Beautiful BMW M6 for sale

I love my M5 for many reasons, one being the sleeper quality of a black four-door. Some of the other reasons, like the S38 engine and its sound, the 80s styling, and inherent BMW-ness are also present on the sharkiest of all cars, the E24 M6. If my tastes were just a few degrees different, there’s a strong chance my search would have been for something like this. In beautiful condition after 191k miles, the red attracts the eye like blood to a… well, a shark. The BMW CCA grill emblem, interior and exterior condition, and description all attest to the quality of the seller and this M6. It’s truly beautiful, and he’s right: it is far prettier than his Ferrari Mondiale Cabriolet in the background.

1988 BMW M6 for sale on eBay

A polite and in-depth description from the seller:

Hello, my name is Andy and thank you for visiting my auction.

Up for Auction is my beloved 1988 BMW M6 in Fantastic condition.

I am the third owner, this is my 3rd M6 and my 8th BMW. I bought this car in October of 2010 from an older gentleman investment banker who cared for the car very very well, the car was originally owned by an orthopedic surgeon in Colorado before going to Georgia. I purchased this car because it was the cleanest and the prettiest and the most well kept M6 that I had ever seen. I am selling the car because I simply have too many and need to lighten my collection.

Since I have owned the car, I have replaced the following within the last six months:

1. Alternator.
2. Water pump.
3. Belts.
4. Clutch and rear main seal.
5. Transmission seals.
6. Oil pan gasket.
7. Valve cover gasket and valve adjustment.
8. Spark plugs.
9. New Bilstein HD’s shocks with springs from Bavarian Auto sport. The car rides like new.
10. Thrust arm bushings and lower control arms.
11. Rear dog bones.
12. Sway bar links.
13. Front brake calipers and rotors from a 750il with Pagid pads. I still have the originals that will go with the car.
14. Drive shaft center bearing.
15. Brake fluid flush.
16. Coolant flush.
17. Steering box!
18. New center track link for steering.
19. New tie rod assemblies.
20. Alignment.
21. New Alpine stereo head unit with ipod cable.
22. Both fuel pumps, the one in the tank and the main one too.
23. Fuel filter.

As you can see by the list above, I have put a lot of time and resources into the car to make it the perfect road trip car. Most of these items were replaced as preventative maintenance and for piece of mind during a road trip.

I have all of records for the car since approx 90k miles.

Due to the amount of service records that I have for the car in a binder from the previous owner, I will list the most major of services that were performed before I purchased the car.

1. New factory transmission installed at the dealer at approx 90k miles.
2. power steering pump and hoses.
3. oil changes every 3-4k miles.
4. New BBS style 5 wheels purchased from the dealer.
5. New radiator.
6. New coolant hoses and thermostat.
7. There are so many more services performed but it would take me for ever to list everything here.

The engine was rebuilt at some point by the first owner. It does not leak or burn any oil what so ever. I changed the oil approximately 900 miles ago with Mobil one 15w-50, the oil is still clear on the dipstick and that is amazing! This engine is very tight and it pulls like a dam freight train, this is honestly the fastest M6 that I have every driven short of being turbo charged or stroked. When I first drove the car in Georgia, I thought it had a Dinan Stroker motor. I do know it has a Dinan chip and a exhaust cam gear but that’s all I can confirm.

The interior I would rate on a scale from 1-10, a solid 8 or 8.5. There was a small tear on the drivers bolster that has been repaired and airbrushed.
The exterior I would rate as a 9. The is no rust on the car, I am very familiar with the 6 series and all of they’re rusting points especially in the front wheel wells, there is NO rust what so ever in these areas, that was the first thing I checked before I bought this car. The only accident damage that this car has seen is to the right front grille area and headlight bucket with the first owner.

All of the body panels ( fenders, doors, hood, and trunk ,etc) are original and have the original Vin # tags on them.

The car has been repainted by the first owner approx 12-14 years ago I’m estimating, it was obviously done right and at great expense as the exterior shows very very well.

The Air conditioning works as it should and has been converted to R134a freon, the ice box between the rear seats also works too.

The tires are Dunlop sport 235 45 R17 on all four corners with approx 70-80 tread left on them.

Mechanically, the car needs nothing, I’ve already done everything that I could think of.

The only thing that I can see that the car needs is the chrome trim rings for the rear tail lights ( I have an extra one in nice condition that I will include with the car).

I have always babied this car and protected it in way that some would say obsessive, for example, I have 3 Ferrari’s, 1 Porsche 911, and another BMW but this M6 is the only car that I am always worrying about (where to park it?, checking the weather before I drive it to avoid rain, avoiding traffic, avoiding certain niehborhoods, etc). It is by far the prettiest and most beautiful car I own. Out of all the cars I have driven, this is the one that receives the most attention, it is truly a beautiful machine. I will certainly Miss it very much. I hope that it goes to a very good home and never ever gets driven in the winter.

That’s about as close to a perfect description as I can imagine. And, other than the overall miles and unknown amount on the rebuild, this is pretty close to a perfect M6. Bidding is hot with 6 days left on the auction, though still at a reserve-not-met $6,600. Anything under $10k is pretty reasonable in my eyes for an E24 as pretty as this.


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  1. I know owner #2 of this car: he had purchased a Porsche 997 and didn’t have enough space to keep both cars. A car dealer friend of mine helped the second owner list and sell the car and as a result I got to spend a fair amount of time behind the wheel.

    We tallied up the repair receipts at the time (around 180K miles), and they came to right at $39,000 if memory serves. Obviously the rebuild of the engine was a big chunk of that.

    At the time, it was a very solid, well-maintained car that just needed a little sorting out and paying attention to some details. It sounds like the 3rd owner has done just that.

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