1988 BMW M5


The classic E28 M5 has experienced a recent uptick in values for clean, middle-mileage examples. Even the most beat, 200k-mile, no-documentation examples can command $6-7k, though they will likely require twice the purchase price to make presentable. While I appreciate the ambition of keeping as many of these glorious beasts on the road as possible, there is still a middle ground between the lower-mileage M5s in beautiful condition for $30k+ and the total basket cases. Today’s is right in the middle – $15k for a clean but higher-mileage example that lacks history yet looks good enough to spend some time on.

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1996 Volkswagen Passat TDI


The Volkswagen B3/4 Passat has always been a rather anonymous sedan, not as sporty as the Jetta that it stood above nor sharp compared to the other blocky European sedans of the day. Anonymity is valued by many, however, and in the world of commuter cars, it can pay to fly under the radar. This black on tan 1996 Passat just does that, and has the 1.9-liter diesel to make it a great commuter choice. Bland looks and personality aside, this is one of the cleanest B4s I’ve ever seen, looking nearly showroom-fresh inside and out. Roughly 130k miles on a TDI is similarly “good as new,” making this a unique chance at a model that would otherwise be completely unremarkable.

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2003 BMW 540i M-Sport Dinan

$_4 (1)

Over the past couple months, we’ve featured a few E34 and E39 540i sedans with the M-Sport package. While the E34 540i M-Sport was an extremely limited edition model that was akin to the late model M5 we didn’t get, the E39 540i M-Sport was kind of an M5-light. You were down about 100 horsepower versus the M5, but if you wanted a sporty V8 5 series with an automatic, this was your only ticket. Thankfully, this Dinan tuned 540i M-Sport for sale from our reader Hunter is equipped with the 6-speed manual, giving the new owner a lot of the same pleasures of the infamous super sedan from this era.

Click for details: 2003 BMW 540i M-Sport on BMW CCA Classifieds

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1972 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia

The Volkswagen Karmann Ghia is a car that mystifies me. From my perspective, it’s the best looking of the Volkswagen lineup from the 1950s until the launch of the Scirocco. Like the Scirocco, it’s really just a more sedate Beetle underneath with a special body; but the looks of that alone really set the car apart. But unlike the Scirocco, which in good shape commands more money than its counterparts as witnessed by the $20,000 example from last week, the Karmann Ghia remains fairly affordable in comparison to the top-tier air-cooled models. If aliens landed with a lineup of a Mercedes-Benz 190SL, a early Porsche 356 and a Karmann Ghia next to each other, you’d have a hard time explaining to them why the Volkswagen was only worth a fraction of what the other two currently are. Yet here it is, a clean and classic Volkswagen coupe with lower miles in great condition for under $17,000:

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1994 Porsche 928GTS

Andy McCulley from flüssig magazine has been lending his expertise on all things Porsche 928 to us here at GCFSB. This is his first post as a guest contributor, so sit back while he walks us through this 928GTS equipped with a 5-speed manual.

$_4 (1)

Here we have a lovely 1994 Porsche 928 GTS 5-speed. The crème de la crème of the 928 lineup. Although not the slightly more desirable ’95 GTS, ’94 models have been known to fetch a pretty penny when in mint condition. After all, there are absolutely no differences between a ’94 and ’95 GTS other than a slight change in the VIN to indicate the year difference. Furthermore, this example is one of just four known Iris Blue ’94 GTS models and is still with the original owner.

Located in Las Vegas, the owner claims that this example has been driven daily since new and there is certainly evidence to support this claim. While the exterior appears nice in the pictures, the owner states that it has been repainted. Anyone interested in this car would certainly want to have a thorough inspection done to validate that the repaint was done properly. One item to note is the apparent “rippling” in the trim surrounding the passenger side rear window. This may be somewhat illusory thanks to a reflection, but I would certainly recommend asking the owner about it.

The interior is the most salient disappointment, as the steering wheel appears to be either a loss or just in need of a serious deep cleaning, and the dashboard has a few major cracks. The carpet appears to be in decent condition with the exception of the piece on the drivers’ side door panel and the floor mats, which appear to be faded. There is also a crack in the bezel around the shifter, and the ashtray appears to be in rough condition. Perhaps with a thorough detailing this car would appear more enchanting to potential buyers.

Click for details: 1994 Porsche 928GTS on eBay

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