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1996 Porsche 911 Carrera

The 993 is a car that doesn’t really need much of an introduction these days. It’s value is impressive, it rarely looks outdated, and the driving experience – while not perfect by modern standards – is still fairly sublime. This chassis seems to bridge the gap perfectly between the somewhat unpolished 964 and overdone 996, which explains why it remains among the most sought-after. Although it’s a bummer to see this one is a Tiptronic, it is amazing to think how it wasn’t that long ago that an automatic Porsche was unheard of and cars like this one highly unusual. Now, more often than not, an automatic transmission barely gets a second look in today’s lineup. Despite the lack of a third pedal, this 1996 911 has been with the current owner for 14 years and appears very clean.

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1995 Porsche 928GTS with 16k miles

Much like real estate in pricier locales, values for air-cooled 911s always seem to go up. The only question remaining is “how high?” Well, while we were all focusing on the sports car with the hot bit in the back, the last of the 928s, the 928GTS, has become an object of desire in its own right. For almost 20 years, the 928 soldiered on as the grand touring machine in the portfolio, with little changes other than a few engine upgrades and a facelift about midway through the production run. The GTS is the ultimate expression of the 928, with its 5.4 liter V8 and this GTS for sale in California is the ultimate expression of the GTS, being a final year model that has covered just over 16,000 miles.

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10K Friday Family Truckster Edition: E500 Wagon v. 530xi Touring v. Passat 1.8T 4Motion Variant v. S6 v. Touareg v. Cayenne S

Family life – it’s a mixed blessing. I could never have imagined the unintended consequences expanding my family by 50%; in terms of space consumed, physics and logic told me that there was no way that the amount of space required with a small child would increase any more than…say, 50%. Yet, the reality of adding to my family is that the amount of space required for even what seems like the most miniscule trip increases disproportionately to the size of the package that arrives. Babies are a bit like those magic sponges in a capsule I got when I was a kid; once they hit air, they expand to 200-300% the size they were. So, long story short, when you have a family you likely need more space.

Over the past few years we’ve seen a general backing away from wagons towards the bane of most enthusiast’s existence, the S.U.V. and the “crossover” – many of which are really just tall wagons. So what are the options if you want to maintain an enthusiast’s lifestyle whilst still surviving the onslaught of baby-themed items? Well, for around $10,000 you can get some pretty diverse rides – so let’s see what’s the one you’d choose:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 2004 Mercedes-Benz E500 4Matic Wagon on eBay

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1983 Porsche 944 with 52k miles

Not a day goes by that I don’t consider selling my 2006 MINI Cooper S for a clean, lower mileage Porsche 944. It probably wouldn’t be the wisest financial decision I ever made, but every time I see one of these coupes from the 1980s with their wide fenders, funky wheels and pop-up headlamps I get the urge to pull the trigger. This 1983 944 for sale in Massachusetts is equipped with the base 2.5 liter engine, 5-speed manual and has just over 50,000 miles on the clock. Is there honestly a better way to relive your 1980s automotive fantasies for under $10,000?

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1983 Porsche 944 on eBay

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Wednesday Wheels Roundup

Another week of wheels, this time some more rarities. I love the polished look of narrow Fuchs wheels on early 911s. MOMO 5-spoke wheels were some of the best in the early 1980s, and these would be a nice alternative to the normal ATS/Ronal “Penta” wheels that often adorn early 80s Benz models. How about those great Hartge wheels, seeing that we’ve had two Hartge cars this week? Rather have something a bit more stock? How about the Audi Coupe-spec 15″ Speedline wheels complete with track rubber? Or if you’re into Volkswagens, we have a nice set of the early Corrado “Sebring” wheels too – what’s your favorite?

CLICK FOR DETAILS: Porsche Fuchs 15×5.5 5×130 Wheels on eBay

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