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One-owner 1987 BMW 325


Perfect, unmolested E30s are a thing of beauty for so many reasons. The few around here are driven by old folks, and I think about them lovingly enjoying the quintessential sports sedan they bought over 2 decades ago. Today’s is of the refreshingly clean and original variety, living with the same owner in Arizona since it was bought. In that time, he hasn’t quite covered 100k miles and has clearly doted upon this creampuff inside and out – check out the smashing AutoCheck score. Sure, E30s are great for Lemons, but they’re also great for just about everything – that’s why they have become the legend they are today. If you’re looking for an almost-new, pleasantly normal copy, watch this no-reserve auction and hope it stays reasonable!

Click for more details: 1987 BMW 325 for sale on eBay

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Year: 1987
Model: 325
Engine: 2.7 liter inline-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 97,231 mi
Price: No reserve auction, beginning at $6,500

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I am selling my one owner, BMW that was bought new in Scottsdale, AZ. The car is in show room condition. “Original Paint.” Everything is original down to the radio. Dash is Perfect! No leaks, no issues, everything works excellent. This car needs nothing at all.

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Sometimes short descriptions are frustrating and hide detracting factors, but here I think it’s merely because there’s nothing else to say. Beautiful E30, needs nothing, nothing done to it other than some weekend driving and lots of love. What else could you want?



  1. Ed
    Ed January 24, 2014

    In my family there have been 4 E30s and honestly, they were nothing short of fantastic. One was sold with just around 190K miles to a family friend who still has it to this day. However, of the 4 the best, by a long shot, was my ’90 325is (the others were etas and one super eta) which was totalled by its new owner less than a year after I sold it to him (huge mistake, I regretted it the second I saw it drive away from my driveway). My DD is a 2006 330Ci ZHP and I love it to death but I would love to add another E30 to my garage someday. This particular one won’t last, it looks to be in outstanding shape.

  2. David B.
    David B. January 24, 2014

    Important note… this would appear to be a 2.7 L “eta” motor car and not the preferred 2.5L “i” motor car with more power (as they appear to advertised). Vehicles at that time would have simply “325” badges as opposed to “325i” badges. Still a very nice example, though.

  3. Nate
    Nate January 24, 2014

    Thanks David. Info corrected.

  4. David B.
    David B. January 24, 2014

    No worries, Nate. The Seller did not have it correct on his e-bay ad.

  5. Rick F
    Rick F February 11, 2014

    Well, I ended up being the only bidder on this car (which is indeed a 325e) so the price was as listed. It arrived in NC a week later (!) and it turned out to be exactly as described. Everything works on it – even the antenna, which raises when the radio is turned on. I’ve only identified two issues – it needs new seals for the taillights ($20 for the pair online) and the interior light does not come on when the driver’s door opens.

    I got it because I wanted a project car that my 16-yr-old boy and I could work on together, seeing as how he really has only two years left at home. What I didn’t anticipate is that it would turn out to be the largest carrot imaginable – not that I’m not arguing. And in this case, the lower horsepower is just fine with me (although it’s a torquey little beast).

    Now the only question is what do we do to it? He’s all about angel-eye headlights and big wheels with massive lips and I’m trying to convince him that new shocks and springs will change its personality entirely. It’s probably the same looks vs. function argument that’s raged for eons between the young and not-so-young, so I get it. I just hate to mess with such a pristine time capsule. Guess I should have thought this one through…

  6. Nate
    Nate February 11, 2014

    Rick, that is AWESOME. Thanks for the success story!

    As for the plans with the kid – I’d say start him slow, do the springs, and see if you can sell him on some OEM+ looks. 1987 “is” front bumper? Better than anything aftermarket. Same goes for the rear spoiler, and maybe some plus-sized BMW wheels.

    If he gets through those, see if he still wants angel eyes. If so, well… he’s 16.

    Not matter what, drive and enjoy!

  7. Rick F
    Rick F February 13, 2014

    Nate, thanks for the thoughtful reply. I’m totally in agreement – OEM+ for as long as I can hold out.

    By the way, I forgot to thank you for such a tremendous site. It’s displaced BAT as my #1 go-to! I like the new layout, the increased number of vehicles each day, the selection of cars (we have very similar taste) and especially the comments before and after the listing. Keep up the great work!


  8. David B.
    David B. February 14, 2014

    Fantastic story Rick. I have a soft spot for it, as a 325e was my first car at 16 as well– it was a fantastic vehicle and served me well for many miles. I have to concur with Nate on the “upgrades”. As a plus, your kid will be one of the few who will know how to drive a manual trans car– it’s quickly becoming a lost art

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