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Tag: 50th Anniversary Edition

2014 Porsche 911 50th Anniversary Edition

I have been taking a look at a few more modern Porsches than usual so why not round that perusal off with another of the special 911s Porsche produced. As we know Porsche loves to commemorate its milestones and achievements. The 911 itself has seen two separate 25th Anniversary Editions: the first was to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of Porsche production in 1975 and the second to commemorate twenty-five years of 911 production in 1989. There is also the Commemorative Edition 911, which was produced in 1988 to celebrate the production of 250,000 911s. As I said, Porsche likes to celebrate. Naturally, then, the 50th Anniversary of the 911 would not be allowed to pass without its own special edition, one of which we see here: a Graphite Grey 2014 Porsche 911 50th Anniversary Edition, located in North Carolina, with a 7-speed manual transmission and 3,700 miles on it. Most of Porsche’s commemorative editions feature predominantly cosmetic changes to set them apart from others 911s and, for the most part, the 50th Anniversary Edition is no different. Though there is a caveat that makes those cosmetic changes a little more significant. Visually the 50th Anniversary Edition is distinguished by its wheels, which remind us of the Fuchs of old, and by its wider rear borrowed from the Carrera 4. That wider rear is perhaps the most important selling point of the car as this is the only model on which it can be found combined with rear-wheel drive. Mechanically it is basically a Carrera S with the Powerkit and Sport Chrono package, which channels 430 hp through the transmission to the rear wheels. I’ve seen more than one writer proclaim these as one of the best looking 911s produced and while I wouldn’t go that far it is a wonderful representation of the 991 and a fitting testament to where the 911 has been and where it is now. Typical of Porsche, production of the 50th Anniversary Edition was limited to 1963 units, as 1963 was the year Porsche showed the 911 to the world.

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