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Holy Euro 1987 BMW 535is for sale

Update 5.5.2012: Originally listed in February of last year, the new owner of this car has emailed to let us know it is available again. Good luck with the sale! Links updated. -dc

Early in high school there was a girl who had just recently learned that humans had landed on the moon. It blew her mind, and she went home crying to her parents “why didn’t you tell me?!” They were stunned.

I feel like Brittany. Somewhere along the line I completely missed what Euro E28s look like, but what a way to find out. I’m a fan of the North American beefy bumpers on the 535is and M5, but holy cow, this small-bumpered Euro Conversion 535is might be the best E28 I’ve ever seen. Gorgeous Zinnabarot, the aforementioned bumpers and “is” kit, perfect smoked type 32 wheels, unbelievable interior and general thoroughness… Why didn’t you tell me?!

1987 BMW 535is Euro Conversion for sale on eBay

From the seller:

The car was single owner until 2009 when an e28 enthusiast bought it and basically went through the whole car. I have many of the maintenance records going back to when it was new. It was an auto but had a 5 speed “type 265” swapped in. The entire exterior was gone over to remove dings and repainted it, the roof didn’t have the same wear so it was left alone. An interior shop has recovered all the seats in leatherette and a perforated fabric, looks amazing.
It also has the original glass sunroof, no Saab glass here. The JVC stereo has every input you might want. I have a Ipod hooked to it as well as USB thumb drive full of MP3s. Amps are under the rear seat and there is a sub in the trunk but you’d never know it since there is a panel to cover it.

The only issues with the car are as follows.
Small sunroof leak, i have the gaskets so that’s an easy fix.
The AC motor squeals sometimes but i grease it and it goes away. If you live somewhere hot I’d replace the motor and have the AC recharged.
As for the euro conversion….the guys i used to paint and install the bumpers and valence did an awesome job. They restore muscle cars and do amazing work. I have a few minor things to do like hook up the fogs but it’s near perfect. There are few things left to do on the conversion but i haven’t been able to find the time lately.

Suspension –
NEW “Dog Bones”
Bilstein Touring Front Struts
Bilstein Heavy Duty Rear Shocks – Same as Sports, but less Spring Perch Adjustment
New Tie Rods and Ball Joints
Dinan Sport Springs
New Sway Bar Links
New Febi Control arm bushings
The rear fenders were rolled but there is some rub on higher speed bumps and on off camber slow turns. The stance is sick though!

Drive train –
Original M30 – with
All new gaskets including valve cover, timing chain cover, camshaft and crankshaft and oil pan gaskets
New Heater valve
New Engine mounts
New throttle cable
New cruise control cable
New rear axles
New Waterpump
New cap and rotor
New exhaust hangars
265 5-speed Trans swap with related parts
Z3 short shifter with new bushings

Brakes –
New Zimmerman Drilled Rotors
New Ate Brake Pads
Painted Calipers

Interior –
All new door panel
New seat covers- basically new interior except for the headliner
New Floor Mats
New shift boot cover
New Dash light bulbs
New Tach – bad circuit in original
JVC Stereo with “old School” Rockford amps
Rockford 12″ sub in sealed enclosure
MB Quart front separates

Exterior – Body has zero dents, straight as an arrow
Zinnoberrot – all panels repainted in 2009 except roof. Paint is in excellent condition
Euro bumpers painted body color – new valance and lights but bumpers were worked to make them “new”, all new bumper rubber though.
Euro lights and grill – lights were dissembled and worn parts replaced with new
Shadowlined all trim black
Clear turn lights from Bimmerparts with orange bulbs
BMW Type 32 Staggered wheels / Tires have tons of tread left
New bimmerparts car cover
New german ceramic tint

Parts –
3.93 Diff
New cluster
Some seals and gaskets
Lots of little parts and emblems

Better to find out late than never I guess. I love this car.



  1. brian
    brian February 14, 2011

    That’s my car! Thanks for featuring it.

  2. dave
    dave February 15, 2011

    The euro bumpers totally change the look for the better. I have a euro-spec ’84 520i. Manual everything, including windows. Decent gas mileage to boot!

  3. Larry
    Larry March 30, 2011

    Did this car sell? Is it still available?

  4. victor
    victor April 12, 2011

    Is this car available?
    I am a serious BUYER.

  5. brian
    brian April 12, 2011

    Sorry all, the car sold awhile back to a buyer in Georgia. Wish i could have held onto her.

  6. Bryan
    Bryan June 1, 2011

    am a proud single owner of one of the last E28 , a titled 1988 528E. Has over 350,000 miles and still runs great. Paint is now thin but what a car. Recently someone slightly bent the front bumper and tore the rubber off, luckly no fender or hood damage. Having a hard time finding the rubber bumper guards. Any idea’s? First I seen the Euro conversion?

  7. Larry
    Larry May 6, 2012

    Still love this car…too bad I’m not in the market right now.

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