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1978 Porsche 924 D-Production Clone For Sale

The word clone is a tricky concept.  Done too well and you may as well buy the original, done poorly and it can be a total disaster.  From the pictures I fear this may be the latter, but it takes guts to take on a project such as this with a 924.

1978 Porsche 924 D-Production Clone:

From the seller –

“This light weight 1978 Porsche 924 came from the factory with no sunroof and no power windows and somewhere along the line a fiberglass Al Holbert DP look kit was installed consisting of fiberglass: front fenders, rear flares, and a very aggressive and unique ‘shovel nose’ front spoiler.  The suspension and brakes are from a 944 and provide the five lug conversion which enables real 7&8 x 15″ Fuchs to be mounted and fill up the wide flares.  Rear hatch and spoiler are also from a 944.  The motor has a more aggressive cam and flows into a Ansa free flowing exhaust.  The interior is very nice with excellent condition carpeting, fabric ‘Porsche’ script 944 seats, dash cap, and stereo with a MP3/iPod cord in the glove box.  This is a running and driving 924 but the throwout bearing in the clutch is starting to make some noise and the A/C will need atleast a charge.  No signs of any collision or rust thru issues, there is some minor paint bubbling around the windshield.  While the body is very sound and the body kit was very well done, the paint is a 10 footer – at best.

One very cool looking 924… and with the prices of the 911, 912, and even the 914 skyrocketing upwards, this unique and cheap to buy/maintain Porsche definately offers value with style.  The Fuchs and tires on this 924 alone are worth about a $1,200 – 1,500.00… this whole Porsche can be purchased for not much more than that!”

The seller is correct, this is a 10 footer, maybe a 20 footer at best.  The paint is no good, you can see the oxidation in the pictures.  The suspension, while from a 944, is not set up correctly and has a bit of a monster truck look to it.  I won’t get into the egregious overuse of of emblems, there is no excuse for that.

But what lies underneath is not all that bad.  The interior is clean, the Fuchs are a nice option, and if the body work is solid this could be a decent driver with a reasonable re-spray.  The question then becomes, at $2k or so is this a worthy investment?

I use the term investment loosely as that and 924 are not synonymous.  But you could do much worse in this price range.

<Note: This in fact a D-Production Clone, tip of the hat to Carter J for the clarification>



  1. Carter J
    Carter J May 26, 2012

    Aaron – this is incorrectly listed as a 924 GT, but the seller correctly indentifies the body kit as a “Al Holbert DP” – meaning D Production. The D Production was based on the 924 and was a super lightweight SCCA race car. The 924 Carrera GT was a very different beast – it had much larger flares in the rear than this car, 944 like front fenders, and a very different front end reminiscent of the later 944 Turbo.

    Of course, no one outside Porsche or SCCA circles really knows what the D-Production cars were, so it’s easy to understand the mistake, but properly this should be listed as a 924 D-Production clone.

    Here is the difference:

  2. Carter J
    Carter J May 26, 2012

    My comment is awaiting moderation, apparently – not sure why – but this isn’t a 924 Carrera GT clone but as the seller notes a 924 D Production clone. They’re very different cars.

  3. Dan
    Dan May 28, 2012

    Sorry for the moderation — posts with links are commonly spam and I approve them one at a time now. Thanks for your comments though, we appreciate the clarification. -dc

  4. Aaron
    Aaron May 29, 2012

    Change made, thanks Carter J!

  5. Carter J
    Carter J May 29, 2012

    Thanks for hosting the site – it’s fun to read and has great cars. Good job guys!

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