1994 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 30 Jahre Edition

The Porsche 911 has been around for so long that there are numerous special editions attached to its history. One which we’ll highlight today is a 911 that the US market never saw, the 964 based 30 Jahre. These turbo look 911s were built in honor of the car’s 30th anniversary. While 911 of these “Jubi” editions were supposed to be built, only 896 have been proven to have been produced. In addition to the turbo look body, a few features help one distinguish a Jubi, including the titanium inlay on the shift knob, woven 911 lettering on the backs of the rear backrests and a titanium plaque on the rear shelf with the car’s production number. Only a few colors were offered, with Viola Metallic being the most popular. Other hues included Amethyst Metallic, Arctic Silver Metallic and a handful of Black Metallic and Guards Red cars. This Viola Metallic example for sale in the United Kingdom has just crossed the 20,000 mile mark and comes with a hefty price tag.

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2015 BMW M5 30 Jahre Edition


At this point we’re all familiar with the ridiculous investment opportunity the BMW E30 M3 has been recently. According to Hagerty, average values held steady around $15k from 2007 to 2012, and they were even lower before then. Today, Hagerty estimates the average E30 M3 value is $48k, an easy $30k if you picked one up just 5 years ago.

In these days of “unicorn” start-ups and (allegedly) ridiculous easy riches, 5 years is a pretty long horizon for the make-money-now bunch. In that case, they should have grabbed one of the 30 BMW M5 “30 Jahre Editions” released in the US last year, a 10% share of worldwide production of the ultimate F10 M5 celebrating 30 years of the M5 supersedan. With power bumped to 600hp and a special Frozen Dark Silver that puts most of today’s fancy satin/matte finishes to shame, it is definitely more than just a badge exercise (although there are plenty of self-important badges). Initially sold for $138k, a nice $34k premium over the M5’s MSRP, just one year later you could have triple the profit of that 5-year E30 M3 investment.

Despite the piped-in sound silliness, I do like the F10 M5 and BMW’s modern styling. Though a little overcomplicated, it’s growing on me and vastly preferable to the days of the Bangle Butt. It toes the line between aggressive and subtle while packing a nuclear punch that will keep up with most supercars. Turn all that up to 11 along with an extra dose of rare, and you’ve got the 30 Jahre Edition.

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