1968 BMW 1600GT

Growing up, I heard a lot of stories about Europe and the cars over there, as my father was stationed in southern Germany for the US Army Defense Language Institute. One of the cars that made a favorable impression on him was the Glas. An interesting company that brought us the Gogomobile and the first application of a timing belt in conjunction with an overhead cam engine, BMW bought the Dingolfing based company in 1966, phasing out production in the latter part of the decade.

I have rarely seen any Glas for sale that is so complete, let alone in this kind of condition. While it is located in Brazil, this probably won’t be an issue for the serious collector. You can’t exactly find one of these for sale right around the corner.

1968 BMW 1600GT For Sale:

The seller states:

I’m selling a very rare BMW 1600 GT designed by Pietro Frua for Hans Glas from the Glas Factory in Digolfing-Germany. Hans Glas was a famous owner of the Glas factory and was producing the Gogomobile cars, and the Glas 1300 and 1700 designed by Pietro Frua (Maserati, Rolls Royce Corniche, and other cars designer). When BMW bought the factory from Hans Glas, the engineers looked at the Glas 1700, changed the engine for the BMW 1600 and renamed the car as BMW 1600 GT. Only 1209 cars were made. Today it is the car that collectors and museums dream of.

The car has the matching numbers engine, run and drive very well, just restaured car. The BMW 1600 GT is restaured with some features like the new inox gas tank, red original new leather, new Continental EcoContact 3 175/70 R 14 84T tyres, window chromes are not re-chromed (originals), and paint has a little dots.

From a call from Germany, the car collector told they are only 300 examples remaining at the world and at the club register! The BMW 1600 GT is a very rare car after the 507 convertible model! A very good investment!

Pietro Frua designed the Maserati, Lamborghini and the Glas 2300, the famous “Glaserati.” This is a healthy car collectors item! Pietro Frua design in your garage!!!!

Bring a Trailer (BAT) featured a similar, clean 1600GT back in 2007 and the owner was asking $19k. Even if this car just came out of a museum collection, the asking price of $70,000 seems a bit absurd when you can get a mint 2002tii for around the $20,000 to $30,000 range. It’s doubtful it will sell at this price, however, there is no denying its rarity and collectibility.


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  1. Very cool car, very insane price.

  2. Hi
    BMW 1600 GT like this are available from
    Germany for € 24.500 fully refurbished

  3. Once again, no hits at the $30K opening bid, let alone the $60K buy-it-now. Relisted, of course.

  4. Interesting. Somebody hit “buy-it-now” for $60K.

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