1999 BMW 540i 6-speed

All of us here at GCFSB have dreamed about owning a BMW E39 M5 at some point. Perhaps the ultimate sports sedan, this 400 horsepower beast still puts many newer cars to shame ten years after the last examples rolled off the line. Consequently, E39 M5s are not the cheapest used cars to procure, with some of the best examples with under 50,000 miles still fetching between $25,000 and $30,000. For those on more of a budget, there is a similar, albeit less powerful solution: the 540i 6-speed.

The 540i 6-speed stood out in the executive sedan segment by offering a big V8 engine with a third pedal, and enthusiasts snapped up these handsome sedans in short order. Today, they offer a good performance bang for the buck, with 282 horsepower on tap which can propel this car from a standstill to 60 mph in just over six seconds. This 540i for sale in Missouri is in good nick and has under 100,000 miles on the clock.

Year: 1999
Model: 540i
Engine: 4.4 liter V8
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 84,777 miles
Price: $8,995 Buy It Now

1999 BMW 540i on eBay

Very nice find! 540 6-speed. Clean carfax, only 84k miles….not many left. This BMW runs and drives just like it should. Motor is very strong and leak free, the 6-speed transmission shifts great in all gears. This is a true drivers car.

On the inside, this 5 Series has a nice odor, non-smoker car. Shows very little wear with nice leather with no rips or tears and stain free carpet. Further, the dash has no cracks, wood applique is still in nice condition and all the gauges, buttons and displays are all working well. All the accessories work including all lights in and out, A/C, heat, power windows, locks, moonroof, power seats, heated seats, radio, CD, power port and more. Very well taken care of inside.

On the outside, the paint still has very good luster and shine, accident free with no dents but some dings on the rear driver’s side door that I will repair before the sale. There are also some chips and minor hard to see surface scratches from normal driving over time. Don’t miss this classic, low mileage E39.

The asking price for this 540i isn’t too far off the mark considering the mileage. Most 540i sedans I’ve come across have well over 100,000 miles. If you can find one with around 60,000 to 80,000 miles on the clock, expect to pay somewhere between $6,500 and $9,000. An M5 with well over 100,000 miles would run you at least $12,000 or so to start. While you are down 118 horsepower, the 540i offers similar driving dynamics and that slick gearbox that BMW is known for. If you could snag this one for a shade under $8,000, you would have a well-bought 5 series on your hands.


Wagon Week: 1993 BMW M5 Touring

Whatever the case may be, I always come across some of the most interesting cars in the Netherlands. Case in point this BMW M5 Touring. Only 891 examples of this fast five-door were ever produced, making it the second rarest M car behind the M1. Appearing on the scene in 1992, this was the first wagon that was given the M treatment by BMW Motorsport. Under the hood was a 3.8 liter version of the S38B38 inline six, which was the largest capacity six cylinder of the modern era.

Even though I lust after an E39 M5, I have to admit that the E34 has been grabbing my attention for some time, mainly because of what it doesn’t do: shout about its performance. It takes a trained eye to differentiate a normal E34 from the M version. The biggest clue is the wheels, whether the car be fitted with the earlier M System wheels that gave the appearance of white wall tires, or the M System II that we see here, with the “throwing star” covers. Like many enthusiasts, I prefer the later style, and thankfully, this Daytona Violet M5 Touring is fitted with those.

Year: 1993
Model: M5 Touring
Engine: 3.8 liter inline six
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 175,500 km (~ 109,051 miles)
Price: €11,950 (~ $15,514 USD)

1993 BMW M5 Touring on Mobile.de

Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 7.09.27 PM

Original BMW M5 E34 340hp
Vehicle Information: VIN WBSHJ91070BL01008, type code HJ91 type M5 (EUR) E series E34 (2) Type 5 Type TOUR

Engine S38 Displacement 3.80 Power 255 Drive, Daytona Violet Metallic (283), Upholstery silver grey/silver grey light bicolor.


The description is rather cryptic, with a bunch of option codes thrown out with abbreviations. For such a neat car, I would have hoped for a bit more color in terms of the owner history and significant maintenance/repair items addressed. At $15,500, this M5 Touring isn’t priced a lot higher than some of the better E34 M5 sedans we’ve seen for sale here in the US as of late. Granted, someone who wanted to import this fast five-door into the US would undoubtedly push the purchase cost close to $20,000, if not more considering shipping, customs and federalization costs. I’ve seen a few of these stateside already, so I have hope that it is possible to make these cars legal, as there’s still about a four year wait for the first examples to become exempt under the 25 year rule. Considering this car has just over 100,000 miles, it looks quite tidy for its age. The stamped service booklet and service records will certainly add piece of mind, as well.


