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1972 Saab 95

Following up with our first non-German feature, I came across this very unique and amazingly original Saab 95. I honestly can’t remember the last time I saw one of these for sale, especially in this condition. Production of the seven seat, two door wagon began in 1959 and ended in 1978, with the rear facing seat option being dropped in 1976. Originally powered by a three cylinder, two stroke engine with a freewheeling mode, Saab elected to use the V4 engine built by Ford in Cologne, Germany. I guess this Swede does have some Teutonic charm, after all.

The seller states:

Some of you Saab afficianado’s may have seen this car listed recently on Ebay. I acquired the car as part of a larger transaction of classic vehicles.

The winner of this auction will own what nationally recognized Saab expert Chip Lamb called “the most perfect original example known to exist”. Indeed, up until recently, this Saab 95 wagon was part of the General Motors Heritage Collection… the collection being sold off after GM sold the Saab brand in 2010.

A bit of the provenance on this car… picked up at the factory in Sweden in 1972 by a couple from California who used the Euro delivery to drive their new car around Scandinavia. The car still wears two original decals in the rear windows (as shown in the photos) from that trip. The car was factory delivered to San Diego where it remained until 2004, owned, driven and lovingly pampered by the original owners. Two car collectors then owned the car from 2004-2007 before it was added to the Saab Heritage Collection. The 85,000 miles on the odometer are accurate and almost all driven in California. This car is original and not restored- despite the condition which is immaculate, flawless… you choose the word. As serious collectors know- flawless original beats perfectly restored in collectibility and long term appreciation.

The car is finished in the original Ambragul (amber yellow) finish…more of a butterscotch. There is no evidence of any paint work anywhere and all the original stickers and tags are in their proper place and untouched. There is ZERO rust- nothing, nada, it’s perfect. All original factory undercoating is intact. All chrome and brightwork is near flawless with no corrosion of any kind. The only flaw evident on the car is a very small and barely noticeable “star” in the upper part of the front windshield, barely visable from the outside, caused by a stone. A glass expert checked this out and this tiny “star” was repaired and will not spread…and it is highly recommended, this being the original glass, to leave it in place and the driver will hardly even notice it.

Car is fitted with an original factory roof rack (has Saab logo embossed on both sides) that is nearly impossible to find now. The roof rack is probably worth over $1,000 by itself! Fold down third seat is equally flawless in finish and condition…even the hold straps are still in place.

All seals and weatherstripping are tight and flawless. The trunk hatch opens, closes and seals as new. All bodywork is perfect…no dents, dings, scratches etc.

This Saab 95 wears its original wheels, caps and has a very nice set of 165 SR 15 tires.

Interior is all original and perfect…not much more I can say- check out the photo’s. The radio has been removed and replaced with an original cover. I also have the original cut out if the new owner desires to add a factory original radio later. The chrome radio antenna is in place.

Engine- Entire engine bay completely restored and detailed to show quality condition. Over the past few months the following mechanical work was done to bring mechanicals back to perfect condition- all work done by certified Saab classic mechanics:

*engine pulled and cleaned with all new hoses added

*recored radiator

*new transmission mounts

*new clutch with lightened flywheel and strengthened pressure plate

*new fuel pump

*new water pump

*new slave cylinder

*all fluids changed: oil, coolant, brakes and transmission

*complete tune-up

* car previously converted to a one-barrel Weber 34 ICH with pertronix ignitor

*heat wrapped fuel line

*4-new stainless braided brake hoses

*new rear brake cylinders and shoes

*new handbrake lever boot

***This Saab 95 V4 will also be delivered with two sets of keys and the original owners manual…and, if you want it, the original blue California license plate.

How often do you get the chance to get your hands on a car where you can say you own the nicest example on planet earth. Saab fans- don’t miss this opportunity to own a piece of Saab history. I’m pretty confident you’ll win most car shows you attend in your division. Good luck bidding.

This Saab is now garaged in Charlottesville, Va (zip code 22901)…. about 90 minutes southwest of Washington D.C. While this car could be driven anywhere, the rare quality of the car suggests professional transport arrangements unless you are in the area. I would be happy to hold the car up to two weeks so proper shipping arrangements can be made. A non-refundable deposit of $500 is due within 24 hours of the close of the auction.

Saabs are not noteworthy for having high resale value, and $20,000 for an almost 40 year old example steep. I think it’s a bargain, though, given this vehicle’s story and condition. The 95, along with it’s smaller two door sibling, the 93, are the cars that endeared Saab to individualists who appreciated engineering and build quality that reflected why these cars were “born from jets.” The 93’s rallying success was icing on the proverbial cake for buyers. I hope whoever buys this car doesn’t stash it away or hide it in a museum. It’s rare that you see a 93 on the street, let alone the estate version. With regular light use, this car could easily survive for another 40 years, giving people a window into the origins of this marque revered by its owners and enthusiasts alike.



  1. Larry
    Larry June 5, 2011

    That’s ironic…I submitted this unusual Swedish station wagon listing to BaT recently – they didn’t go for it. Then it shows up on German Cars For Sale Blog. Go figure.

  2. Larry
    Larry June 5, 2011

    BTW, the factory roof rack and the 3rd row seat total make this car. I love it, but almost $20K – even for a perfectly restored example – is nuts.

  3. Larry
    Larry June 7, 2011

    After 24 bids, the auction reached $13600. No where near the desired $19799 BIN. Reserve not met, obviously.

    BTW, this car as been through the auction cycle multiple times, regularly getting to the low teens – but no higher. The seller needs to decide whether he can let this car go for what is apparently real market value, and stop hitting “relist.”

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