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Jiffy-Top: 1981 Porsche 928 Carelli C928

When I’m not writing for GCFSB, I’m a history teacher at the local Community College. As a history teacher, it’s my job to help to explain to students different points in history – nearly all of which I haven’t lived through, obviously. Now, in a course like “Western Civilization” you’ll be lucky to get to the present times, or even break through the Vietnam War – but while most time periods and historical trends I can explain, I have a very hard time explaining the 1980s. This is semi-ironic, since it’s the one I grew up with, the formative one in my personal history; yet, I often find myself baffled by some of the trends. Were they really the result of counter-culture, a reaction to the equally bad taste of the 1970s? Was it the proliferation of the music video, electronic gear, new gaming experiences, and the ever present threat of nuclear holocaust at the hands of the Russians? We got personal computers, cellular phones and digital everything – heck, even the dashboard on my Audi is digital! Yet the one trend I have the most trouble explain is why everyone insisted on chopping the roof off otherwise perfectly good cars:

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