2010 BMW 535i xDrive Touring 6-speed manual

Today, I’ve decided to jump from one manual transmission to the next. Albeit this time we’ll look at one that has a bit more get up and go than the Mercedes featured earlier.

Similar to Audi, BMW has decided to nix the traditional estate, or Touring model, from the US lineup. As of this moment, if someone wants a new BMW that is more versatile or commodious, you’ll have to look towards their lineup of SUVs or the oddly shaped 5 series Gran Turismo. There are rumors, as purported by Automobile Magazine, that BMW is planning to bring a Touring variant of their new 3 series across the pond, but it has yet to be seen if it will be offered with this 535i xDrive Touring’s most tasty feature, the 6-speed manual gearbox.

Sold in very limited numbers here, this 535i XDrive Touring is made even more rare with the three pedal option. This gearbox mated to the 3.5 liter, twin-turbo inline six producing 302 horsepower will make sure you can haul fast. Literally. And the dark green over tan color combination would look right at home in The Hamptons or country club parking lot.

Year: 2010
Model: 535i xDrive Touring
Engine: 3.0 liter twin-turbocharged inline six
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 30,145 mi
Price: $37,480

2010 BMW 535i xDrive Touring 6-speed manual on AutoTrader

Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 10.55.16 AM

Navigation, ultra-rare 6-speed manual transmission, premium package, heated seats, heated steering wheel, Harman Kardon Logic 7 Premium Sound System, panoramic sunroof, power liftgate, one previous owner.

Every time I see a late model E60 5 series Touring for sale, they don’t seem to come cheap. Could it be the uncertainty of whether BMW will bring the 5 series Touring back to the US? Or are these 5-door Bimmers just that good. I tend to think both reasons are at play here. Even though it seems pricey for a three year old 5 series, the high $20,000 to mid $30,000 range is what low mileage 535i xDrive Tourings are averaging. If it could be had closer to around $34,000 to $35,000, this would certainly be a great machine for the family that doesn’t want to surrender driving enjoyment.


1995 BMW M5 Euro

I remember in elementary school when “Barney Bashing” became the pre-teen version of gang-banging. You like Barney the Purple Dinosaur? Cool, we’re going to give you a swirly, piss on your Barney backpack, or rip apart your Barney Books. Well, folks, today we have a BMW enthusiast who brushed all that off and continued his dedication to absurd purple possessions. The ad is sparse, but the 1995 model year and 340hp designation indicate this is a Euro model of the E34 M5, which also means it comes with the seriously beasty S38B38. An extrapolation of the E28’s S38B35 and the early E34’s B36, this monster 3.8L inline-6 is a force to be reckoned with, producing the torque of the 540i and the most BMW horsepower until the E39 M5. Whether you can handle the purple, price, or unanswered questions for $16k is up to you.

1995 BMW M5 Euro for sale on Craigslist Yakima

Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 9.47.39 PM

Hello, i’m selling my baby because I don’t drive it very much anymore, I need the space and cash more then the car. Do your homework first this car is a collector’s car, 340 hp out of the straight 6 cylinder with a 5 speed! It is a street legal race car! It is Daytona Violet (purple) with Grey Seude interior. The car has 75,035 miles as of February 2, 2013.

I’d be interested in trades only if you can prove your trade is worth the money, don’t try to lowball me it won’t happen!
I’d be interested in half trade and half cash again, only if you can prove your trade is worth the money, don’t try to lowball me it won’t happen!

If you want an inspection done on the car, I will drive the car to your mechanic at the desired time and place. I will also watch your mechanic do the inspection and if this is a problem for the mechanic then he/she is not a person I want touching my car! Please contact me for any questions you have. If you want a test drive, I drive while you are in passenger seat.


I’m actually kind of into the Daytona Violet. I’m less into the fake E46 wheels and the weak ad copy. S38B38 and 75k miles sound really good though and working the seller down closer to $14k would make this a good buy. At $16k, it’s a bit too much money with too little information, but a Euro M5 is some great Bavarian rare even just for the engine. If the seller fully disclosed the Euroness and specifics of the car, it might be worth $16k, but he didn’t, and until then it’s just another E34 M5.


1988 BMW M5

It’s a little weird to write posts on E28 M5s after completing my own long search. I feel like each clicked link comes with a slight anxiety that the ensuing car is nicer or a missed opportunity. Luckily, I definitely bought the right car for myself at the time and I rarely see M5s that are a better value. Today’s comes close though, as it’s just across the bay, priced well, and looks clean. Bidding has been fast and furious from a low starting point for this clean and debadged M5.

