1988 BMW 325ix Touring

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The E30 Touring influx is reaching critical mass, and where they used to come up once every few months, they are available in various levels of trim on eBay and craigslist around the country. The black on black one we recently featured was very tempting, but pretty spendy. Today’s receives negative points for the automatic transmission, but overall is looking outstanding in Royal Blue and some shiny BBS wheels. 167k miles is nothing to sneeze at, but the bids are starting much lower than the black edition’s $12,500 asking price. If you’re third pedal-averse but live in an area with actual seasons, this is the E30 touring for you!

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1998 BMW M3 Sedan


Much of my affinity for BMW’s Estoril Blue was my introduction to it on my friend’s father’s E36 M3 sedan. It was part of the car’s identity, always referred to as “the Blue car” and perfectly supporting the E36 M3’s understated aggression with a hue that is gorgeous but not extreme. Techno Violet may carry a more intimidating name, but it serves a similar purpose in the BMW palette. It shines a deep, gorgeous purple, but is neither garish nor loud. The E36 M3 sedan is one of my favorite performance values – maybe not moreso than the E39 5-series, but available for even less money.

Today’s M3 looks well cared-for, with just one large blemish: a rust spot in the rear fender from a “low-speed slide into a guard rail,” aka someone hit the gas too hard in the rain. Beyond that, the maintenance records, clean interior, and restrained upgrades (Dinan suspension and chip are no-brainers) make for a high-mileage M3 that’s worth taking seriously. With a Buy-It-Now of under $6,500, it’s clear the seller is serious about selling it, too.

Click for details: 1998 BMW M3 Sedan on eBay

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Wednesday Wheels Roundup

I think it’s quite fair to say that vintage Audi parts are quite hard to come by and they’re probably the least supported aftermarket manufacturer in the realm of German cars. Compared to the amount of vintage Volkswagen, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and BMW parts floating around, it’s just downright rare to come across period correct vintage Audi pieces. Today I’ve assembled a few rare to see bits, plus a neat and inexpensive wheel set if you’ve got a Q7. The Treser wheels are just mega-cool; directionally veined, they where cutting edge back in the early 1980s and the signature of the aftermarket tuner. Unfortunately, they’re metric sized only – so you’re going to have to pay a lot of tires, but they’re available at least. The seller’s claim that they never come up for sale is a bit off base as we typically see them about every six months, and the condition of these wheels isn’t the best – so the asking price is well out of line. However, they’re always neat to see. I’m not a fan of the styling of the Treser steering wheel but it’s period correct and different from the typical Momo or Nardi wheels. The middle wheel I’ve never seen and can’t identify; do you know the model? The Votex Q7 wheels are a twist on the normal wheels but very neat – and in this case quite cheap for a 19″ OEM wheel set. And finally, the Nardi Audi Sport wheel is one of my favorite. They’re always expensive but very cool to see and set off early B2 Audis well. Which is your favorite?

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1978 Porsche 911SC Targa

We will conclude what has become Targa month with an example that reaches back to the beginning of the 911SC model run and a car that reaches back to my own personal history with the 911. Here we have a Black on Black 1978 Porsche 911SC Targa, located in Pennsylvania, with 50,833 miles on it. My dad owned a 911 quite similar to this, differing only in that it was from 1979, and in many ways the aspects of the 911 Targa that appeal to me surely stem from many of those early experiences. I have begun to really enjoy the Targa in lighter shades as I’ve seen more of them, but a basic black on black model still ticks all the right boxes and, frankly, looks really nice. The 911SC wasn’t the first Targa produced, as they had been made available beginning in 1967, but during these early years of 911SC production the Targa was the only open-top option available. They were perhaps a peculiar design, but spoke to Porsche’s desire to meld performance with a driving experience that was both less confined while also meeting basic safety standards for roll-over protection.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1978 Porsche 911SC Targa on eBay

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Double Take: 2001 BMW 325i Touring vs. 2000 BMW 528i Touring

I’d like to consider myself a practical person. This could partly be the reasoning behind my aversion to the SUV. Sure, these vehicles can go anywhere, but how much of the time do you really need a car like that? Then we have the crossover. Don’t want the whole hog when it comes to four-wheel drive capability? Cool. We’ll slap some plastic fender flares in a contrasting color on an otherwise decent looking estate vehicle, jack it up a bit, add all-wheel drive and call it a day. A car like this might be a bit more fuel efficient and realistic for everyday use than a purpose built truck, but let’s face it, wouldn’t a regular estate vehicle suffice for most? Looking over this low mileage 2001 BMW 325i Touring for sale in Florida brings that question to the forefront.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 2001 BMW 325i Touring on eBay

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