1978 Porsche 924 D-Production Clone For Sale

The word clone is a tricky concept.  Done too well and you may as well buy the original, done poorly and it can be a total disaster.  From the pictures I fear this may be the latter, but it takes guts to take on a project such as this with a 924.

1978 Porsche 924 D-Production Clone:

From the seller –

“This light weight 1978 Porsche 924 came from the factory with no sunroof and no power windows and somewhere along the line a fiberglass Al Holbert DP look kit was installed consisting of fiberglass: front fenders, rear flares, and a very aggressive and unique ‘shovel nose’ front spoiler.  The suspension and brakes are from a 944 and provide the five lug conversion which enables real 7&8 x 15″ Fuchs to be mounted and fill up the wide flares.  Rear hatch and spoiler are also from a 944.  The motor has a more aggressive cam and flows into a Ansa free flowing exhaust.  The interior is very nice with excellent condition carpeting, fabric ‘Porsche’ script 944 seats, dash cap, and stereo with a MP3/iPod cord in the glove box.  This is a running and driving 924 but the throwout bearing in the clutch is starting to make some noise and the A/C will need atleast a charge.  No signs of any collision or rust thru issues, there is some minor paint bubbling around the windshield.  While the body is very sound and the body kit was very well done, the paint is a 10 footer – at best.

One very cool looking 924… and with the prices of the 911, 912, and even the 914 skyrocketing upwards, this unique and cheap to buy/maintain Porsche definately offers value with style.  The Fuchs and tires on this 924 alone are worth about a $1,200 – 1,500.00… this whole Porsche can be purchased for not much more than that!”

The seller is correct, this is a 10 footer, maybe a 20 footer at best.  The paint is no good, you can see the oxidation in the pictures.  The suspension, while from a 944, is not set up correctly and has a bit of a monster truck look to it.  I won’t get into the egregious overuse of of emblems, there is no excuse for that.

But what lies underneath is not all that bad.  The interior is clean, the Fuchs are a nice option, and if the body work is solid this could be a decent driver with a reasonable re-spray.  The question then becomes, at $2k or so is this a worthy investment?

I use the term investment loosely as that and 924 are not synonymous.  But you could do much worse in this price range.

<Note: This in fact a D-Production Clone, tip of the hat to Carter J for the clarification>


Rare 1984 M491 Metallic Rose Porsche 911 For Sale

I cannot stress how much I like the M491 911’s.  You get all of the looks and stopping power of the turbo cars with exponentially fewer headaches.  What makes this example so special is the hue, Metallic Rose is not only a rare color it is absolutely stunning in person if it has been well cared for.

Typically, people that buy a vehicle based on color make me nuts.  But, for me, this hue defies my normally ambivalent feelings regarding color.

1984 Porsche 911 M491:

From the seller –

“Beautiful Option color Metallic Rose, Sport Seats. Mechanically excellent, perfect interior. Receipts back to 2002. One of 431 made in 1984, real collector value for the future. The best 3.2 engine with all of the Turbo body, suspension and brakes! “

Short but sweet.  In the few pictures provided this Carrera looks to be in good enough shape.  I wonder where the center caps are and why the RS door panels but these are nits.  These cars are getting on in years and have passed through quite a few owners.  Some of which may not me so concerned about keeping the stock nature of their car(s).

What I can tell you is the seller is a very straightforward dealer who has been doing this for close to 40 years.  You don’t sell Posrche’s for that long if you are not doing so with integrity.  If you ever find yourself in Oregon I encourage you to take the drive, it will be worth your time.

I have seen these M491 cars range in price from $25k-$32.5k, since there is no mention of mileage I would gather this car has somewhere in the 120-150k range.  If my assumptions are correct the asking price of $26k seems reasonable, a final tally of $25k seems even better.  Either way it is a beautiful car sure to make the next owner very happy.


25k Mile 1974 Porsche 914 Time Machine

I am on a 914 jag of late.  My guess is that winter is thawing and open air motoring is not far behind.  That and I miss my 914, like may of you I have sold several cars I should have kept.  I am sure I will do it again.

Wash, rinse, repeat.

1974 Porsche 914:

From the seller –

“First purchased in Texas at Forest Lane Porsche Audi, where DPD air conditioning was installed. Other than the a/c and recently replaced visors, this 1974 appears as original as the day she left the factory. Original paint, upholstery, and even spare tire.
Paintwork is in extremely nice original condition. a few rock chips and door chips, but those the patina of her super low 25,000 miles.

Originally purchased by Dr. James Reese of Rockwall TX, the car was often seen around the small town as his daily driver. At approximately 12,000 miles, he sold it to a young man, Greg Foerster also if Rockwall Texas, who drove it sparingly until 1987. In that year, at 25,000 miles, he parked it in his grandmother’s garage under cover, and left it.

Oly Blue sat almost completely undisturbed for 23 years.

Some 23 years later, Mr. Foerster, now living in CA, was reminded that he still owned this little babyand he might want to remove it from its hiding spot. A friend of his posted it on this site for sale as is in July of 2010.
It received a lot of attention at that time, and Wayne Fry, living in the area, volunteered to go take pics for me and other interested buyers. Under 23 years of dust was a virtual 914 time machine.

I bought the car from the pics and history, and set about getting her running again. Much, much cleaning, effort, and money was spent on bringing her back to life.

Thanks to Steve Floyd at Desert Performance and Don Kravig of Precision Motion for all mechanical work.

So here she is, one of the lowest mileage, original condition Porsche 914 I have ever heard of. Before she goes to auction, or E-Bay where she is sure to be snapped up by a European buyer and returned to her homeland, I offer her here for the 914 brethren.

Asking Price is $21,000 Firm will consider interesting partial trades, especially Porsche.”

Fascinating story, I can’t recall seeing a low mileage example anywhere near as nice as this in some time.  The seller could really ask a hefty sum but in this case I don’t think $21k is out of line.

I appreciate him offering this wonderful example to the Porsche community first.  A more enterprising lad would toss it up on eBay and watch it wind up back in the motherland.  Let’s stop the madness, someone stateside needs to own and love this little 914 for the rest of its days.