Year: 1988
Model: M5
Engine: S38B35 3.5L inline-6
Transmission: Getrag 280 5-speed manual
Mileage: 192,700
Price: $12,500

1988 BMW M5 for sale on eBay in Oakland

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 1.44.23 PM

I am selling my 1988 BMW M5. The car has done 192,000 miles, it has spent its entire life in California and is completely rust free.

My M5 has a Comforti chip and the self-leveling suspension has been replaced by a previous owner – it has Bilstein shocks all round with Dinan springs in the front and stock BMW e28 springs in the rear. The car has BMW 17″ BBS (from E39) alloys (no, I will not sell these separately). Otherwise the car is unmodified.

It has a brand new set of Continental tires and has just been Smogged. The car is in great shape both mechanically and aesthetically. I wouldn’t hesitate to drive it anywhere. All electrics work except the occasional ‘sticking’ of the drivers electric wing mirror (I have a spare). The car has all manuals and complete trunk tool kit.

Negative points (see photos): The car has 3 cracks in the dash (however, I do have a custom made ‘cover’ dash which fits over the top of the old one – this will come with the car). There is a bit of cracking of the seat leather, but no tears. There are a few stone chips, otherwise the paintwork is excellent. I have removed the external badges, but I still have them and they can easily be replaced.

I am the fourth owner and I have pampered this M5 as the previous owners have done. I have a folder full of receipts detailing recent and past maintenance work done. All maintenance has been addressed. Sadly I am selling this car because I am moving back to Europe. I would love to see the car go to someone who really appreciates these rare classics. There are always little imperfections that could be improved upon, but overall the car is in great condition.

You are welcome to come and view the car before bidding. It is kept at my studio in Oakland. Email me to arrange a viewing. Feel free to contact me with any questions. I will happily provide more photos. Please, no time wasters, serious bidders and good drivers only. Folks with less than 5 feedback will be removed unless you convince me of your interest before bidding. Happy bidding and M5 owning. Kate

The vast majority of our sellers are men, so I’m pretty stoked to see a woman with an M5. Too bad she’s selling it, but good for the buyer. It looks clean inside and out and what I can see of the seats and dash are not bad for almost 200k miles. My main questions are why standard E28 springs are on the rear and how long the engine will last before a rebuild is necessary? Other than that, this appears to be a very clean and loved M5 that will hopefully continue on to another enthusiast.


2000 BMW M5

It’s hard to believe that it’s been ten years since the last of the E39 M5s rolled off the line. This executive express quickly became a vehicle of lore for many enthusiasts, myself included. It’s one of those cars that keeps making me work harder to hopefully pilot a machine like this on a regular basis. This M5 for sale in San Francisco is kitted out in Avus Blue with some interesting options. For the price of a new mid-sized sedan, you could opt for five liters of M goodness. Ah, if only someone gave me a limitless account by which to feed this thing fuel and keep it in tires…

Year: 2000
Model: M5
Engine: 5.0 liter V8
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 49,900 mi
Price: $24,500

2000 BMW M5 on Craigslist San Francisco

One of 29 Avus Blue Metallic (276) + Black Extended Nappa Heritage Leather (M3SW) E39 M5 examples built for the North American market. Of those cars, it is verified to be the lowest mileage remaining with just 49,9XX miles (29 VINs are: BZ94018, BZ94159, BZ94163, BZ94214, BZ94375, BZ94381, BZ94438, BZ94474, BZ94714, BZ94818, BZ94840, BZ94928, BZ94979, BZ95036, BZ95077, BZ95167, BZ95190, BZ95258, BZ95273, BZ95279, BZ95441, BZ95472, BZ95474, BZ95475, BZ95479, BZ95648, BZ95715, BZ95717, BZ95739). Also notable is that this M5 still retains the black M5 instrument dials.

This M5 was specially ordered through Brecht BMW in Escondido, California and maintained there with no unusual or major mechanical issues/ history. A comprehensive inspection was completed at Avus Autosport in Glendale, California by the Forman Technician and there were no unusual or major mechanical issues found. The car was then fully serviced by Sonnen BMW in San Rafael, California on July 22, 2012. It has no accident or paintwork history and includes full BMW service records, Homelink, Motorola/ BMW CPT 7000 mobile phone, Dinan exhaust and software, new Michelin Pilot Sport II tires, spare 8JX18 ET:20M Double Spoke 65 Chrome Shadow wheel, four keys, cargo-net, European Delivery Hazard Warning Triangle, new BMW Heyco tools, owner’s handbooks, BMW Navigation CD’s, original sales brochures. California Smog inspection completed on January 3, 2013 and registration valid through January 2014. The car is in outstanding condition and detailed only with Zymöl, Klasse, 3M and Leatherique care products and has been fully prepared for BMW CCA concours events.

