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1995 BMW M3

The E36 M3 was an admirable performer in every guise, even with the disappointingly detuned inline-6s we received here in the US. The 240hp that both the S50 and S52 produced was decent, but knowing that just a few thousand miles separated us from 80 more horsepower was like a kick to the groin during a warm embrace. Alas, it is what it is, and I prefer to think of the E36 as the fun, quick, and outstanding handler that it was, rather than the over-popularized or under-powered car that its detractors make it out to be.

Low-mileage examples have been on the rise recently as they become the minority amongst a sea of abused or neglected examples. Today’s Daytona Violet coupe is certainly a looker – BMW’s violet colors are uniquely subtle and gender-neutral – and I’ve always loved the M Double Spokes. Sub-50k mile E36 M3s have always been a tasty proposition, but not too long ago they’d bump the price up to $15k from $10k. Sure, M-cars from the pre-X5M era are receiving a bit of nostalgic love these days, but does a 43k-mile S50’d coupe really demand $25k already?

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2001 BMW Z3 3.0i Coupe

$_57 (1)

The Z3 Coupe is an oddball in the history of the BMW range. Sure, we’ve seen some intriguing cars like the M1 and Z1 come and go, but these vehicles had a definite purpose. While this car’s sibling, the M Coupe, is revered for its unabashed performance, the slightly softer Z3 Coupe seems like it would have limited appeal. Or would it? After taking a trip up north to see family over the Thanksgiving holiday, I was thankful for my R53 MINI Cooper S and it’s ability to hold a folding bicycle, multiple suitcases, grocery bags and sundry other things (with the rear seats folded flat, of course). While the cargo hold is a bit smaller in the Z3 Coupe, you still have more practicality than the Z3 Roadster offers, with unique styling to boot. This Z3 3.0i Coupe for sale in Florida has the desirable 5-speed manual gearbox and has covered under 70,000 miles.

Click for details: 2001 BMW Z3 3.0i Coupe on eBay

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1983 Mercedes-Benz 300CD

A little over a decade separates the Mercedes-Benz W123 coupe we see here and the 280SE Coupe we featured yesterday. But what a difference a decade makes. Such was the upheaval in the luxury market due to ever tightening petrol supplies in the 1970s. Mercedes-Benz had been a proponent of diesel power going back to the 1930s, however, a diesel powered luxury coupe was a bit of a novelty at the time. Nevertheless, this proved to be a rather popular model and has proven to have the staying power of other W123 Mercedes-Benzes, one of the most revered models the company has ever produced. This W123 for sale in Pennsylvania is on offer at no reserve and has been in the same family for over two decades.

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1970 Mercedes-Benz 280SE Coupe

As I was winding down what was quite a long week Friday evening, I happened to catch the original Thomas Crowne Affair on one of the upper cable channels. This was a fantastically scripted movie with one vehicle featured prominently throughout: a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow 2-door sedan with coachwork by H.J. Mulliner, Park Ward Ltd. Built in very limited numbers, this was a gentleman’s express of epic proportions, with vast amounts of wood and leather to ensconce those fortunate passengers inside and a pushrod V8 under the bonnet with “adequate” horsepower. This 1970 Mercedes-Benz 280SE Coupe for sale in California could almost be considered that car’s contemporary, but with a decided German slant. Even though it might look a bit classic, it was thoroughly modern, with a 4-speed automatic gearbox, Bosch fuel injection and four-wheel disc brakes. Want to be the envy of the forecourt at the country club? Here’s the perfect coupe to do it in.

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1993 Porsche 968 Coupe

Cars are much more than the sum of their parts. They are touchstones in life and can bring back fond memories of years gone by. It’s the cars that hail from the early 1990s that do this for me, right around the time I was learning how to drive. Before the days of the Internet, I would peruse the pages of car magazines and lust after the Porsches I’d come across from the period. Especially the 968. There was something about this car that hooked me. A lot of the attraction was due to its rarity in comparison to the ubiquitous 911, being a sort of “alternative” Porsche but keeping the hallmarks of what drew people to the brand. Thankfully, the 968 is a relatively affordable proposition today and remains high on the list for me. When I find myself in a situation with more plentiful parking, this could very well be the brother to my R53 MINI Cooper S.

John from flüssig magazine brought this Wimbledon Green 968 Coupe to our attention. Much like the 1993 928GTS we featured last month, this is one of those eye catching colors from the heyday of colorful Porsches. After speaking with Jeff Coe, 968 guru and owner of the Mint Green 968 Cabriolet, he learned this particular 968 Coupe was one of nine produced in this color combination with these options.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1993 Porsche 968 on AutoTrader

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