feel silly driving this green pepper because of the chopsticks on the outside and the price on the inside. Aye caramba

    I’d wire $60,000 pesos to a restomodded Power Wagon with a charcoal chomping Cummins.


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