More info and photos: http://www.bmwmregistry.com/detail.php?id=9801

Similar to Alpine White, Avus Blue is one of those colors that looks right on almost any BMW, particularly this M5. Like many M cars of the past, prices are creeping up on these cars, although not as fast as some particular models. About $20,000 will buy you an M5 in good fettle, so the sellers asking price isn’t terribly far off the mark, considering the uncommon color, full service records and the care the to which the vehicle has been treated.


Canadian E28 M5

We’ve featured a few black-interior E28 M5s here on GCFSB, from both the 70 allotted to Canada and the 30 given to the US. I like the rarity of these cars, but prefer the more-common Natur interior.

Today’s M5 looks pretty clean with the standard wear and tear on the interior but a straight body and decent paint. With just 100 black-on-black M5s to choose from in North America, any time one comes up is significant for those on such a specific hunt. 190k miles sounds like a seller who knows a rebuild is coming and wants to pass on the effort and money required. I like the car, but the sparse listing that raises more questions than it answers is not befitting any BMW, let alone a rare-option E28 M5.

Year: 1988
Model: M5
Engine: 3.5 inline six
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 310,000 km (~190,000 mi)
Price: $8,500 starting bid

1988 E28 M5 for sale on eBay in Canada

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 10.14.18 AM

Rare 1988 BMW M5 E28, fully loaded, black on black, Canadian car, located in Toronto, only 80 came to Canada. First generation M, hand maded quality from Germany back then, car is in good condition, runs good, shifts good, body good, no accidents, 8 out 10 condition. Car has 310,000 km (car is Canadian there for speedometer is in km). Only needs AC charge, sunroof sliders, and rear springs to be perfect.

I traveled across the country to buy my M5 because the owner offered up every little piece of information and document I could have ever wanted, explaining the needs and demonstrating that he loved and respected this car and wanted it to continue to be loved. Unfortunately, I get no such vibe from this seller. From the poorly framed pictures to pathetic ad copy, less is certainly not more here. He even rolls out the dreaded “AC Charge” claim. And for the rear springs, is the self-leveling suspension still there and just shot, or does it have new rear suspension that needs springs? Regardless, this black-on-black has the unfortunate stink of money pit. I think something closer to $6,500 would be a fair price for someone who was ready to commit time and energy to making this the gorgeous rare example it should be.


2003 BMW 530i

I’m a sucker when it comes to a mint E39 5 series. After all these years, the E39’s successor, the E60, has never grown on me. The new F10 5 series isn’t bad, but when it comes to the right mix of old BMW style with new tech, the last of the E39s just can’t be beat. This silver 530i for sale in Florida splits the middle between the smaller engined 525i and the V8 540i and is a good choice for someone that wants a little bit more speed without the weight and consumption of the eight cylinder model.

2003 BMW 530i on BMW CCA Classifieds

Extra Clean only 65k miles! Selling my very well maintained 2003 530i with only 65,xxx miles! Asking $13,500. Located in Bonita Springs, FL. Car has been garaged in Florida it’s entire life. Car is being garaged now and is not being driven. Carfax is clean. Originally purchased it with only 33,084 miles on the clock in February of 2011. I have given it all the care and maintainence it required and then some. I have over 100 photos and paperwork documenting repairs, upgrades, etc. Both keys and valet key. Car has 3M Lifetime Carbon 35% tint to all windows except the front. Upgrades are all BMW. Car has 18×9 Style 42 BBS Two piece rims, BMW OEM Front valance (lip) and BMW M5 rear sway bar. New tires just put on the car at 63,xxx miles. Car needs nothing. No issues, no leaks, no codes. Interior and exterior are pristine. I love this car but I purchased a newer BMW and I just don’t have the room to keep this one. I’d like very much for it to go to someone who will take care of it as I have! For photos, see below! Over 100 photos! http://photobucket.com/530i_pics Please contact me with any questions! Thanks! -Kyle

The mileage is relatively low on this car, but a lot has been racked up in the previous year and a half. The seller seems rather upfront and open to questions, so it would be worthwhile to look over the maintenance log before pulling the trigger. Looking over the pictures of this car, I can find little to fault. The headlights have not suffered the typical fogging up that is customary with these plastic pieces, the leather looks nice and tidy and all the body panels look straight. Of course, I’d rather this car be a 5-speed manual, but we can’t have it all sometimes. The asking price for this car isn’t way out of line and if the seller is open to a little bit of negotiation, this would be a decent deal for someone looking for an executive sedan on a budget.


