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1964 Auto Union Pickup

The DKW F89 sprouted a few offspring; in Europe, it was offered as the F89L delivery van that was affectionately nicknamed the ‘Schnellaster’ and was available in Kastenwagen (delivery van) or bus form. Argentina also offered a version of the F89, and modified its offerings to include a small pickup. These were sold under the Auto Union nameplate in the early 1960s, and what you see here is one that has survived in its home country until today. And, it can now be yours…for a price!

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1964 Auto Union Pickup on eBay

Year: 1964
Model: F89L Pickup
Engine: 0.9 liter inline-3
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: Yes, there’s some mi
Location: Vicente Lopez, Argentina
Price: $20,000 Buy It Now

Autounion Schnellaster 1964 pick up Full restored A lot of parts hard to find were fabricated as exterior door handles (bronze), hood molding, windshield seal Upgrades: 12v, front homokinetics, waterpump and electric fan Front turn signal and rear tailights Hella original, original fuel tank level measuring stick (leather or something similar) and other importart details Restoration Album: Shipping not included in vehicle price

What a neat-looking little pickup! I love the mid-mod style of these DKWs, and that this one is restored and green is pretty awesome. And right now, pickup mania is still sweeping the US and now is a fantastic time to sell an older classic. Is this the type of classic people are looking for? I doubt it. Classic Americana is selling, and an obscure, slow, and hard-to-find-parts-for “Argentinian” pickup isn’t exactly what most people are looking for. On top of that, you’ll be looking at close to $25,000 all in by the time it gets here. Granted, that money doesn’t buy you much old Ford F1 or Chevrolet/GMC Advance Design pickup today, and you’re not likely to be able to touch a restored VW T1 dropside for less…


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  1. Tirefriar
    Tirefriar December 20, 2020

    This would put a smile on my face every time I’d open the garage

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