1996 Mercedes-Benz Unimog


Most of the Unimogs we write up are from the 60s and 70s due to ease of import and cost. They’re still capable but have interiors like the old Willys Jeep we used to have as an island bruiser. Fond memories of bouncing around and sore elbows indeed! Today’s Mog has come a little ways inside and looks similar to all the other drab-green examples we’ve seen, but a slightly modernized grill hints at much newer running gear. Unfortunately, the cost for this newer 90s model is not just higher monetarily, but also brings the inability to register it for the road in the US. Canadians can rejoice or Americans can plan on having it as a badass farm vehicle, but part of the allure of the Mog for me would be to see the terrified looks on passing motorists’ faces as I towered above them. Alas, the price demands this Unimog be seen as a useful truck as opposed to an awesome toy.

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$_57 (5)

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