E28 Value: 1987 BMW 535is

The E28 535is is an excellent choice if you’re looking into highly enjoyable 80s German sedans. Great suspension, a bulletproof inline 6 plus M5-look trim makes a very attractive package with significant economic savings over an M5. Today’s is perfectly 80s in gold on cardinal and has traveled just 107k miles. It’s barely a third of its way through the first engine!

1987 BMW 535is for sale on eBay

Very clean 535is with only 107,000 miles. This car is in perfect condition possible. Car drives and shifts very strong. Less than three months ago: front and rear brake pad and rotors, tune up (new spark plug and valve cover gasket, new air filter and oil change, new oil filter) all new belts. The only after market part on this car is a CD player and Bilstein front and rear shocks. A/C and heat works perfect. Car has zero rust and is original paint. Clean dash, sunroof works. This car has clean Carfax, never been in an accident. Is only two owner car (I will send a Carfax to only serious buyers). Car is as is.

It is very clean, with typical weaknesses like the dashboard still looking fantastic. I can’t stand ads written like this, but so it goes. Contact the seller to really get the necessary info. No Buy-It-Now but 11 bid have pushed it just over $3k with 4 days to go. $5k would be a fair deal for how many fun miles this 80s saloon has left in it.


1990 BMW Alpina B10 Biturbo

Our love for all things Alpina is no secret here at GCFSB. Power, style and rarity augment the standard BMW desirability. Today’s E34 B10 comes stacked with the 3.5L M30 boosted by two turbos, with the manual boost control allowing for 300 to 360hp. Not sure why you’d turn it down on this car, but whatever. Beyond the performance, it’s fitted with the classic Alpina kit, including protrusive spoilers and near-perfect 20-spoke wheels. The audacious body kit is tempered by a beautiful green and omission of the usual Alpina techno-crazy lines. All the better to blow your doors off with, my dear. This car looks good from every angle and boasts serious performance gains over any E34, M5 or otherwise.

1990 BMW Alpina B10 Biturbo for sale on eBay Canada

This is an excellent 1990 BMW ALPINA B10 Bi-Turbo, which has covered 231,900 Kilometers (144k Miles). since new. It was originally sold in Germany. We imported it to Vancouver, Canada in 2005 and is now registered in British Columbia, Canada. The VIN number is: WAPBATL000B750135 It is a #135 of 507 produced worldwide. This exquisite automobile is powered by smooth and ferociously powerful 3.5L Twin Turbo, Intercooled M30 6-cylinder motor mated to Getrag 290/5-speed manual transmission. It is equipped with Catalytic converters. The motor is rated at 360HP and 400lb/f of torque. The performance is astounding, 0–60 in 5.1 seconds, top speed is 181MPH. The turbo lag is minimal. It has factory manual boost control varying boost from 0.4 bar to 0.8 bar (300 – 360HP). As it can be seen from the photographs, this piece of automotive history is in excellent condition. The body and paint are excellent, no dents, visible rust or rock chips. The wheels are 100% true; there are no curb marks. Very rare M5 body trim (rear bumper and lower body moldings). New factory Alpina Clutch. New Continental Extreme Contact tires. Ignition wires, cap, rotor and plugs just replaced as well. Excellent cosmetic condition. Fully sorted mechanically. The interior is very clean, no cracks on the dash. All electrical accessories work – power windows, mirrors, sunroof, climate control with ice cold AC. It drives great. We have complete service history since the day the car landed in Canada. We can provide copies to seriously interested parties.

Complete safety and mechanical inspections were performed on this vehicle as part of our reconditioning process. There are no oil leaks; all fluids and filters have been replaced. The brakes are good. All suspension bushings are fine, the self-leveling suspension shocks do not leak. Independent party pre-purchase inspection at your expense prior to bidding is welcomed and strongly encouraged.

A NOTE TO OUR USA CUSTOMERS: As this vehicle is 22 years old, it is exempt from US EPA compliance requirements. DOT compliance work (headlights, side marker lights, etc.) must be performed by US Registered Importer. We can put you in touch with a reputable and knowledgeable Registered Importer who has imported Alpina’s in the past and is ready to process this one.

144k miles and $22,000 are not small numbers, but they’re a bit more reasonable taken in the context of getting behind the wheel of a true Alpina. A few dollars will need to be spent to get it US legal today, or you could wait a few more years for when it’s 25 years old. Regardless, I could look at this car all day, and many of these pictures will be going in my “desktops” folder. It’s too bad they’re all of the B10 stationary, as this angry green monster looks like it wants to be ripping apart asphalt and rubber every minute of the day.